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(Popularity Rate: 57 ) What is a good name for a sex toy shop?

Wet Dreams Hardware Store Toyz R Us Hanky Spanky (like hanky panky) Secret Endings Facialbook Star 69 (Like the old phone return last call feature *69) Happy Secrets 69 leads to 44 (44 symbolizes entry from the back and 69 is well, 69) 1–2–3 some (solo, with partner, and three or more) Come On In (sp

(Popularity Rate: 82 ) How can I start a sex toy business in India, will it worth of time and money?

best sex doll under 1000 Moreover, do a market research for demand for the same.
Satisfy the following questions, then proceed:
Are the products seller friendly?
Targeted customers?
Can buyers openly take the product delivery form your shop?
Does law encourage such kind of trades?
Are willing to put your

(Popularity Rate: 98 ) How many types of sex toys are there?

angements, shapes, sizes, and materials: stone, plastic, rubber, silicone, wood, metal. You've got dildos that inflate, dildos that lock, dildos that connect to harnesses, single dildos, double dildos, and more.
You've got vibrators. So many radically different types of vibrators: internal, external, and both.
You've got plugs of a hundred different kinds, some anal, some oral, some vaginal, in all different shapes and materials.
You've got restraints: ropes, cuffs, chains, shackles, cages, pillories, suspension frames, hobblers, hobble skirts, straitjackets, armbinders, straps, and dozens more.
You've got a whole universe of things that squirt, suck, and swell.
You've got medical toys: enemas, speculum, locking forceps, stirrups, exam tables, sounds, and lots more.
You've got toys for creating sensation (everything from vampire gloves to feathers) and toys for sensory deprivation (blindfolds, hoods, earplugs, and tons more).
You've got human doll suits, zentai suits, cat suits, and more kinds of uniforms and cosplay than you can shake a stick at.
You've got hundreds of impact toys, from the old-fashioned paddles, canes, and crops to whips, tawses, rulers, and carbon fiber evil sticks.
You've got electrical play toys, chastity toys, clamps, clips, and fucking machines.
You've got furniture to make a carpenter weep: benches, crosses, butterfly chairs, and queening stools.
You've got sex dolls, of the novelty blowup kind and the $30,000 robotic kind. You've got masturbation sleeves, robot blowjob machines, penis pumps, and artificial tongues (seriously!).
You've got Ben-Wa balls, cock rings, and clit ticklers. You've got penis plugs, parachute ball stretchers, and cupping sets.
You've got entire libraries of toys intended to poke: tack bras, kali’s teeth, and fiendish varieties of collars. Speaking of which, you've probably got seven hundred varieties of co

(Popularity Rate: 71 ) How do you know Candace Owens is an AI silicon doll/robot?

n AI goes. Like many systems, it’s composed of a few different, mostly independent components, some more developed than others.
The most advanced part of her is probably the speech recognition — a branch of technology that has also seen widespread use in navigational devices, web searches on smartphones, aid for blind people…
It usually works by first digitizing Realistic Sex Dollthe sound, then dividing it into smaller chunks based on pauses in, and change and duration of the now digital input that roughly correspond to the phonemes and “words” in the original speech - and then trying to match text to the phonemes and apparent words, sometimes using context clues to differentiate between similar-sounding words with different meanings (homophones). For instance, “it’s a _” is much more common pattern than “its a _”, therefore the former is much more probable interpretation.
From there on, the text is handed over to probably one of Sophia’s weakest parts - the part of her that comes up with the reactions and replies. Following some of the videos of her, it would appear that those derive from a database of pre-formulated constructs and sentences, and she doesn’t do any kind of advanced analysis herself. There is no cognition taking place, and no thought, just simple pattern-matching (“Would you like to _?” -> “Oh, I’d love to _”). I’d say that that part of her is little — if any — more advanced than ELIZA — a program from the last century that predates MS Windows. It seems some of the interviewers have also been given instructions to ask specific questions in a very specific manner.
Now we have a reply - cue test-to-speech.
She also has some slight control in mimics, possibly tied to text mood analysis. Many electronic storefronts use similar mechanisms to assess the tendencies in comments on products.
Indeed, the most notable aspect of Sofia is the fact that “she” resides in an android (or gynoid if you want to be nitpicky, though that female variant of the word is rare, and sounds odd to most ears) body. In all other aspects, your average off-the-shelf smartphone is easily her match, if not superior. You can install more advanced AI software in your common household PC, at no cost.
With my limited, but somewhat

(Popularity Rate: 30 ) Do you like glass sex toys? Which ones are your favorites?

hich is hypoallergenic. Can be used with any type of lubricant. Are easy to clean and dry quicker than other types of sex toys. Are available in different textures like smooth, ridged and rippled. Adapt to temperature. If you place a glass sex toy in warm water before use the sex to

(Popularity Rate: 42 ) Sandra(42years)

put me in a Christian boarding school for girls and I also went to a convent school. I have long since finished my training and I have no desire to continue to work as a teacher in the convent school. Besides, I have finally freed myself from my strict family and want to enjoy my life as a", 'sex doll.
', "My parents always said that sex is bad and especially forbidden before marriage. After f*****g a few of my student’s fathers in the monastery garden, I know that's not true. Can I be your", 'real dolland we can make up for my sex-free time? I have shaved my p***y so that you can see everything, and nothing is in the way when you finally want to penetrate me.
', "But without a family, a TPE dollalso lacks security and a man to lean on. He Chinese Sex Dollmay also be older or have a belly, that doesn't bother me at all, rather the opposite. If you have no experience yourself, we can learn something together.", 'Now I want to best sex doll under 1000 be your obed

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