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(Popularity Rate: 75 ) What's a good alternative use for sex toys?

wn legit sex toy until I was 16 or 17 and it was a gift from my 2 years older cousin. Now between 11 years old and my first toy, I had great alternatives that I enjoyed very much. Some of those were Hairbrush Handles, Curling irons, unplugged of course, And electric toothbrush for a makeshift vibrator.
I had and still have a curling iron set just like this, with the same curling barrels, but it wasn’t Foxybae. As a young girl who could not get real sex toys, these were amazing. I still get the tingles when I’m digging through the drawer in the bathroom for something and I see one of the barrel attachments.
These look similar to ones I had when I was younger and I still have one I travel with, not because I need a hairbrush, but because male TSA agents love to pull Sex Toys out of your bags and ask loudly “Mam? What is Sex Doll Torsothis? What is its purpose?” With my trusty Hairbrush, a Male Agent see’s a Hairbrush. A female TSA agent see’s a beaten down hairbrush with maybe 15 or 20 bristles on the entire thing and a nice fat handle and knows exactly what it really is and I’ve had a few give a smile and a nod. And one female agent picked it up between her thumb and forefinger looked through the bag, then dropped it back in there and put on new latex gloves. I felt like saying “Excuse me! I wash all my toys before putting them away! Thank you very much!” but I said nothing. 😂
The back of the brush head on the clit feels pretty good.
Then, when I was 14, I entered a whole new class of makeshift sex toys, why? Because curiosity bit me in the ass! I have a German Shepherd at my Parents and was my best friend from 15 years old on and will be bringing him here next spring after graduation. Being a young Dog owner afforded me the ability to grab some of these makeshift sex toys. Some may find it gross, but hey, if you don’t let the dog play with it first, it’s perfectly safe and nobody is none the wiser when they see a dog toy on your dresser if you have a dog.
My gf and I were recently at Walmart with our roommate, being goofy and I was dared to ask for something embarrassing. We were near the pet section and I asked the associate working near there where they kept the personal lubricant and she told me near the pharmacy. I asked “Why don’t you guys keep any near the sex toy section?” and she looked confused, and said “We don’t sell sex toys here, do we?” I was like “Yeah, right over beautiful doll pic here.” and I walked over a couple aisles and pointed at the yellow Nylabone toy that hooks the G-Spot so perfectly, and said “These sex toys!” She laughed and was like “Oh you! Those are dog toys!” and I was like “Yeah, but don’t tell me you’ve never given them a second look and wondered!” and she laughed and said she was now.
It made my night to make her laugh while at work. I know it has to suck being required to wear masks for a full shift like they are.

(Popularity Rate: 56 ) Generally, girls love having teddy bear dolls. How did this attraction start at all?

de of, what is inside things and in building stuff. At the tender age of one, I was disemboweling teddy bears and biting off the heads of rubber toys to see what’s inside. It is not as bad as it sounds :-) Soon I concentrated on building stuff. I had several Legos, including a fire department, a hospital and a gas station. As you may guess there were constant fires at the gas station and employees ended up in the hospital ;-) I also had some cars, which I used to make races and imitate car crashes.
I did have dolls and soft toys but I did not try to mother them, or not for long. I knew that they were not “real” babies or animals, so that made them less interesting. What I really liked though was playing some sort of “theatre” with them. I organized a “village” in my room, where the teddy bears were married to the dolls and some smaller toys were their children. In these villages there was always some sort of traumatic event - war, famine, extraterrestrial invasion, murder, etc. They did not have a very peaceful life there :-) But these were the things that were interesting to me.
After all this I probably have to underline that I’m not at all a destructive person :-) I just had a very vidid imagination and was always interested in the unusual and the extraordinary. The inner workings of both people and things were the most exciting thing to me. This is probably why I ended up in applied linguistics (which deals with the application of IT tools in linguistics). My most recent passion is machine translation and the application of AI in translation.
I know that there are other girls like me, interested in “non-traditionally girly” things. I also know that there are gir

(Popularity Rate: 41 ) As a 17-year-old girl, how might I go about secretly buying a sex toy?

o be careful not to get ripped off a lot more then you do today. For instance, I bought a “Life sized sex doll” for like 5 dollars. When I got it it was life size, sexy and beautiful with her legs open and I really was excited. Only problem was it was I life sized poster of the girl. I didn't let her go to waste, she was gorgeous and I was in puberty so…. I bought lots of stuff that way though you may ask how I got it past my parents? Post office box cost about 5 to 10 a month then so that is still a viable option. Otherwise, you need to send to a friend or even an abandoned house.
My suggestion as to type of you, I'd recommend a rabbit vibrator. They are more expensive, running 60 dollars plus, but are worth it. The shaft twirls around to stimulate your vaginal walls as an option to thrusting it. Some have a band of little balls that twirl around the base of the shaft stimulating you vaginal entrance and inner labia. But the best part is the “ears" as they go on each side of your clitoris and apply direct vibrations that will have you climbing the walls. I hope I have been informative enough to help. Oh last thing, get from a reputable company like Adam & Eve Adult Store
or Hustler
, though they cost a bit more, you get what you pay for even though your free “gifts leave you

(Popularity Rate: 100 ) If the new sex dolls are so realistic, can they give you the clap?

book a ships agent talks about another ship captain with a rubber doll (not robot) he kept hidden in his cabin so he would not be unfaithful to his wife. One day the captain feels sick and sees a doctor. The doctor say he has an STD. The captain says NO WAY and explains. But remember his be

(Popularity Rate: 89 ) Should I get a sex doll? Both of my friends got herpes because of going out. I never go out and I never had a girlfriend. I don’t want to have sex and get herpes, but I do want a girlfriend.

ople made of actual human components and 100 times more realistic than a doll with the same expression on her face regardless of how good you’re giving it to “her”
If you want something to practice on, fine I’ll let that slide but just know that there may be a chance that you may never put that doll back into the box or crate it came in. You may loose your attraction to real women fucking around having some sort of sexual tea party with you and your “woman”
There’s no sex shittier sex than having sex with with a girl that just lays there starfish like a log. And for gods sake this type of boring sex is something you may just train yourself to be happy with. I watched a documentary on vice about these fools. This one guy thought he was some big time player or some shit like that, because he had like four or five of these silicone women and proud of it too, putting on their lipstick for them holding their cups to their lips and shit, to be straight up with you it was fucking downright creepy.
I’m not gonna tell you what to do, you wanna have some sort of taboo relationship with Mrs Potato Head that’s your business, but at least get yourself a real girlfriend first, make her get screened for STD’s if you have to, but don’t set yourself up for disaster from the jump. Both your friends got herpes? Well as your new friend that has had much much m

(Popularity Rate: 84 ) Kagami(20years)

a", 'sex doll', "who likes it really hard. Everyone thinks I'm the shy little girl next door. If only they knew what I can do as a real doll and above all Anime Sex Dollhow much I love it when all my pleasure holes are filled! Oh, I haven't introduced myself yet! My name is Kagami and I am 20 years old.
", "The men I know bore me and I firmly believe that they don't deserve a sex doll like me. Because they're all wet behind the ears, I like real men, like 40+ and with a little tummy. I need a guy who can tell me, his", 'love doll', ", what to do and who I can be in bondage to. I wouldn't be able to take a man my age seriously.
", "I have a lot of sexual preferences and at the same time I'm really open to my owner's wishes. As a", 'premium sex doll, I just love trying new things and having orgasms in a variety of ways. Personally, I love PVC and leather on my gentle love doll skin. Is there anything hotter beautiful doll pic than a tight silicone dress that only just covers my vagina and tits?
We can also try out some sex

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