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(Popularity Rate: 18 ) Jelena(28years)

s a sweet little secret.", 'I am a PR manager and it is my job to make new contacts and I am really good at that as an opensex doll. The best place to meet people is in the chic and exclusive clubs and bars of the city. You can be sure that do sex robots talk wherever there is a good party, I will be the star there.', "My sex doll girlfriends and I love to go out to dinner and discuss in detail where and how we will spend the nights on the weekend. But of course, the question of what to wear must be dealt with first. As a love doll with a body like this, I really don't have to hide myself and that's why my dresses and skirts are especially tight.
", 'I could introduce you to my sweet group of sex doll friends, every single one is areal dollwho would love to f**k a man like you. We don’t like boys, we want mature guys who know what they want in life and, above all, know how to use their c**k to please a sex doll. Iam totally open about sex and love threesomes with myadult dollfriends.Are you looking forward to f*****g another real doll whilst I suck your ba

(Popularity Rate: 85 ) Is using an anal sex toy dangerous?

Using it for what? For it’s intended Anime Sex Dollpurpose- probably not if you take appropriate care. Drilling a couple holes in it, plugging the plug and using it as a salt shaker- cute but not dangerous. Using it as a fetch toy with your dog, a door stop or a replacement screwdriver handle……

(Popularity Rate: 53 ) What merchants accept ethereum?

thers. If you have heard of any, please let me know because my business is about getting shops to accept ethers, and if there’s a shop in your city already doing it, I’d like to know how they’re doing it.
That is the situation today, but I plan to change it. My company, Pure Money Technology Inc, aims to provide a very simple POS app that would allow merchants to accept ethers. We need evangelists to spread the good news.
There is one big reason why Bitcoin cannot become a medium of exchange: it is not designed to be one. It is a currency, yes, but only in the sense of being a store of value; as medium of exchange, no. The number of bitcoins that can ever exist is hard-limited to 21 million. That means a bitcoin will continue to increase in value - albeit in non-linear fashion. This means that Bitcoin holders are always going to be hesitant to spend their bitcoins. (Can you imagine how stupid those folks feel who spent 10,000 bitcoins to buy pizza in 2010?) Some Bitcoin holders could probably part with their satoshis during a downturn, but even then maybe not by much. A satoshi equals 0.00000001 BTC or about 6 cents right now. It is quite possible that a satoshi can go up in value to $100 or more in a few short years.
Ethereum is designed to be a medium of exchange, and unlike Bitcoin it’s a smart medium of exchange. (Right now I am building a “smart contract” that will compensate evangelists for pushing our POS app to merchants and vendors.) Ethereum quantity is limited, but not hard-limited like Bitcoin. Right now the rate of quantity “inflation” is about 18 million ethers per year. Depending on the situation, this rate of annual infla

(Popularity Rate: 16 ) Why is there not many love dolls on Amazon?

lls vendor,the new open store cant sell dolls.
2.About the shipping ,Most Amazon BBW Sex Dollcustomer like the fast shipping, but the love dolls are customized , so it’s hard to make the stock.
3. The feedback, the love dolls need long time to produce, because it’s really carefully work to do, and most seller are doing dropshipping, that means they dont check the doll by themself, all the doll are directly shipped from the factory, as we are 4-years love doll seller, we found so much problems for the dolls when the doll ship to our office, just like skin color, different size doll, wrong head ,or some broken during the short time shipping, so if the seller choose Amazon they will easy to get negative feedback.
All of our dolls are checked by us, maybe shipping time not the fast and the price maybe n

(Popularity Rate: 61 ) How come Snapdeal and eBay are selling sex toys in India?

or going anonymous.
Kunal Bahl was considered as one of the smartest startup CEOs when the whole ecommerce startups industry was booming. He was smart enough to raise funds in billions and flip the business models on such a large scale. Snapdeal turned to ecommerce portal overnight from deal website and then to marketplace. It was all happening very fast and it went on very smoothly but still snapdeal failed.
Soon it became the market leaders in Electronics & FMCG categories but things went downhill the moment it reached the peak. Success is not when you reach the top spot but you maintain your success. Many things contributed to Snapdeal’s failure and being very close partner of Snapdeal and do understand the downfall from 6 Billion to less than billion.
Neck-less Hiring - It was not just hiring but was mass hiring and just not mass hiring, it was random mass hiring. Most of the hiring was done via references, no selection processes. Deserving people stayed outside, non deserving were inside. I remember meeting Business leaders of Snapdeal with almost zero to no knowledge of business. Most of the times, post meetings the words were “how the hell did he got hired”. Huge amount of early joining Bonuses were distributed like cakes. In early days, SNapdeal bosted of women-men ration of 2:1 and guess what Snapdeal’s office looked more of Fashion event than an ecommerce company. (trust me, it was an visual treat to visit snapdeal office, those of you who have visited their Okhla office will agree) - Not sure what all these woman were doing. Paychecks were offered double to triple of what the candidates deserved. (Guy earning 50k in previous job were offered 2 lac for the same job and this was not 1/100 case but in majority). No KRA’s, no job responsibilities, no targets set the entire team loose. Come to office, play games, go for breaks, head for company sponsored parties in evening and go home.
Corruption: Was surprised to know that even the senior management was involved in the corruption. You are lesser known brand and if were ready to offer 1% of sales to the team, boom your products were everywhere. People made tons of money in this whole corruption. Cash was delivered to Manager’s home in lacs (seen 25lac being delivered at one of the manager’s place. His dad received the money and this was just for a month). Possibly the first flag I got that this is not going to take long for snapdeal to disappear from the market. Managers opening asking and accepting bribes. I remember bringing this in notice to the Senior VP and he immediately bounced back with completely senseless arguments. He was not even ready to accept the fact when 6 out of 10 people in the meeting said the same thing. I know many senior people from snapdeal who are now jobless just because everyone in the industry know their corruption history.
Failed Strategy - When snapdeal switched to the market place, they failed to sanitize the product categories. Fake products, illegal product listings, poor customer services, delayed deliveries, no exclusive launches, no big brand tie-ups. They have to close down the FMCG categories for same reasons.
Missing Seller Arm - They missed the seller arm alike WSR is to flipkart and Cloutail is to amazon. This was much needed thing for snapdeal to stay in the market. WSR and Cloudtail played very important role in building up the customer trusts. Most of the top sellers moved to AMazon/Flipkart because of better working and better opportunities. Top sellers din’t felt valued enough in Snapdeal and were desperately looking for opportunities outside snapdeal which was offered by amazon/flipkart
Failed Shopping - Snapdeal acquired 12 companies in their 6 years tenure and failed to leverage any of the opportunities. This was like a brainless shopping spree do sex robots talk by soon to be wedded bride who shopped for pointless things which she was never going to use post wedding. Funfact: the wedding never happened. One of the worst investments of snapdeal was joint venture with DEN and Freecharge. They failed to ripe the benefits of both.
Companies acquired. 1. GoJavas 2. TargetingMantra 3. Reduce Data 4. Fashiate 5. MartMobi Technologies 6. RupeePower 7. Exclusively 8. Wishpicker 9. Doozton 10. Shopo 11. eSportsBuydotcom
12. grabbondotcom
By Oct 2016, snapdeal was a sinking ship with over 6k people on board, it needed more money to feed those 6k people, it needed more money to fund those big paychecks, money was needed for those after office parties and nobody knew how to make money. They only knew how to raise money and now nobody was interested in their fairy tales and none of t

(Popularity Rate: 60 ) Have you ever caught someone using your sex toys?

This answer may contain sensitive images. Click on an image to unblur it. Hmmm..I'm male Dom..and I have quite a few..lol. ..this is my starter kit..hmm love watchin a woman pleasuring her self ..and with toys..Babygirl ..dont care for the bigger ones..but enjoys stappin up and fuckon her sub's..and showin off for me.. So my answer would be No..cuz I still get something out of it..

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