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(Popularity Rate: 65 ) What are a few amazing ways to prevent a roommate or someone visiting from humping one's love doll?

her roommates but the difference with Anne is that 1) she was extremely attractive and 2) she was the aggressor. Also, she enjoyed seeing me ejaculate more than any other girlfriend or hookup. I think she loved seeing the effect she had on guys and the pinnacle of her impact was witnessing the ejaculation up close.
Perhaps because Anne felt that we couldn’t do X,Y,Z unless we were in a real relationship, she wanted to stick with hand jobs. This is despite my going down on her several times with no reciprocation and us having sex twice. She would often invite herself into my bedroom and engage in idle chit chat while on lying my bed as I worked at my desk. We would sometimes cuddle on my bed with nothing sexual happening. She would ask, “do you have any lube?” I believe this is how she revealed her enthusiasm for hand jobs. Later, after I procured a bottle of lubricant, she would say during a cuddle session, “where’s that bottle of lube?”
When this roommate relationship began, I had little experience with women and zero experience with drugs. Anne would say things that just blew my mind at the time. The first hint of her uninhibited streak was when she mentioned that her mother had to sign special paperwork so should could do nude modeling at age 16.
She had her own bathroom on my floor of a duplex but it wasn’t attached to her room. On occasion, she would walk out of the shower totally nude with only a towel wrapped around her head. This is despite having people coming and going out of this four bedroom apartment all the time. Moreover, she would occasionally pee on the toilet with the door wide open as I walked by. No other female roommate ever did anything like that.
The roommate situation with Anne is still a bit of a mystery. I have certain qualities that many women find attractive but I don’t full body sex toy think it was that. My suspicion is that Anne wanted to reinforce the incredible effect she had on men in her mind. She often discussed dating much older, extremely wealthy men. As I was in my 20s at the time, Anime Sex DollI assume this meant that she would never date me - regardless of my roommate status.
The time I spent with Anne was pretty incredible as it was my first exposure to sex outside of a relationship. W

(Popularity Rate: 12 ) Should I allow my husband to buy a sex doll? He barely touches me as it is unless it's when I tell him I'm fertile (we're trying for our second child.)

buy a sex doll (as if you could stop him if he decides to get one ). I would say start with the idea the two of you seem to have that you should be trying for a second child with the disturbing amount of dysfunction in the marriage. You say the intimacy in your marriage is practically non-existent outside the times you might be fertile so that you might get pregnant. This isn’t the profile of a healthy marriage. It would be different if you didn’t care that you are sexually estranged for the most part but by the way you describe it (“He barely touches me”), it’s obvious you’re not happy with the situation. Now he’s telling you he’d like a sex doll. You clearly recognize that the purchase of a sex doll isn’t going to improve the quality of intimacy between the two of you. So here you see he doesn’t want more sex with you, a living, breathing woman who wants him and with whom he’s supposedly sharing his life, as well as a child.
If this is the kind of marriage you want, it’s up to you. But how fair full body sex toy is it, IYO, to bring another child into it—an innocent child who has no say in the matter of growing up as a child of divorce?
My suggestion is, put the idea of a second baby on hold for now, and either see if your disabled marriage can be put on an even track for the sake of the child you have now, or recognize this marriage is never going to work and start formulating a plan to co-pa

(Popularity Rate: 84 ) What do you think is a crime worse than murder, and why?

n hundreds to millions of victims. There are no crimes perpetrated by common criminals individuals that even compare to political or military leaders guilty of this.
I would say that a General or President guilty of systematic mass rapes of an occupied civilian population is a far worse person than your average serial killer.
There is absolutely nothing worse than these crimes.
Some of the most famous trials were the Nuremberg trials.
Nuremberg trials
After the Second World War, the London Charter of the International Military Tribunal
set down the laws and procedures by which the Nuremberg trials were to be conducted. The drafters of this document were faced with the problem of how to respond to the Holocaust
and the grave crimes committed by the Nazi regime
. A traditional understanding of war crimes gave no provision for crimes committed by a power on its own citizens. Therefore, Article 6 of the Charter was drafted to include not only traditional war crimes and crimes against peace
, but also crimes against humanity, defined as
, extermination, enslavement
, deportation
, and other inhumane
acts committed against any civilian
population, before or during the war, or persecutions on political, racial or religious grounds in execution of or in connection with any crime within the jurisdiction of

(Popularity Rate: 79 ) Should the age of sex toys be lowered?

lot of times, of no minors just to protect themselves against any legal ramifications against over-barring parents. Take Spencers for example, a minor can go in there and buy a sex toy without issue. You can also buy sex toys online without parental consent. Amazon, ebay, or even Wal-Mart now sells them. If not able to get a credit card, then a gift card can work just as well. And anyone can buy gift cards. In my own opinion, there should never be a law against sex toys in general. Everyone has the right to explore their own sexuality and experiment how they want as long as they are being safe. A puberty driven 14 year old has as much right to a fleshlight, for example, as an adult does. Comically speaking, after puberty most people look the same regardless. A 16 year olds penis really doesn’t look any different then a 30 year olds. Same applies to girls. If a girl gets her first period at 10 and wants to start exploring her body, say by 12, she should be allowed to do that with a product that’s intended for it. Using “house hold items” not designed for things like Gay Sex Dollthat can lead to troubles. So, h

(Popularity Rate: 76 ) What should I do if my parents are installing a security camera in my bedroom?

ouching themselves in an unholy way", that they actually removed the kids bedroom door from the hinges (ummm...your kid still jerked off in the shower, and yes, he shared that with the youth group once) to parents who should have been on their kids like white on rice because their kids were drinking and sleeping around and getting in all kinds of trouble, but the parents were so oblivious because, "we're a good Christian family so my kids would NEVER do that." Based on my experience, here are my thoughts: 1) The pedophilia thing is more far fetched than most of these people are saying, but it's not impossible. I would ask your parents straight up...are you planning on using these videos in any sexual manner? It's a legit question and most parents would be so horrified at the thought, you would know immediately if that was an issue. 2) Have you done anything to bring this on yourself? If you've been caught with drugs, have been sneaking people in, having sex against their wishes, then you are going to need to let them put that bound in place. While I agree it is not the healthiest solution to put a video camera in your kids room, they are your parents and it is their responsibility to keep you safe. In that case, maybe suggest an alternative (no camera, but you're not allowed to lock the door, maybe allow them to do random searches of your room, let them monitor your phone, etc) 3) This is what I suspect is the most likely scenario...your parents may have major control issues/severe anxiety/possibly clinical paranoia/etc. Or, they may have made some terrible choices as a teen and are scared to death you'll do the same. These are not healthy things for your parents to feel, but parents are people and they are just as f***ed up as everyone else. Are you the oldest? Sometimes the oldest child gets the worst of this behavior because the parents are having trouble "letting go". Again, none of these are healthy, but if they are unwilling to take a hard look at what is motivating them, all the rationale from you is not going to change them. This is where talking to a youth pastor at church, a school guidance counselor, or some other trusted adult in a position of authority would help. They can blow you off as just their dumb kid, but if another adult comes to them and says, "hey, I heard your kids say you are installing a camera in their room. What's going on?", your parents may be more inclined to listen to an opinion other than your own. It may be that they need help for clinical anxiety. Maybe they just have some fears they need to deal with, like if your mom had a baby at 15 and is terrified that you'll do the same. If you were a kid in my youth group, I would have been more than willing to talk to your parents for you, so I'm sure there is some adult in your life that can help. 4) If there is no way around it, they won't budge and you refuse to accept it...move out of your room. Sleep on the couch. Change in the bathroom. Be in your room as little as possible. What are

(Popularity Rate: 19 ) Who is the real doll in the play A Doll's House?

er children, Realistic Sex Dollwhom she plays with. Her point being she no longer thinks she can raise her children well because she doesn’t know what it is full body sex toy to be her own person, and she doesn’t think Torvald really knows how to relate to her as a

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