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(Popularity Rate: 28 ) I found a sex toy in my 9 year old daughters room. What should I do?

her sexual health and perspective going foward throught life.
You may not be ready for it, you may think shes to young, but that doesn't change the fact that the moment has arrived. Ignoring it is dangerous. Education is necessary at this point.
And find out how the heck your 9 year old daughter came to be in possession of a sex toy to begin with. That is not something a child that age should have access to. If it belongs to anyone in your home and she found it and took it another conversation needs to be had with her about invading other people's spaces and taking what she has no right to, and also with whoever it belongs to about keeping items that children have absolutely no busines

(Popularity Rate: 71 ) Yuma(28years)

positions. I must tell you that I actually grew up quite conservatively and sex was an absolute taboo subject in my family.
But I love to rebel and now I live out my wild fantasies as asex dollto the fullest. I have fun driving men around me crazy. You will not believe it, I have definitely seen more than one stiff c**k through the pants of my male colleagues and all because I love to present my plump décolleté in a low neckline. Sexually forbidden things are a game and hobby for me as sex doll and they are also my destiny.
', "Do I have limits? Of course not! I Male Sex Dollslove long and intense sex, especially when I can go to my physical limits. I guess you could say I'm pretty into S&M. So, don't be fooled by my sweet love doll face.
", 'Although I am a very sex-hungry real doll, it doesn’t mean that I do not believe in true love - quite the opposite.', "I hope you're my prince charming, who's looking for a", 'TPE sex do

(Popularity Rate: 89 ) Yaris(22years)

waiting for the right owner. If you appreciate my abstinence as asex doll, I will always serve you well as a love doll and read every wish from your lips.
I’m Yaris, a young 22-year-oldreal dollfrom a very religious family. As the oldest daughter of 5 siblings, my parents have always had very high expectations for me. They know nothing of my desire to serve a loyal man as a sex doll and would be completely against it. I cannot deny that my p***y gets hornier and hornier, and I count the days until my owner will be able to penetrate me for hours. I would love to be a real sex doll and finally be able to feel you in my warm and wet real doll p***y.
With me, you get alove dollthat has never touched by a man before, because I have been saving myself for you. I often lie in bed fantasizing about being a sex doll who serves her man. I have pleasured myself over and over again with my fingers while massaging my breasts just thinking of this. If you want to teach me everything and are patient with my

(Popularity Rate: 90 ) Savannah(18years)

xactly what I want, namely you! You Japanese Sex Dollscan't fool me, you are looking for a", 'sex dollwho is always hungry for your c**k and now you have found her.

', "I have always rebelled and was the black sheep of the family. But I think that's exactly how a cheeky sex doll should be- always have an endless desire for new sexual experiences. You can probably imagine that it will not be boring with me once I have become your", 'TPE sex doll. It doesn’t matter if anal, vaginal, or oral. As long as I can satisfy your infinite desire.

', "Other women rejected you? Don't worry, they just don't appreciate a good guy like you. As an", 'adult doll, I know that every fake butt masturbator c**k has its horny advantages and I think I will like you.', "What we do is of course up to you, because even though I come across as rather forward, I am an obedient sex doll. You can try anything you've ever dreamed of with me, without me ever judging you for it. The dirtier, the better.", 'As yourlove doll, I am only too happy to hold out every one of my holes to you willingly and stand by your side faithfully even outside the bedroom. If you are looking for a real do

(Popularity Rate: 91 ) How can I dress my love doll?

ferdent fizzing denture cleaner tablets.
I use Efferdent with cold water. It has a mild bleach that tends to fade clothing less than other detergents might. Denture tablets tend, instead, to brighten up the fabrics. Better yet, there’s an ingredient in the denture tablets that seems to preserve the sizing (i.e., manufacturer’s starching) in the doll clothing, which helps the doll clothing to appear “new,” rather than worn out from washing.
I’ve used both house brand generic tablets and name brand Efferdent tablets, although I think Efferdent works a little better at getting dirt out. One tablet in a round plastic tub, such as the type that margarine or whipped dessert topping come in, cleans a handful of fashion doll clothes. Two tablets would probably work in a large bucket for American Girl (18”) doll clothes, but I’d try one tablet first.
First, I recommend testing an unseen edge of the piece of doll clothing in the dissolved tablet water and checking for colorfastness before fully submerging any item.
It’s best to air dry doll clothes. It sometimes helps to lightly stuff unbleached, undyed paper kitchen towels (Bounty or Brawny towels work) inside the parts of the clothes you want to fill out, like skirt portions or puffy sleeves.
On already somewhat “worn,” sturdy, recently manufactured doll clothes, I’ve sometimes used a scant capful of Dawn or Trader Joe’s dishwashing liquid in cold water. Liquid dish soap lifts grease and makes a good cold water hand wash detergent, and it is less expensive than Woolite. However, I generally only use liquid dish soap on already worn-out-looking doll clothes, those with which I do not need to preserve a “like-new” crispness.
For delicate vintage doll clothes, I’ve used cold water Woolite or Twin Pines of Maine’s cleaning product “Perk!.” Twin Pines of Maine makes cleaning products specifically for cleaning dolls, doll hair, and doll clothes, especially delicate vintage vinyl and plastic dolls from the mid-20th century. Twin Pines of Maine was started by a chemical engineer who saw his doll collector wife go through disastrous trial and error attempts in trying to find cleaning products that would not destroy her dolls or doll clothes. Their products are only for sale online. Twin Pines of Maine is more expensive, so I reserve their Perk! cleaner for difficult cases.
One thing I might add is that almost any doll clothing that is red or has a deep dye color in it may “run.” If the dye runs, and it’s all one color, the piece of clothing may fade. But if the dye runs, and the clothing has parts that are white or other colors, the piece of clothing will be ruined.
Mass manufactured play dolls nowadays will often—but not always!—have colorfast clothing. You still have to check by dipping an unseen edge of the piece, even when using cold water and speciality cleaners.
The trick to getting around that obstacle with non-colorfast reds and other deep colors is to first wash the item in a gallon of cold water mixed with one-fourth cup of table salt and one cup of vinegar. I use a generic brand white vinegar that comes in a plastic gallon bottle from the supermarket. (I recently found measurement instructions at the website PopSugar: How to Naturally Colorfast Your Clothes For Longer Life
, but I’ve seen similar instructions elsewhere.) I’ve used this method on vintage doll clothes that would have otherwise had their richly dyed colors run. Note, as the PopSugar instructions state, that it may take a second run through cold water, salt, and white vinegar to colorfast the item of clothing.
If you ever run into a cloth item that absolutely cannot be washed, like an old cloth fake butt masturbator doll or novelty item, there is one safe thing you can do: Dust the item thoroughly in corn starch powder, then gently brush off the corn starch powder with the softest baby brush you can find. It may take awhile to get all the powder out, yet this method can be surprisingly effective at getting surface dirt out of a “no-wash” cloth item.
Now you have a summary of doll clothes cleaning tips that have been distilled and passed down orally over two decades and two coastlines, enough to get you started.
No one can vouch for the safety of these tricks in every instance you may run into. Of course, I’ve wrecked my fair share of doll clothes over the years, so I’ve learned a great deal from my own trial and error. Hopefully, the above-listed tips will spare you any frustration.
Overall, the methods described above have been the most successful ones for me when I’ve cleaned items in my collection, when I have sold spruced

(Popularity Rate: 22 ) Where can I find a sex toy shop in Bangalore?

tand these things nor respect them. Even in metros, people keep the buying and selling of these products very secret. Due to this, it is very difficult to talk to people and ask for the right sex toy shop.
I live in Delhi and came across this wonderful website called AdultsKart.com. They specialize in this industry and have great customer support. Being a national level player, they deliver to all over India. The packaging is discreet of course and also they try to answer all the questions as conveniently as possible. Products are also good in quality.
I don’t feel comfortable buying from a physical store or popular e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc because they lack the concept of privacy and sensibility required to communicate with the customer buying such products.
Overall, the experience is good

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