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(Popularity Rate: 100 ) Can a realistic high-quality sex doll be used as a tool to help men with limited sexual experience with women to become better lovers through practicing on the doll first if it is accompanied by instructional videos?

ter when they get their first opportunity to put theory into practice.
Unless someone is fairly dim, there is nothing they would gain after about the first hour of practice with the doll. Real women are just so much more complex in their response patterns, and vary Lifelike Sex Dollsconsiderably from individual to individual. State of the art dolls are at the point where

(Popularity Rate: 90 ) What is the average amount of sex toys that people have?

to simulate and stimulate almost every possibly tingly part of the human body.
Every human orifice larger than your nostrils has a store-bought counterpart.
Any human part that can be stuck in, rubbed on, or slapped against any sexy part of the human body is likely to have its silicone, rubber, plastic, glass, leather or vinyl counterpart.
Sex toys flat chest tpe doll can do things no part of the human body can do.
Some toys can be used with orifices even smaller than nostrils. Urethral dilators do exactly what you would imagine, if you dare to imagine them. Urethral sounding toys are something like tuning forks that go inside a urethra. Apparently, it's a thing.
Sex toys can vibrate tingly bits.
Sex toys can apply electricity to tingly bits to cause pleasure or pain, or that lovely combination of both.
Sex toys can be heated or cooled for interesting effects.
Sex toys can inflict pain in ways that many people enjoy. Floggers, whips, riding crops, wax, and the Wartenberg wheel are all possibilities.
Sex toys can immobilize a person or just some parts of a person.
Sex toys can set a scene.
For some people, certain clothes are essentially sex toys. Dressing the part can add to many sexual experiences. What sub doesn't want a pair of leather chaps? (BTW, all chaps are assless. Saying “assless chaps” marks you as a newbie.)
Candles and incense can help create a mood.
There’s an app for that. Any new technology will soon be applied to helping us get our jollies. We have discovered carved stone dildos from—you guessed it—the Stone Age.
Some toys have Bluetooth capability and can be controlled through a phone.
Some toys can be charged wirelessly.
Our own Franklin Veaux and one of his partners are working to create sex toys that provide sensory feedback in bot

(Popularity Rate: 72 ) What are some of the worst films made by some of the best actors?

orite of his films was one that critics universally disparaged. When a film critic confronted Fellini with this fact, Fellini shrugged. “There is an Italian proverb,” he said, “The parent loves the lame child best.”
Alfred Hitchcock had a very preliminary screening, a first cut, of the movie “Psycho.” Seated next to him was Joseph Steffano, the script writer. As the film progressed, Steffano’s mortification increased almost to the point of pain. “This,” he thought, “is the worst movie I have ever seen.”
His squirming attracted the attention of Hitchcock. “There, there ,” Hitchcock consoled him, placing a hand on his knee. “It’s not finished yet.”
Many film critics now consider “Psycho” to be the greatest of all films. In this I concur. Who could have known? As Roger Ebert said, “ What makes “Psycho” iimmortal when so many films are half forgotten even as we leave the theater, is that it connects directly with our fears.”
The more films I watch, the more I am convinced there are no small parts. Perhaps an actor needs the work, doesn’t think too much of the script, doesn’t see how the film could work , and the role is minuscule. Sometimes, that actor goes on to win an Academy award. I would like to fill an album with the photographs of those actors whose work shone like a rare jewel, sometimes in a bucket of horseshit.
There was Uma Thurman as Medusa in “Percy Jackson: the Lightning Thief,” whose 10 minutes of screen time I’ve watched over a dozen times. There was Tony Shalhoub, as the splay-eyed alien pawnbroker in flat chest tpe doll “Men in Black.” There was Dale Dicky as the iron-willed and very dangerous matriarch in “Winter’s Bone.” There was the classically trained Canadian actor Douglas Rain whose velutinous and menacing voice

(Popularity Rate: 51 ) Which website is the best sex doll shop in Singapore?

It really all depends on what you are looking for. As a shopper, I like to buy things at places where they specialize in that area. You tend to find better deals and better goods at specialized stores. If you are looking for toys for women, there are plenty of women-focused sites, the same thing for couples, and obviously the same for men. Just google the type of product you are looking Mini Sex Dollfor.

(Popularity Rate: 21 ) What is the best way to monetize a sex toy prototype?

manufacturable. Manufacturing is difficult (and expensive; it’s always more expensive than you think, even if you account for the fact that it’s always more expensive than you think). Supply logistics are difficult. Distribution is difficult. Marketing is difficult. Protecting your intellectual property in this industry is very, very difficult. Even well-funded companies with established manufacturing infrastructure and distribution chains struggle; Tantus is well-known, has been in business for 20 years, has a fairly simple product range (mostly just cast silicone, no electronics or moving parts, no complex supply chains), has wide distribution in nearly every sex toy store and retail outlet you can think of, has patents on their most popular designs…and their annual net revenue is only in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, not millions. Honestly, your best bet, as near as I can tell[1], is to get to a manufacturing prototype and see if you can partner with an established company. Try

(Popularity Rate: 76 ) What lubricant is the best for male sex toys?

Jelly for many years. We planned on using KY with "Rosie" as well. Since we were given a special deal on the Tantaly lube we decided to compare it to the KY. I was pleasantly surprised by how well this lube works. It is JUST AS GOOD AS KY. Like all water based lubes, when it starts to dry it gets "sticky" so you must continue to apply as needed. With proper amounts slathered on...this stuff is great. The Tantaly lube is highly recommended espe

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