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(Popularity Rate: 96 ) What would you tell your 5 year old child if they found a sex toy in your bedroom?

My kids have always snooped around the house do they have always found my toys… the Pregnant Sex Dolldifference is that I've taught them at a young age what sex is, what masturbating is. They know closed eyes sex doll about there bodies and all of that jazz. So I'd say please out that back.

(Popularity Rate: 95 ) Myla(29years)

till playing with dolls, I was already interested in boys. At the age of 18, I went to a fetish party for the first time. At that time, I did not really know what a fetish was. But I quickly realized that this is exactly my scene.
So, I went and still go with pleasure to sex and fetish parties. I also like to let myself be f****d by strange guys in front of the guests. I get so horny being watched having sex. I really love to show off. Sometimes I go to parties where all men are dressed, only the women are naked. The guys are allowed to touch myreal doll', "tits or my pussy when I serve them drinks. I'll get so horny that I drip every time.
", "They say I have a penchant for the perverse, but also that I am an organizational talent. Professionally, I'm a secretary. To supplement my salary, I sometimes please my boss under his desk. Because I have a big dream. I'd like to start my own sex doll sex and fetish club one day. Of course, I'll need a lot of money for that.
", 'Because I love sex more than anything, and it adds money to my household budget, I like to do webcam shows in my spare time and expose my real doll body to the greedy looks of my customers. That makes me so closed eyes sex doll horny and if I am allowed to fulfill their orders and wishes, it’s all the better, so that I can live out my submissive side.
', "I have been single for a long time, but I wish for nothing more than a man at

(Popularity Rate: 74 ) What sex toys do gays like mostly?

are different. So it is difficult to answer this question. Below are the best sex toys
do gays like mostly:
A vibrating egg, otherwise known as the bullet, is one of the most gratifying and versatile sex toys there is; what’s even greater is that you can use it solo or with your partner. With the vibrating egg, you’re guaranteed an orgasm every time.
If you’re jumping up and down screaming hell, yes, then handcuffs are the way to go. Handcuffs are a mainstream sex toy, and there’s nothing dodgy about them use them either during foreplay when you’re getting things hot or during sex itself. If you want to make him squirm and pleasure him in ways that will make him wet and wild; Tie him up with handcuffs and tease him or vice versa.
If you’re not already using lube, head to the nearest sex store near you and stock up. Fragrant lubes, flavored lubes, lubes that leave tingling sensations, you name it, and there is probably a

(Popularity Rate: 41 ) Is Brock Lesnar the closest thing we have to a real life Hulk? I mean he's big, strong, and throw guys twice his size like a rag doll.

Andre the Giant at the Nassau County Colliseum. The Iron Shiek just been crowned the WWF heavyweight champion. I cant recall if he was still champion. He may have been. We sat in the second row not up in the bleachers.
The Iron Shiek stood 6 feet tall at that time and he was supposed to weigh 258 lbs and he looked it.
Andre was allegedly 7’ 8” and 580 lbs but he looked bigger, much bigger. I thought he was around 8 feet tall or more because I saw him enter the Collissum arena area through the archway and he had to bend down to get in. Wikipedia lists him as 7’4” and 520 lbs but that appears to be incorrect.
Everyone understood that all of these matches are pre-arranged shows. No one really thinks they are real (or at least most people don’t think that). Here’s the thing - the idea was to make it look like a contest between Andre and the Iron Sheik but they couldn’t. The match looked like a 6 year old against a fully grown and tall adult (6 year old, maybe a 10 year old, not even an adolescent). The Iron Sheik couldn’t even budge Andre except when Andre allowed him to move him and when he did, it was pretty obvious. In contrast, Andre moved the Iron Sheik around the ring at will, like he was dealing with a child. There was no contest at all and it was apparent to everyone that the size disparity was so great they couldn’t make it a show no matter how hard they tried (and they did try). That match lasted for around 20 minutes of unremitting punishment involving the Sheik being picked up as though he were a (light) sack of potatoes, thrown large distances, or jumped on.
When the match ended the people in front and immediately in back of us who really had a good view of what happened were pretty quiet except for one old guy behind me who said - “Geez I don’t know what they could have paid that A-rab guy but it sure wasn’t enough.”
Brock Lesnar is 6’3 and 280 lbs or so. 3 inches and 30 pounds wouldn’t make any difference nor would 6 inches and 100 pounds. Lesner would be tossed around like a salad. The first time Andre hit him on the back of the neck for real would be the end of Lesner.
Prior to actually seeing Andre the Giant in person, just like everyone else, I’d seen him on television any number of times. I thought he was a big big guy but his television appearances never conveyed just how big he really really was. I’d heard stories about his food and alcohol consumption that I thought was an obvious exaggeration for publicity and hype - 90 bottles of beer at one time, and at another time, an entire case of wine and so on. Having seen him in person, I revised my opinion. It probably would be possible for someone that big to consume the amount of food or alcohol at one time that had been reported.
There have been other very very large men in the WWF since Andre but none ever approached his size. Andre was the bigg

(Popularity Rate: 40 ) What is this 90s film about a boy who pretends to be the boogeyman to scare his little sister, the little sister has Barbie dolls and befriends the boogeyman for real?

t I’ll bite on this one despite my better judgment.
There are several pairs of porn performers who are actual full-blooded sisters, and who have sex on camera with each other. Some of those videos don’t get out on the internet at large because they might still violate the loosely-worded “decency” laws in some countries. Some porn is very touchy for viewing/download in Australia, for example, because even though the performers are 18+, it’s illegal to have porn that depicts or suggests the subjects are under 18. Now this may not count as actual “lesbians” because Mese Dollmany porn performers consider their work as acting, and don’t consider themselves gay, lesbian or bisexual just because they have same-sex relations, on camera, for pay.
In any case, if you want to see some, look up the Starr sisters.
Now about real life? Well, I have two examples from personal experience.
I became friends with a woman at my local gym. She is from Florida originally and now lives in Texas. She’s in her mid-20s and is a 3rd Grade Teacher. She’s a lesbian - hasn’t been interested in guys since her early teens. On a “girls night out” she described her wildest sex experience involved near-identical twin lesbian sisters. They had small variations in hair color, eye color, and face shape. I have no reason to doubt that when she says that on the morning after their hookup, the girls did who her their ID with the same last name and birth date. So maybe you don’t believe this because it’s a “friend of a friend” tale.
My other example is personal. I am 41 and married for 15+ years to my husband, but I have always identified as bisexual and dated women openly in college. During the pandemic, my divorced older sister and her two kids moved in with our family, since we were all working or learning online. There’s a bit of a story to it, but my sister had sex with my husband, with me present and watching, but not being involved the first time. Or the second. But the third time we kissed each other after both “pleasuring” my husband. We giggled like schoolgirls, and we touched, and eventually, we were making love to each other while my husband - luckiest guy in the world - watched. Now it has happened more times since then, but never just the two of us. My sister has never been with another woman - she always identified as straight. I don’t think that we would ever do it on our own, or that we would have ever done it on our own. I had not been with another man or woman since the first year of my marriage, when my husband and I still had female “friends with benefits” as threesome partners. (Interesting parallel, those girls were bisexual and leaned slightly more towards women, but both were rape victims and still felt nervous about having sex with a man. Having another woman there - a woman they could trust - alleviated that fear.)
If I had to be objective about this, I think that my sister is experiencing a bit of a rebound. She went through a very ugly divorce, found that dating with two kids of that age was awkward at best, and was just very lonely when I let her share my husband. My sister’s ex husband was sexually stifl

(Popularity Rate: 58 ) How many sex toys is it normal to have?

ld be) and then a few more. It gets added to pretty regularly.
How many is normal for you is entirely up to you. Could be five, could be 35 or 235 or any other number you feel like having. It could also be none and that’s a perfectly fine number too.
What’s normal for anyone else? Doesn’t matter, not one bit. Shoo that thought right out of your head and don’t let it in again. Because other people are exactly that: OTHER people. They aren’t you and you aren’t them. However many sex toys they - or you - have is closed eyes sex doll no one else’s business. The only time it will matter to anyone else if if you and they are about to “get jiggy” and someone wants to bring some toys into the scene. That person might have reasonable interest in your toy collection, although I’d expect more on the “So what sort do you have?” side of things than with the Chinese Sex Dollspecific number.
So gather you

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