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(Popularity Rate: 45 ) Is it okay for women who are married to have sex toys?

ally toys at all but common items such as a hairbrush handle and an electric toothbrush. I then graduated to dolls that look real true sex toys when I was in college and I’ve had sex toys ever since. I’ve had them during both of my marriages and it was never a secret. In fact toys were very much a part of our sex lives. One of my favorite things is to lie back and let him do all the work while I enjoy the fruits of his labor and he needs the right tools to do the job right!
My first husband travelled often for work and would be gone sometimes for a few nights. I had no problem taking care of my desires while he was on the road. Many times I put those

(Popularity Rate: 64 ) Are men fools? Is there a real man who falls in love with a computer operating system, as seen in Her, Spike Jonze's film?

I wouldn't judge people by calling them "fools," fellow Quoran. After all, there are men who fall in love with blow-up dolls and cars, dolls that look real and there are women who marry the Eiffel Tower and violins. To each his/her own Flat Chested Sex Dollif he/she is hurting no one in the process. Live and let live, yes?

(Popularity Rate: 24 ) Stella(20years)

f my own. But not for a few years; I feel like I’m still too young to have children of my own. You also need a steady partner and I have to admit that I’m really enjoying my single life at the moment.", "Often, the dads bring their little ones to the kindergarten and I’ve caught their eye – and a few of the moms, too! I’ve even met some of them privately to have a coffee. And it didn't stop with a coffee, if you know what I mean.
", "What do you like in bed? I'm totally into bondage games. Not only do I like to be tied up, I like to take on the dominant role, too. Being a switch is great. I don't have to miss out on anything and can live out my submissive as well as my dominant side.
", "It's not just at the kindergarten that I find men to have sex with. When I have time, I like to go up town with my girlfriends. We go shopping, eat out or meet up in a cozy bar or club. You inevitably get to know new people. Sometimes I take a hot woman home with me and sometimes a fit guy.
", "What would you do with me if you could do anything you wanted? Something very dirt

(Popularity Rate: 32 ) Is it possible that Life-Size silicone dolls with artificial Intelligence - will replace human to human relationships in all forms?

That would be the complete degradation of humanity. Humans are to make love with other humans. If the couple loves each other and respects each other, they can row closer Asian Sex Dollto God. Having sex with a doll is called masturbation.

(Popularity Rate: 42 ) Why is it when men collect dolls its creepy but if a girl does it it's ok?

ter about him, and he’s written some excellent books. http://www.theimer.fr/
I’ve know other men who were superb dollmakers and collectors, too. Granted, guys who love Lifelike Sex Dollsdolls are a distinct minority in the doll world, but those who do are usually no more creepy than women who love dolls.
At the other extreme, I was once stalked by a man who managed to buy one of the dolls I’d made (long story), and was carrying it around in the trunk of his car showing it to people. Apparently he was also telling them that

(Popularity Rate: 35 ) Is it true that only women who are not satisfied with their sexual partners buy sex toys?

forward as men in terms of orgasming. We can still enjoy sex very much but sometimes, getting to that special place, can be damned near impossible no matter how much you're enjoying sex with your partner! So sex toys MAY make it easier for a lady to come. Lots of women cannot orgasm without a vibrator. That's nothing to be worried or ashamed about.
Sex toys are fun. You can watch your partner use them on themselves or you could use them on your partner. See what they like, what toys work for them and have fun exploring different toys in different places.
Sex toys add some adventure in the bedroom and can be fun for both MALE AND FEMALE partners! Don't let ladies have all the fun! Men can use them too!
Using sex toys WITHOUT your partner doesn't meant there is anything wrong either. Some men masturbate while also having a sex life with their partner and some women dolls that look real also masturbate whilst having a sex life with their partner. Some people may masturbate with sex toys and some people may just use their hands. This doesn't mean anything is wrong in the relationship.
Please do not feel tha

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