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(Popularity Rate: 83 ) Jelena(28years)

s a sweet little secret.", 'I am a PR manager and it is my job to make new contacts and I am really good at that as an opensex doll. The best place to meet people is in the chic and exclusive clubs and bars of the city. You can be sure that wherever there is a good party, I will be the star there.', "My sex doll celestina sex doll girlfriends and I love to go out to dinner and discuss in detail where and how we will spend the nights on the weekend. But of course, the question of what to wear must be dealt with first. As a love doll with a body like this, I really don't have to hide myself and that's why my dresses and skirts are especially tight.
", 'I could introduce you to my sweet group of sex doll friends, every single one is areal dollwho would love to f**k a man like you. We don’t like boys, we want mature guys who know what they want in life and, above all, know how to use their c**k to please a sex doll. Iam totally open about sex and love threesomes with myadult dollfriends.Are you looking forward to f*****g another real doll whilst I suck your ba

(Popularity Rate: 46 ) Kate(22years)

or do various experiments with medicines. However, I am not only very experimental in the lab, but also in bed. Do you like that, too? Then I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun together.
", '
', "I have had so many sexual adventures in my life, it's insane! And yet, I still want to experience more and learn more. Maybe you could teach me, I've had some really hot threesomes. Both with women only, as well as mixed threesomes or with two men. Being f****d by two celestina sex doll hot guys at the same time is a feeling that every woman should have experienced once.
", '
', "I once dated a man who was into sexy role-playing. Sometimes, he was the dominant part and sometimes I was. He loved it when I was the strict teacher or secretary. But it also turned him on when I cared for him as a lovely nurse. He also thought it was hot when he got to play the bad cop I offered my body to him so I wouldn't have to go to jail. Are you into role-playing games?
", '
', "I also have a bit of a darker side, I'd say. I'm really into bondage. Sometimes, I even wear a bondage kit under my clothes when I go to work. It turns me on so much when the knots press on certain places. And in the evening, I like to pick up a guy who slowly frees me from my restraints and then takes me nice and hard. Of course, I'm also into having sex while tied up. When I imagine you tying up my arms and legs and I'm completely defen

(Popularity Rate: 82 ) What are some of the worst films made by some of the best actors?

orite of his films was one that critics universally disparaged. When a film critic confronted Fellini with this fact, Fellini shrugged. “There is an Italian proverb,” he said, “The parent loves the lame child best.”
Alfred Hitchcock had a very preliminary screening, a first cut, of the movie “Psycho.” Seated next to him was Joseph Steffano, the script writer. As the film progressed, Steffano’s mortification increased almost to the point of pain. “This,” he thought, “is the worst movie I have ever seen.”
His squirming attracted the attention of Hitchcock. “There, there ,” Hitchcock consoled him, placing a hand on his knee. “It’s Realistic Sex Dollnot finished yet.”
Many film critics now consider “Psycho” to be the greatest of all films. In this I concur. Who could have known? As Roger Ebert said, “ What makes “Psycho” iimmortal when so many films are half forgotten even as we leave the theater, is that it connects directly with our fears.”
The more films I watch, the more I am convinced there are no small parts. Perhaps an actor needs the work, doesn’t think too much of the script, doesn’t see how the film could work , and the role is minuscule. Sometimes, that actor goes on to win an Academy award. I would like to fill an album with the photographs of those actors whose work shone like a rare jewel, sometimes in a bucket of horseshit.
There was Uma Thurman as Medusa in “Percy Jackson: the Lightning Thief,” whose 10 minutes of screen time I’ve watched over a dozen times. There was Tony Shalhoub, as the splay-eyed alien pawnbroker in “Men in Black.” There was Dale Dicky as the iron-willed and very dangerous matriarch in “Winter’s Bone.” There was the classically trained Canadian actor Douglas Rain whose velutinous and menacing voice

(Popularity Rate: 48 ) What does anal sex feel like with a sex doll?

I am WM Dollssure that the doll feel nothing when it is penetrated from behind.

(Popularity Rate: 76 ) I'm a 16 year old bi guy and I want to try anal masturbation but have no idea where to start, I can't buy any sex toys so what should I use and how?

Lube it and your anal opening, loads of spit if you have too.
Press you finger gently against your anal opening. Don’t push simply feel your outer sphincter (anal muscles). Take deep steady breaths, keep pushing firmly (but not in yet). Tighten your sphincter (like you do on the toilet) really hard and hold for as long as you can but c.30 sec or so, still breath deep and regular. You shouldn’t be able to hold the muscles for too long! When you cannot hold your ass muscles any longer then as you exhale relax your sphincter and at the same time push your lubed finger inside!
Only push as far as your ass muscles will allow, but do not force it. If you feel pain stop. If celestina sex doll you feel some discomfort, well that is not bad. Let your ass get use to your finger where it is (it doesn't need to be fully in), but continue the deep breathing. You may feel your inner sphincter pulse/contract (spasm), eventually it will get use to your finger and the inner muscles will then start to relax.
Keep the regular deep breathing, then as you inhale tighten your sphincter again but this time around your finger (partially in, where it is). Then release the muscles as you exhale and you should be able to push your finger fully inside. Your anal muscle may even draw your finger in. Once in wait and again let your ass get use to your finger. Now relax..
Next, feel for the prostate. A small walnut shape which should be upwards (from where your finger is, aim for you balls and cock base) and back, up inside. Be gentle, go slow. When you find it you should get a response, it is quite sensitive. Now softly massage or stroke it.
Lastly, to feel the full force of all this try and jerk off with your other hand and continue to massage with you finger. It maybe easier to almost sit in your hand /fist but in a comfortable way. If you do manage to cum, you will find a whole new experience as WM Dollsall your muscles spasm, all whilst your prostate enlarges and gets massaged! The orgasm is often pretty powerful. And try not to make this a race, just enjoy.
Take your time, explore, enjoy and good luck!
EDIT: Good hygiene helps, you want to clear out residue, and not wash out y

(Popularity Rate: 100 ) Why don't they make as many Barbie and Ken Doll's with real hair nowadays?

I dont recall answering any questions about dolls before, but Id think that question would best be answered by a CEO of a doll company….They probably have problems with human hair having bugs or something as opposed to synthetic substances..

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