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(Popularity Rate: 97 ) How do voodoo love dolls work?

n others. In the Caribbean islands Haiti is a great exception because they do not hide the tradition rather they embrace it and even integrate it into other beliefs such as Catholicism in fact to some people there Voodoo and Roman Catholicism are one and the same they do not separate the two. Anyway take a trip to one of these voodoo “hotspots” and see if you can find someone who is willing to teach you. As mentioned earlier you'd be better off going to a country's where its not frowned upon and regarded as an underground practice but embraced as part of the culture the more open minded the atmosphere the better . Don't attempt to learn online and dabble, voodoo is a complete education by itself with an alphabet of its own and everything. Attempting to do it by yourself will be akin to a 3 year old trying to get an education via online correspondence by his or herself. And don't think you're going to learn and be able to hex people or perform supernatural feats like changing people to cows or zombies also if you are interested because you believe the very incorrect perspective of voodoo being a sort of devil worship then turn back now because that label was only slapped on the practice of a people during a very ugly period where they were enslaved, stripped of all identity indoctrinated into the serve God and your master to go to heaven philosophy and assimilated into the toiling the fields for the good of the master lifestyle. The practice is not very different from many forms of shamanism across the globe in that it encourages a pure heart and a still mind. People do use it for evil but you find this in every t

(Popularity Rate: 34 ) Were there times in your life you ever had the feeling that you could even be rejected by a love doll?

are SUPER choosy and their decisions are usually random and based on their gut buy ai sex doll feel in the moment. Even guys like Frank Sinatra and Elvis have stories about women who rejected them. King Louis IV wrote the song “Greensleeves” about his sadness over a lady rejecting him and he was a fucking king! Don’t let getting rejected get to you. But do try to come up with a theory as to why it happened. Maybe you simply didn’t give them enough reason to accept your invitation to a date or whatever? Do you have a job, good hygiene and manners, are you fun to be around? Does she know that you do? Was she even single? Was she looking for a partner? Was sh

(Popularity Rate: 54 ) Could a massive spread of "real dolls" extinguish mankind?

ation. But it may certainly be “not the most efficient solution”. You need to work with what you have at hand.
There are a number of issues with burning clothes. Some fabrics (especially artificial ones) burn with great enthusiasm and melt, turning into a sort of liquid waxy goo, sticking to the skin and burning the skin badly, even after the actual flames have been put out. Personally, I stay the hell away from any fabrics with the warning label “Stay as far away as possible from any open flame, this fabric will instantly turn into a fireball at the slightest spark” (or similar wording).
The problem with putting out a person’s burning clothing with an extinguisher is that most extinguishers are designed so that a user can aim at the base of a fire from a (relatively) safe distance. This makes putting out a flaming surface a challenge, requiring careful aiming and methodical creation of a “blanket” of, for instance, foam. But in the case of a person, you really need to get that fire out, now. Because every second it burns is one second too much.
So really, the “stop, drop and roll” drill is still the fastest and most direct way of putting out a burning person’s clothes. If available, anything that might double as a blanket to help smother the flames (tablecloth, damp towels, overcoats) can help, but don’t beat at the flames with them. Wrap the person (if standing, and get them to the ground) or drape them over the person, to protect their face and neck if possible, from the flames. The idea is to smother the flames, not to fan them and make them stronger.
Once the fire is out, remove the blankets (improvised or not) and provide first aid.
People often hear that CO2 extinguishers will instantly freeze a person into a block of ice, or cause serious burns. This is an exaggeration. You certainly don’t want to spray CO2 onto a person consistently onto the same place for tens of seconds at a time, but I have often been sprayed (mostly by accident) by people in my fire-fighting classes with CO2, and it was just very cold. Not a big deal. You won’t hurt someone if you spray CO2 on them while staying away from the face and as long as you keep the jet moving up and down their clothes. And then stop as soon as the flames are out. I think the myth that the slightest contact with CO2 will instantly cause flesh to freeze and to drop off dramatically is deliberate and intended to stop people from messing with CO2 extinguishers. But if all I had at hand was such an extinguisher and I came across a person with burning clothes, I’d certainly use it, especially if it would be risky to me to tackle them to the grou

(Popularity Rate: 77 ) What can I send to my brother in basic training to get the DI to mess with him?

f boot camp. All day I had noticed something jabbing my foot and at the end of the training day I found the bottom of my sock with blood on it. Further inspection found Big Booty Sex Dolla tack had come through. Off I go to the Drill Sergeant's office.
Now my brother was a communicator in the Air Force and was manning a switch-board. They would set up these 'around the world" calls to each other, so that at the end they were talking to the operator in the chair next to them. Somehow, he got the number to the DS office. He couldn't have timed it better.
Standing in line to speak to the DS, finally my turn I bang on the hatch:
Phone Rings, a complete look of incredulity and disdain comes over the DS face...
Me, extremely puzzled: "Ummm... hello????"
Brother: "Doing push-ups yet?" Click. Hang up.
He got me good that day. I don't advocate screwing with people in basic training but I can tell you that about the worst thing to send someone would be recruiting stuff from rival services. I ended up in the Marine Corps, and one of my favorite things to do was slap a USMC bumper sticker on my Navy brother in law's car. So depending on the person's service send

(Popularity Rate: 12 ) How old can you be to get a sex toy?

China is relatively conservative and it is still a bit difficult to talk about the sex and sex toys. However, with the development of the past few years, it has been much more liberalized. In Europe, Love DollAmerica and developed countries, is more open for sex than china, so it is generally believed that 18 years old buy ai sex doll is a cut-off point.

(Popularity Rate: 89 ) Junka(18years)

serve you faithfully. After school, I work in a Maid Café, where many other sweet animesex dollsserve not only the finest delicacies, but also sexual favors if our male customers so desire.
', "Don't I look cute in my little uniform and short dress that fits my body so perfectly? I love this job! I am not only allowed to eat as many cupcakes as I like, no, I can also give additional pleasure to horny customers. If you come to our café and I catch your eye as a", 'real doll, you can book me for special services in a separate room.
', "I often serve tea and pastries and then a customer's hand slowly slips under my skirt. I am always immediately turned buy ai sex doll on and I promptly notice how my", 'love dollp***y begins to get really wet. The customers love to play around with my wet p***y, while I continue to serve their orders professionally as their anime sex doll.
', "The fun really starts in the other room. Because I am a good maid, I immediately fulfill all dirty wishes. My favorite customers are older gentlemen, because they are particularly sensitive and give me a generous tip. Most of the time, they pull me on their laps and start to take off my uniform piece by piece or f**k me Flat Chested Sex Dolldirectly in

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