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(Popularity Rate: 16 ) Is it true that Hitler ordered the invention of the blow up doll to stop Nazi soldiers from contracting STDs?

e, the historians assert that Hitler was quite likely afflicted by a condition called Hypospadias which essentially left him with an extremely small manhood, essentially a ‘micro-penis’.
The condition is so extreme that those who are afflicted by this condition often have to urinate out of the hole at the base of their manhood as opposed to from the tip. However, there is nothing to suggest that the condition was that extreme for Hitler himself and Emma Craigie (one of the historians who co-authored the aforementioned book), has urged caution over the use of the term ‘micro-penis’ to refer to Hitler’s condition, stating it might be kind of a ‘leap’.
Indeed, there are records which do suggest that Hitler had an aversion to be seen naked (but then most of us do) and that he was repulsed by any sexual activity, ostensibly because he was afraid of catching germs. His condition is also often thought to be the reason why he never fathered a child, despite (and this is important) having a long-time companion and eventual wife in Eva Braun and apparently enjoying healthy sexual relations with her.
However, his personal doctor, Theodor Morell is said to have prescribed a large amount of drugs including cocaine to act as an aphrodisiac for Hitler whenever he wanted to engage in sexual activity with Braun, due to the fact that he Real Dollhad a very low libido. Albert Speer, the Nazi architect, has stated that his sexual relations with women were ‘not normal’.
Despite this though, records show that Hitler had no trouble attracting a massive fan-base of ladies who wrote extensive fan-letters to him. His magnetism wasn’t in his genitals, but in his apparent charisma. However, his condition is said to have burdened his mind. Some psychologists have stated that his sudden tendencies to fly into rages, and the inherent desire to conquer Europe could have been the result of him attempting to compensate for his lack of virility.
Hitler 'had tiny deformed penis' as well as just one testicle, historians claim
Hitler had deformed ‘micro-penis’
No, Hitler probably did not

(Popularity Rate: 38 ) Missie(30years)

e, I've just turned 30 and I'm a singing", 'sex doll', ". I don't sing pop songs or children's songs; I'm a professional opera singer and TPE sex doll.
", "I've been fascinated by classical music ever since I was a young real doll and it touched me on a completely different level. I love the power that classical pieces exude and now I can see the sexuality that goes with them. My favorite opera, Carmen, has some pieces of music that make me horny as a sex doll and there's nothing better than touching myself to the mighty sounds. Of course, you can't beat a hot f**k with a", 'real dollwhen a famous piece of classical music is playing in the background.
As a teenage love doll, I started to work hard on my dream and took a lot of singing lessons. Now I have a more balanced regime as an adult doll. An hour of practice for an hour of sex. Practicing for an hour and then getting properly f****d as alove dollreally motivates me and has made me how much does harmony sex robot cost the great opera singer I am today.
', "You can't imagine how many fans you have as a sex doll if you have a voice as great as mine. I love the applause, but I love all the sexual offerings that I get from opera fans even more.
It wasn't unusual for a nice gentleman to take me out to eat and chat with me after

(Popularity Rate: 48 ) What crime was committed if you had intercourse with a sex doll in public?

urisdiction. But in general terms, everything Ryan Thea mentioned, how much does harmony sex robot cost plus statutes that involve lewd behavior, and if there are, or reasonably could be any children in eyeshot, the Lifelike Sex Dollssame litany of charges with a “in the presence of minors” kicker tacked on (which usually invo

(Popularity Rate: 50 ) Where can I get a male love/sex doll that has a "usable" butt region? Are there any slightly chubby love dolls with small penises?

br> One that is too long can hit the cervix, which is often unpleasant or painful.
Also, I like it when the man can fit his entire penis in my vagina.
Vaginas are not as long or deep as most people seem to believe. The average internal depth is only 3–6 inches long.
Although they do lengthen some when the woman is aroused.
So don’t worry about length too much. I’m going to let you in on a secret.
Width and girth are much more important than length. In other words, most women would prefer a shorter, fatter dick than a long, skinny one.
Vaginas are very elastic and can stretch to accommodate thicker penises.
I believe most women like to feel “filled up” with a thick penis. These are also more likely to be able to hit the G Spot.
Another thing about long penises is that a woman’s vagina doesn’t have much feeling if you go very deep.
We usually only feel the pleasurable sensations at the entrance and the first two or three inches.
Deeper in, the vagina has no touch sensitive nerve endings. Unless you hit the cervix, and that’s usually unpleasant or downright painful.
The G Spot is generally located 5–8 centimeters inside the vagina on the upper wall.
Some sexual positions are more optimal for the penis to hit the spot. Doggie style and reverse cowgirl are two that usually have easy access to the G Spot.
Not every woman can orgasm from just having the penis in the vagina. In fact, only about 20–25 percent can climax without clitoral stimulation.
So don’t ignore the clitoris!! And don’t shy away from using sex toys with your partner. She could use one to stimulate her clitoris, while you are inside her vagina.
You can even make her have a G Spot orgasm combined with a clitoral orgasm! That is something she will love.
If she’s into anal, you can penetrate her there while she has a vibrator in Silicone Sex Dollher vagina. The sensations should be very pleasurable for

(Popularity Rate: 95 ) Is it okay for a man in a relationship to want a sex/love doll?

Of course. And a reasonably secure partner would be unlikely to find how much does harmony sex robot cost this at all distressing, just as reasonably secure people aren't threatened by a vibrator. A doll is not a person, it's just a mass of silicone. A mass of silicone can't compete with a person. I have Huge Tits Sex Dolla partner who's threatened to buy me such a sex doll because she thinks it would be entertaining to make me do things with it while she watches. Secure people aren't afraid of sex toys. :)

(Popularity Rate: 59 ) What are some edible sex toys?

means one-use.. So I think you’d be hard-pressed to find an edible vibrator or such, especially how much does harmony sex robot cost as the vibration-inducing parts (and say the battery) wouldn’t be very edible. On the other hand, there’s quite a few edible things that can be used as toys. Bananas come to mind as an age old reference. Cucumber.. Ice (for hot and cold play). Tea and other drinks (Again, for hot or cold play.) Popsicles… Things with menthol or cinnamon, to add various levels of stimulation (I hear altoids can work great for this). Frosting and Icing for messy play. (Then of course almost any squish-able food for ‘splooshing’ (sploshing?).. basically play surrounding sitting in

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