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(Popularity Rate: 20 ) If you were God, would you be mad at the men, who are a part of your creation, and who permenantly replace real women with silicone love dolls?

ls or robotic partners?
An answer by a serious approach:
If I become mad about something humans do or don’t do, I would know for certain that I am NOT God. The monotheistic idea of God becoming angry or mad about something earthly, is so silly idea that only silly human minds can attach such typical humanistic attribute to something noble like God.
This silly idea is just part of the major egocentric trend dominating the organized monotheistic religions. It’s the same trend which placed the earth as the center of the universe and then the same egocentric trend placed itself (the human ego) as the center of God’s creation. And then it made the God to become a servant of the human needs & whims.
In short, what you ask is just the result of the dogmatic teachings by organized monotheistic religions. Those teachings have created the God as nothing but just a projection of their own humanistic ego.
All this isn’t meant to support in any manner men’s bad habits which you ask specifically about them — or anybody’s bad deeds.
This was an answer by a serious approach. Next answer of mine to this will be by a humoristic approach.
A humoristic approach:
If I was a God, then instead of becoming mad about it, I would ask myself wh

(Popularity Rate: 63 ) Do you know any good ways to make homemade sex toys? I'm only 15 and I can't buy any sex toys for masturbation and I'm not satisfied with my hand anymore.

a rubber/latex glove, a couple hair ties and your favorite lube. Fold the hand towel in half lengthwise then lay the glove across it. The glove should almost be as long as the folded towel is wide. Now loosely fold the towel over the glove until it’s fully rolled up. gently pull the wrist of the glove a little from the rolled up towel and stretch back over the towel to hold it in place, and form the opening of the Cheap Sex Dolltube you’re going to use. Use the two hair ties to secure the towel in a roll, lube up, and guy having sex with a sex robot go to town. I love putting this in between my mattress for a doggy position, rolling into the folds of a big body pillow secured with a belt for a body sized mount to pound as well. You can adjust the tightness of the glove by rolling the towel tighter. When I found this one, it

(Popularity Rate: 66 ) What is a sex doll?

at replicates the actual appearance and performance of a real human in terms of sex and companionship. Normally, it consists of a life-size and life-like human replica with thorough emphasis on the genitals such as breast, penis, and vagina. As the years went by, it gets even more advanced with the introduction of artificial intelligence that gave way to the advent of sex robot, the sister version of sex dolls which have enhanced attributes such as heat generator, vocal regulator, and movement simulation. With this, the sexual experience that a sex robot can provide is really out of this world.
Aside from being a sex buddy to some people, most lonely individuals look up to this creations as saving grace that literally help them get through certain struggles in life that crash them down. Their plastic girlfriends serve as their companion in the dark when the sun turn their back on them and there’s nobody whom they can talk, eat, or sex with. Not to mention, living in solidarity is no joke, though. They could end up dying if not get rescued. So, thanks for these sex dolls.
Generally, these sex dolls are made of either TPE or silicone
that give them a realistic appeal, appearance, and sensation. It’s strengthened by a metal skeleton that keeps the doll in good shape and condition. They also have a realistic set of eyeballs, on flick eyebrow, and skin texture that resembles the humans’. Sex dolls can also be personally modified based on the client’s preference and the capability of the sex doll company.
If your budget is quite tight, you can also order a cannibalized part of sex dolls such as legs, breast, vagina, or penis. Depending on your preference, you can get any of these parts to satisfy your needs for sexual interaction. This is the safest way for sexual release, especially nowadays that the coronavirus pandemic is on the road.
Whatever your challenges are when it comes to sexual deprivation, the large arsenal of top-of-the-line sex dolls is just there around you. Pick your choice and bring

(Popularity Rate: 63 ) Do you prefer buying adult toys online or offline?

es and I often don’t mind spending a guy having sex with a sex robot buck or two more buying locally. When it comes to buying locally, I often run into one Asian Sex Dollof three hurdles.
The first is obvious, the selection. While I’m lucky enough to have an adult megastore not far from my home, many don’t. Before the store came to be, I was forced to go to physically small stores or Spenser’s Gifts. Needless to say, the selection was lacking. Online the selection is vast and you can more easily compare products from two different stores.
The next issue is feedback. When you’re in a store, the only feedback you’ll get is often from another patron. A few savvy shoppers know that the placement and position of items often dictates their quality, but even then that’s still under question. When you’re online, you generally have some feedback and reviews on the product and it’s easy to get to.
Lastly, we have the price. Prices are often cheaper online. Not only that, but customers are also more likely to look for and use coupon codes to further lower the price. And if you’re like me, you’re a member of a reward or cashback program. So now you’re not only getting a lower price, you’re also getting a percentage back or some sort of points for your purchase. While there are reward programs that work for brick and mortar stores, there are staggeringly more online.
Surprising returns aren’t something I take into account. For adult and personal products, I try to do as much research as possible so returning is minimized. This is because in most cases, returned adult items are a loss for the retailer as it generally is not and cannot be re-sold.
So while I don’t mind spending an extra buck or two at a brick and mortar store, once all is said and done, if I actually find the item

(Popularity Rate: 41 ) How can I better market my sex toy e-commerce site?

hibit advertising adult products.
But with a little creative thinking, you can drive organic traffic and access ad platforms that allow for adult.
Here are a few tips I’ve used to advertise to my adult toy company:
Video: Create an engaging video that shows why your product or website is different or fun. Two great examples of this are Zumio’s Video and B-Vibe’s videos both are examples of simple engaging content.
Pornhub Advertising: This secret gem is the Google Adwords of adult content for a lower price. Plus their analytics and demographic profiling are perfect for targeting just the right audience for your product.
Reddit Advertising: Another platform that allows for low price ads to drive traffic to your website.
HARO: (Help a Reporter Out) this is a great resources to get “earned media” whereby you reply to queries from journalists around the world. For example, one recent HARO request was “What are the best products for enhancing a relationship?” - idea is to send an intelligent response with a link back to your website.
Adult Toy Blogger Outreach: There are legions (maybe 1000’s) of adult toy bloggers around the world that will be happy to write about a product you sell, provided you give them a sample. Do this 10–30x to drive more traffic.
Affiliate program setup: Want to get more people on board supporting and referencing your website? Setup a referral program and email it out to your list. This will entice people to signup and ea

(Popularity Rate: 95 ) Feng(18years)

I'm an elf princess. You can recognize it by my pointed ears and my big blue eyes. My eyes have this special glint. My elf ears are very sensitive! I can listen to someone having sex from a distance of many miles away. Somehow, I'm a little embarrassed about this. But on the other hand, it feels somehow tingling to listen to others doing it. This gives me a strange but also a nice feeling. I believe you people call it ‘hot’. When I hear it, it tickles between my legs and I have the need to touch my", 'sex doll', "p***y. But I'm afraid I can't do that.
", '
', "I live in a large kingdom and am very well guarded. Even when I take a shower or a bath, I'm not alone because a maid soaps my petite anime sex doll body. That turns me on, but I must not let it show, because otherwise I will be punished. Besides, the maid serves as my surveillance. I was brought up as a very chaste anime sex doll. Can you help me escape from the castle? If you help me, I will show you my gratitude and you will be the first to be allowed feel my", 'real dollp***y.

I have been waiting for a very long time to finally be made into a reallove doll. I often dream of having sex with the young guards. I know they like me, and I like them too. They always look at me with utter lust. But they woul

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