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(Popularity Rate: 40 ) Have you or would you ever use a mannequin or blow-up doll in your car, in order to use the HOV lane without being stopped?

from out of town and get caught you could plausibly claim to be unaware of lane restrictions but if you get caught using a blowup doll, you’re gonna go down and hard. I have long been of the opinion that a tinted front window would be b

(Popularity Rate: 86 ) Is it harmful for adults to play with baby dolls as if they’re real? I used to do it all the time, but was forced to give up dolls by my mom and sister. I’m dealing with mild anxiety due to a breakup.

ze these dolls were a significant part of her life. She was a temporary worker with a 6 month contract but even in that short span I knew she had developed a serious issue.
she suffered from severe anxiety.
She had recently been through her 3rd divorce.
She was very demanding and difficult to work with.
She sat with her dolls on airplanes along with an anxiety dog.
She brought the dolls to work several times, usually to protect them from thunderstorms.
If anyone went near the dolls she would panic.
Now, I wasn’t there for the beginning of her attachment to these dolls but I’m sure she didn’t leap right into it. I have a feeling it started very innocently and progressed until she had transferred her anxiety from herself into an anxiety concerning the well being of her dolls. I am afraid that is what Male Torso Sex Dollmay happen if you are not careful. Playing with dolls is fine, but transferring your emotions onto an inanimate object instead of dealing with the root of the problem will likely send you down a path you don’t expect.
I would be very careful of your new found doll friends. They are only imaginary. That may be easier to deal with than other humans in the short term, but if you want to be able to feel free from the prison of your own mind you will need to address whatever pain has led you to this situation.
I hope that y

(Popularity Rate: 16 ) Is it immature for a 14 yo girl to love dolls or has society just pushed our kids to grow up faster than they should?

I think that whatever she is interested in is appropriate for her. Many kids, like myself, just could not get interested in dolls, though my mother loved them. I grew up to be a good mom and it turned out all I needed was a real doll. If you think she is too focused on playing with dolls at her age, slowly introduce her to books for her age and other things which may take her attention towards the future.

(Popularity Rate: 61 ) Zoey(20years)

a job as a pizza deliverer. Sometimes I even have an erotic adventure. That's just as well. It's distracting me from my ex-boyfriend, the idiot. He was my true love! And what did he do? That bastard cheated on me! You wouldn't do that to me, would you? I will definitely take revenge on him! He's on a football team, and I'll date every guy on his team to get back at him.", '
', "But I'm sure you can help me get over him. I bet you're better in bed than him. And I bet your d*ck is bigger than his, too. You could be the savior to my distress! I love sex so much and since he's been gone, I have been trying to seduce every single customer at work. You could help me!", "I like having doggystyle sex whilst my sex doll ass jiggles. But I also like riding, and not only on horses. Aren't you going to teach me some more positions? The guys on the football team are just too nice. Cuddling sex is great sometimes. But I think it would be really cool if you used me in a dirty way as your sex doll.", "And maybe you can teach me how to give BJs properly, too. I once secretly watched a porno and the woman took the c**k reall

(Popularity Rate: 90 ) Do you want to buy sex toys in India?

ut http://kamakar t.com is the only offline physical cyberskin sex doll sex store in india,with stores in chennai,bangalore,trichy and tiruppur. when you visit Kamakart.com India #1 Sexual Wellness Megastore for Men & Women stores in any

(Popularity Rate: 55 ) Jessica(29years)

ook me on. Because he is damn sexy! I especially like to help the older, male patients and give them advice and support.
", '
', "After routine examinations, it has often happened that I seduced the patients on the doctor's couch. When I did this for the first time, my boss caught me. I would have preferred to die on the spot, I was so embarrassed. Besides, I was afraid that he would fire me. But the opposite was the case. He only said that I should continue. Then he took his already stiff d**k out of his pants and started to jerk it off before he f****d me from behind while I blew the patient.
", '
', "My boss now always nods to me knowingly when a patient comes in with whom he can imagine a threesome. I then do the preliminary work and then let the patient and Chinese Sex Dollmy boss f**k me nice and hard. I love my job! I am also a very good s**t. That's why every once in a while, I even have a foursome if a patient accidentally comes in whilst it's happening.", '
', "Would you like to f**k with cyberskin sex doll me in my clinic? If you don't want my boss to be there, I can steal the key and you can take me on the doc

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