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(Popularity Rate: 35 ) What do you think about silicone dolls?

ages, and society is more accepting create a sex bot of sex toys for women, so should men be able to grab a bit of the spotlight! For that reason, we’re hoping to remove any stigma or aphrehension surrounding sex dolls for men, so that men all over the world can start enjoying their sexuality even more, in a safe space, just like women all over the world do. So, how do sex dolls work? Well, it’s a loaded question, as it involves many different facets. But, in short, a sex doll is a device that mimics that of a real woman, and comes with one or more holes that give a man a real-feel experience. In this way, a man can enjoy sexual release and even companionship, should he seek a new experience. The longer version about how sex dolls work would be to ta

(Popularity Rate: 15 ) I am looking forward to open a fetish shop in an Indian city. I would like to know if sex toys and sex dolls in India still a taboo?

ising with same woman since 12 years. It is amazing when you can spice up things in your bed and I definitely can be the right person to discuss the ups and downs we went through on our bed. But we are not here to discuss those.
So 8 years back I incorporated a face massager into our bed ritual, being a typical Indian girlfriend she was way too shy. Had to lure her in with a lot of patience..lol. She loved it but was never very vocal on using the tool unless I took it out of our secret drawer. I noticed it quite late as she was never very active and create a sex bot me being a guy have to do it thrice a day. ;)
Now, how I noticed? One weekend day we were busy in our regular exercise ;) and she happened to say lets use the massager. I ran and got it, I have a very big kink/fetish of woman org***ing (love each body movements and finally the big loud shout with a satisfactory smile). Post our exercise, we had a general conversation and Asian Sex DollI pasted my doubt regarding the inclusion of massager everytime we do it. She was very clear and vocal this time, and am glad she did.
She mentioned one thing which I need to share. And especially for guys reading this. My wife now, gf then said it very clearly that in order to orgasm they need the the right mindset (unless you have a woman who has a mindset of a guy..lol.. always ready). So all the three rounds a day, she is happy org***ing atleast once but not restricted to one. She is happy with me in her and loving her the remaining number of times. I clearly said to this and I quote my exact words “You love to own me, isn't??”. To which I got an evil smile. So lets make sure guys that we know when they need it and when they want to own us.
So now 12 years down the line, we have three different machines (this time no face massagers). Each time we do, we incorporate the new member and love my girl's writhing and screaming.
If you have used it on you or on your partner, you know the noise it makes something similar to ‘grrrr…’. So now whenever I feel the urge, I would just say it out ‘jaanu grrrr karen', and I would always get a pretty smile with a very satisfying nod.
Love to all the women out the

(Popularity Rate: 11 ) Are there any sex toys available in Bhagalpur?

ur like?
It’s a small town, but its growing day by day. Both in terms of expanse and development.
Transport - The transport here is very cheap. The city has a facility of public auto connecting its every nook and corner at a very cheaper price. You can travel 5 km for just 15 bucks. Though the ola and uber culture are yet to come. But given the rapid rate city is growing, it would be no surprise if in a few months my Bhagalpurian friends are booking jugnoo. ( I'm writing my answer based on five months back- the last I visited Bhagalpur)
Shopping - The city has its own charm. Though there is no big mall, it has various stores and big bazaar- V2, Vishal mega mart, Sriyash and many more. There are also branded outlets of Allen Solly, Peter England, Gini & Johnny, and also there are local shopkeepers where you can buy your dresses from. These shops I did find expensive in comparison to the other cities I have lived in.
Food outlets - There are many restaurants, cafes. While no MacD yet, Pizza Hut and Dominoes are the favorite haunts of Bhagalpurians.
Nightlife - There is zero nightlife. You would not like to be stranded in Bhagalpur streets at night. The shops close around 10 or even around 9 in winters. Even the public auto stops running late at night. However, you never have to worry if you land at night at the railway station. There's an auto stand next to it.
Education- The city has awesome schools. Most of them are English medium and ICSE board. Believe me, education up to 10, is the best here, on par with bigger cities. You got schools like Mount Carmel, St Joseph, Mt Assisi and many more. I did my schooling here and I take pride in it.
Climate- The city has an extreme climate. Hot loos during summer ( temp as high as 45 degrees)and cold winters ( as low as 4 degrees) The chilly winds and lack of sun make it worse. Thankfully, such conditions last not more than 15–20 days.
Airport- Nah, we don’t have any. Though many proposals have been built and canceled and the future is unsure. We do have a place called “ hawai adda” though..but no, there’s buildings and no planes on the runway. If you want to board a plane, the nearest would be Patna airport ( takes around 6 hrs by train) and Calcutta airport ( takes around 8 hrs by train). I personally prefer Calcutta as you can travel overnight.
Hope this answered your query. Lemme know if you have other doubts regarding Bhagalpur. After all, it is my city and you are always welcome here :).
Everybody's welcome here
welcome to my city
We ain't got no w

(Popularity Rate: 81 ) Do rich people buy sex toys made of gold?

rat gold Ben Wa balls. Retail price: $3,100 US. Here’s the Lelo Olga, a $3,500 solid gold dildo. For $4,000, you can get a Lelo YVA, a 24-karat solid gold vibrator. And if Big Booty Sex Dollthose create a sex bot are way too cheap for your tastes, here is the Lelo Inez, a $15,000 gold and

(Popularity Rate: 90 ) Are you jealous of your partner’s sex toys?

Jealous? Of a sex toy? As in, afraid I can be replaced by a bit of silicone and a motor? Good Heavens, no. I’ve bought sex toys for my lovers. I’ve designed Female Sex Dollsand made sex toys for my lovers. Sex toys are wonderful! They’re tools that let you explore new sensations. It makes just as much sense as being jealous of the shovel my girlfriend uses when she gardens. You don’t have to do everything by hand…

(Popularity Rate: 58 ) What are some childlike things you do even as an adult, not childish or immature?

I mean the real stuff. Just pressurized cream in a refrigerated metal bottle.
As it happens, whipped cream is really not at all unhealthy. It’s got barely any added sugar, so it’s basically just milk turned into an awesome fluffy thing. I used to ask my mother if I could have a spoonful of it from time to time when I was a kid. For reasons I don’t know, whipped cream was considered a candy-type food and was therefore off-limits more often than not. But when my mother would say yes… Oh. Boy.
I would wait for her to leave the kitchen, take out the whipped cream, and get out the biggest ladle in the kitchen. By this point I was having to suppress my gleeful giggles for fear of getting caught :)
And then came that magical noise as I pressed down on the nozzle piece. Chhhhhhhh. AHHHHH :) I can almost taste it now just thinking about it… :)
Anyhow, it was technically only one spoon!! And my mother was always a great sport and enjoyed my attempts at humor, so she’d let me get away with it pretty consistently.
Now as an adult I am free of parental restrictions on my whipped cream intake (MWAHAHAHA). I don’t often buy it because I know I would end up finishing it within a day or two and end up with a stomach ache…. But sometimes… Just sometimes….
I’m usually civilized enough to at least use a spoon, but sometimes when I’m feeling especially goofy I’ll just throw my head back and take it straight… Usually only when there is someone around who I feel comfortable with and who I’m trying to cheer up or something. I usually have enough self-respect not to do that… And also there was this one time when I coughed it all out because I gagged… Apparently the bottle releases it’s delicious cloud of fluffy goodness faster than I can get it into my esophagus…. Whoops!! :)
Dear anyone who previously took me seriously on Quora,
It was nice knowing you… :*(
Hehehehehehe :)
EDIT: Yeah. So I just noticed the qualification on the question - “Childlike, not childish or immature.” Well… Not sure if my answ

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