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at did not institute a separate ration class for officers.
In the Red Army, there were four ration classes. Class 1 rations were for officers and enlisted men in the combat units of the operational army. Class 2 was for officers and enlisted men of the service units of the operational army. Personnel in combat and replacement units not part of the operational army received Class 3 rations. Class 4, the poorest of the four, was given to guard and servivce units personnel not part of the operational army.
For the air forces, it went on a similar structure, with Class 1 air force rations for combat personnel of the active air force, down to Class 4 for technical personnel not in the active air force. Air force rations were usually of higher quality than army rations.
There were also special ration classes for airborne troops, personnel in hospital, and so on. Later on in the war, ration classes were introduced for intelligence personnel at the front, as well as bomber crews on long range missions.
A can of SPAM tinned luncheon meat. Sent in vast quantities as part of the lend-lease program, the SPAM had significant role in feeding the Red Army.
Class 1 combat personnel rations comprised of, from September 1941 onward, 900 grams of rye bread(800 in summer time), twenty grams of flour, 140 grams of groat, thirty grams of pasta, 150 grams of meat and 100 grams of fish fresh or preserved, fifteen grams of soy flour, thirty grams of lard or other fats(Karelian Front personnel received extra lard rations), twenty grams of vegetable oil, 35 grams of sugar, one gram of tea, thirty grams of salt, 820 grams of vegetables(500 grams of potatoes, 170 of cabbage, rest carrot, beet, onions, and cucumbers in roughly even amounts, vegetable ration sometimes replaced by half its weight in groat for easier transport), six grams of tomato paste, half a gram of pepper and bay leaves, twenty grams of tobacco, two grams of vinegar, and 0.3 grams of mustard powder every day. Also, three boxes of matches, seven books of cigarette paper, and 200 grams of soap would be delivered every month.
From that down the line of classes, it gradually decreased. Class 4 army rations were 700 grams of rye bread(600 in summer), ten grams of flour, 100 grams of groat, ten grams of pasta, 75 grams of meat and 100 grams of fish, 20 grams of lard or other fats, 20 grams of vegetable oil, 25 grams of sugar, one gram of tea, 30 grams of salt, 600 grams of vegetables, six grams of tomato paste, half a gram of pepper and bay leaves, two grams of vinegar, and 0.3 grams of mustard powder every day. They also received 200 grams of soap per month. Interesting in Class 3 and 4 rations are an absence of tobacco, smoking paper and matches: probably because cigarettes were considered a necessity for combat area troops.
In the Air Force, things were richer. Even a Class 1 ration for the air force personnel contained only 400 grams of rye bread and 90 of groats: but it had 885 grams of vegetables, 40 of flour, 50 of rice, 50 of pasta, 350 grams of meat, 40 grams of fowl or other birds, 90 grams of fish. It had eight grams of tomato paste, five grams of vegetable oil, 80 grams of sugar, monthly 40 grams of tea, half a gram of pepper and bay leaves, two grams of vinegar, 0.3 of mustard powder, 30 grams of salt, five grams of potato flour, monthly 30 grams of soap. They also had a lot of things that the ground-pounder just didn’t get: such as another 400 grams of wheat bread, 20 grams of cottage cheese, ten of sour cream, 200 grams of milk, 20 grams of coffee or cocoa, an egg every two days, 90 grams of butter, 20 of cheese, 20 of dried fruits, and three of fruit extract. They also got actual cigarettes, twenty-five grams’ worth in a ration, and ten boxes of matches every month.
I will not list all classes of rations in detail here: the rest of which are available here
in Russian.
All in all, the Red Army soldier certainly didn’t live a life of wealth and plenty, but assuming the supply lines worked well(which for every combatant of the war was far from a given), he was reasonably well fed.
How about the Germans?
German ‘Iron Ration’, packaged
German rations were also divided to four classes. Ration I was for troops engaged in combat, recuperating from combat, or those deployed in northern Norway and Finland north of the 66° N. Latitude. Ration II was for occupation, rear area and communication troops. Ration III was given to garrison units in Germany, and Ration IV for office workers, nurses, and other auxiliary personnel operating in Germany.
Ration I per soldier included 700 grams of rye bread, 200–300 grams of any kind of meat(fresh, preserved, sausages) or cheese, 150 grams of various kinds of fat, up to 200 grams of jam and artificial honey(largely issued when away from field kitchens), 15 grams of salt 20 grams of pudding powder, up to one kilogram of vegetables, fruits and grain products(precise ratio depending on conditions), 8–10 grams of coffee, about 5 grams total of spices and other condiments, 7 grams of soy flour, 40 grams of sugar, 25 grams of condensed milk, and 7 cigarettes every day. The meat would usually be in form of sausages or canned meat: more rarely, a liver spread called Leberwurst was issued.
Of course, this was not all. Every unit, especially those that could be expected to lack supply in near term(such as recon units), carried two sets of ‘Iron Ration’ per soldier. This was meant to be used as emergency food. An iron ration contained 200 grams of canned meat, 20 grams of coffee, 250 grams of hardtack or biscuits, 150 grams of canned soup or a pack Erbswurst soup concentrate, and 25 grams of salt. From those iron rations, each soldier would carry a Half-Iron Ration, consisting of 200 grams of canned meat and 250 grams of hard bread in their haversacks, meant to be eaten during emergencies by order of the officer in charge.
There were also two ‘combat packages’, issued to troops before intensive combat to provide the necessary energy. A ‘large’ combat package consisted of 100 grams of chocolate, 100 grams of fruit bars or biscuits, and six cigarettes. The ‘small’ package wasn’t actually lesser in terms of contents: it had 200 grams of hard candy in place of the biscuits, and was called ‘small’ because the package itself was smaller due to the candy taking less space. Those rations were also used as after-action incentives and rewards for well performing units.
Erbswurst soup concentrate
There were also special rations issued to only specific types of units. Paratroopers were given a special ration before combat, consisting of two cans of chunked ham, two cans of real cheese, an 50 gram bar of chocolate(often ersatz but sometimes real chocolate), a 125 gram package of hardbread, a packet of lemon candy, a packet of coffee candy, a package of condensed milk coffee, and solid fuel to heat up.
You could also find rarer foods, such as canned stew, Luftwaffe condensed food in aircraft survival kits, and so on, but for the most part, this was it. The German

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