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(Popularity Rate: 58 ) Guys, what sex toys do you own, which is your favourite and why?

This answer may contain sensitive images. Click on an image to unblur it. Here is my toy collection. My favorite is the pink 6.5 inch dildo, it has a nice veined texture to it Sex Doll Torsothat feels so nice as it moves in and big ass curvy dolls out.

(Popularity Rate: 46 ) Why did Yori Tolochko from Kazakhstan marry a sex doll?

l cringe. Eventually SOMEONE will find it, perhaps after your death… is that how you want to be remembered? As a joke snickered about at family gatherings? Your old ass pounding away at a 3D cartoon toy? Kinda gross, dude. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if you had a stroke or cardiac arrest while pounding away at that creepy thing? One of the paramedics would sneak a photo and upload it to 4chan making you famous.
How much does your wife love you? How undeestanding is she? If you are taking care of her so she wants for nothing, and she is “too ill” to even suck your cock once a month, then you are ethically and morally permitted to take a mistress. That is a no-brainer right there.
The only rule pertaining to a mistress is that your wife and family never be disrespected due to this. Your wife always needs to come first. Your mistress must never speak ill of her. You should avoid appearing in public with your mistress in places where friends of your wife might spot you and spread hurtful rumors. And above all, do not write a short term mistress into your Will to the detriment of your children.
You are entitled to a mistress. If you think your wife would be understanding, perhaps you could arrange for her to become your wife’s caretaker and friend. If you think your wife would not be okay with it, she must be protected from this knowledge and must not question where you go when you leave or be told fibs for her own good… just never be selfish and indulge in overnight stays because that is just too suspicious.
It is okay. You are allowed to do this. It is not wrong in any way. But for your own protection be sure to choose someone close to your age who you know to be discreet and trustworthy. Statistically, if you select a much younger woman, particularly one not well known to you, especially if she is a 1st generation immigrant, you are gonna have a bad day: lies, demands for money, theft, identity theft, harassment, blackmail, extortion, physical abuse, even murder of yourself and your wife… there are many women who claim to be looking for a “sugar daddy” when they are actually a black widow intent on taking everything you have through whatever means necessary.
You do not need or want a 20 year old gymnast who looks like a model… she actually HATES you and loves meth.

(Popularity Rate: 94 ) Why is the doll given to Annabelle in the orphanage the same as the real possessed doll?

ed it, stroked the fabric, commented big ass curvy dolls favourably about how warm and soft it was, all the stuff you might expect.
They were then told that this jumper belonged to a famous serial killer (I forget which one; it could have been Bundy, or Manson, or any of the dozens of others). They then reported feeling a sense of evil from the garment, and a great reluctance to put it on, which was completely absent when they didn’t have this piece of information.
Of course, it’s entirely possible that the sweater in question was never owned by any serial killers and the researchers were lying to them. The effect is much the same either way.
There is a notable psychological bias called the “halo effect”, in which people assume good things about someone because of another, entirely unrelated positive quality. People can’t believe, say, a priest could be a bad person. A lesser known bias is the opposite, called the “horns effect” - if someone or something has a negative quality, it is perceived as worse in other, unrelated ways.
The Annabelle doll is just a creepy-looking old doll, but it is the central point in a (fictional) story about demon possession. Because it has that negative quality ascribed to it, the horns effect makes you feel it’s evil as a whole.
There’s no such thing as “bad energy”, and even if there was, how would a photograph be able to ca

(Popularity Rate: 50 ) What is the weirdest sex toy you have ever seen?

ow and tell sort of way, in a class at MIT called “Sex and the Institute.”
The class was created by MIT’s sex educator and a group of senior women who wanted to big ass curvy dolls explore gender themes from the hit series Sex and the City. Briefly, the class watched two episodes of Sex and the City back to back which touched upon a theme. Then the sex educator asked the class to discuss the theme together and analyze its relevance. I asked to observe the class for an article I was working on at the time called “Red Light Education.”
I was invited into the last session on masturbation (complete with Sex and the City cake) and the sex educator gave a matter of fact talk on a series of sex toys. The Rabbit, featured in the series, was the show piece that night. She handed it to the students and they uncomfortably took it, looked at it as if they were looking at a petri dish, and passed it around. I’ll always remember how nonchalant she was about presenting all of these sex toys. After setting up the first episode for the class to watch, she’d go sit by the side of the room, get out her knitting and go to town.
I was taking notes as all of this was happening as the guy sitting in front of me passed the big purple dildo my way. I looked at, faking some form of interested expression, and quickly gave it to the guy behind me.
It will go down as one of the most surreal evening

(Popularity Rate: 73 ) Why are female sex dolls more popular than male sex dolls?

Good question! Sex dolls are used by far, far more Chinese Sex Dollmen than women. It’s just seems to be primarily a male interest. More men are attracted to women than to other men, so it makes sense that female sex dolls would be more popular. Also, men who are attracted to men tend to have an easier time finding an actual man to have sex with. They don’t usually need to resort to a sex doll.

(Popularity Rate: 27 ) Why aren’t prepubescent sex dolls illegal everywhere?

they can't just choose to stop being attracted to said children. A prepubescent sex doll would give them a way to help quench their desire, thus protecting children. And yes, one may argue that if they end American Sex Dollup having sex with a sex doll, it may drive some of t

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