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(Popularity Rate: 98 ) Will sex dolls/robots be a solution for single men in the near future?

ext you, to comand food, to propose you a bath, to talk to you about choosen subjects, to clean your appartment, to appear as an icon on your Ephone, your computer…
…it wouldn’t be so hard to have a sex doll ‘peripheric’ extension.
I met more an more young men unable and unwilling to have close relationship with women. That’s sad, but that’s reality.
They saw what happened Silicone Sex Dollto their fathers… they had their share of terrible relationships, when they aren’t terrorised by the very idea of being accused of something… Reasons varies.
You can check the ‘Herbivore men’ in Japan, or the ‘MEGTOW wave’ in the Western world.
Truth is, it has never been easy for most men to have access sex, exept in the modern times.
Historically, less than 30% of all men had children. 70% of women had.
Actually, it is worse in a sense. The sexual revolution is over. Probably less than 20% of young men could be laid ‘at will’. At the opposite, something like 80% of youg women could.
So, lots of them just give up… mainly to Youpron.
But here is the catch. Porn doesn’t replace ‘presence’.
Domotic, virtual presence doesn’t do it either, but it’s a

(Popularity Rate: 56 ) Where can I get sex toys in Raipur?

tries (in our case let's take India )it's not quite easy even tho you are jaw dropping hot or you have a girlfriend… Pre marriage sex is still a huge taboo and if found out it could cause a huge trouble for both parties sadly…
It's weird how sex is a natural part of our culture as well as humanity as a whole and these religious moral parents patrol agaisnt consensual sex and stuff but they can't raise a voice against rape and pedophilia which is quite rampant here…
Coming back to the point…
The only solution we youngsters have is take the risk of ruining a girls life and having sex with her and if got caught either you gotta marry her or if you dont her parents and judgmental hypocritical society will shame the hell outta her until she commits suicide..
Or if your rich you can visit a prostitute who probably uses vaseline as a lube and uses age old torn condoms and may give you HIV… STDs and herpes and similar stuff… And I use the word prostitute here because I dint think they are doing a consensual sex work but rather blackmailed or forced into it by someone… So even if I have the money and I really wanna break the virginity title I wouldn't visit one…
Which basically comes down to options like masturbation… Phone sex (still unsafe because you know the govt and telecoms dgaf about our privacy)..
So sex toys are also banned from import eventho there is no strict islamic kind of laws here… also not available quality sex toy manufacturers here as well.. probably scammers with kids toys looking like dildos and stuff…
So home made sex toys are the option here…
In many other countries like Japan sex toys are the thaaaang! The real Deal..
Why people who have access to it stick to sex toys
Because varieties like anal and fast double penetration are not really applicable to a real female counterpart unless she is a overly loved pornstar… With a lot of experience and Streachablility… Also most are hesitant and shy about anal and similar taboo stuff.. which is also the

(Popularity Rate: 55 ) What is the most realistic male sex toy for straight men?

good looking, very muscular - and pretty much the most manly looking man there! Best of all he was American and here on business, meaning there was little chance of our secret getting out or any repercussions. I’m not really sure how it happened, but there was definitely an ‘atmosphere’ - and when my girlfriend suggested we go down to the basement, we all quickly agreed. Once there, he and my girlfriend began making out, and at the same time she unzipped his trousers revealing the most impressive dick i think I’ve ever seen! It was long, thick, smooth like cocoa… and it was just THERE! …Right in my face.
I’ve never expressed a single desire to be with men in my entire life and I consider myself 100% straight… but when my girlfriend put her soft hand behind my head, ran her nails through my hair and guided me gently towards his groin… I couldn’t help but suck his dick! He had my girlfriend’s nipple ring in his mouth at the time too which only made it even hotter!
My girlfriend and I were exclusive, and barring one occasion where she’d made out with another girl—neither one of us had been with anyone else—that’s what made it so surprising. There were many ‘highs,’ but one of the biggest was taking his wet dick and guiding it into my girlfriend’s pussy. That was especially hot! We were inside a locked bathroom and probably not being as quiet as we perhaps should, but I don’t think anyone came down, or heard us—-I hope. I lost count of the number of times my girlfriend climaxed, but it’s fair to say that one of the things she enjoyed the most—she’s reminded me enough times since—was when he was about to come… he took his dick out, letting me suck it until he ejaculated down my

(Popularity Rate: 10 ) What are the best Japanese sex toys for men?

sex toys - What it might differentiate from the rest of the world. As for the best sex toys for American Sex Dollmen, it is hard to say as everyone has specific needs, fetishes and turn on! I am personally a foot fetish person and I got these pair of super realistic feet for my own entertainment….Something how to make a doll bra I couldn’t get el

(Popularity Rate: 14 ) My 18-year-old girlfriend still plays with dolls and she's a Sims series addict. Does it mean she loves controlling people?

. i don't play with dolls, but i do love the sims.
in the sims, i enjoy killing my and other sims, as well as actually building families and having them live long lives. for me, it's not really about the fact that i'm controlling them (but even so, that's what the game is about) it's more so exploring ideas, experimenting with gameplay and living out a life i'll never have otherwise.
you're over thinking it. there are a lot of people who play sims, hell, one quick search and you've got multiple youtube channels dedicated to the sims specifically. they don't desire controlling people in real life, they're just playing the game which is about controlling life, that's what it's for, but it has to correlation to real world desires.
as for the dolls, i can't say for that, but as someone who loved playing how to make a doll bra with them growing up, then i'd say she's just having fun. maybe she's hanging on to her childhood, maybe she just finds it to be fun. it's a niche interest for people her age for sure, but i don't believe it has anything to do with controlling people in real life.
if she starts co

(Popularity Rate: 40 ) Do you love or hate the new Goo Goo Dolls music?

e people.
All relationships are tricky; some trickier than others. Invariably (at least at some point), one party will be more involved than the other; one will be wary, worried, jealous or insecure. Either can only guess at the truth underlying what they’re told, and read into the words and actions their own fears, biases and assumptions.
So, too, interpretations of the words of the song - does the male figure only ‘miss [her] when he can’t sleep’ or eat (i.e. selfish feelings), or is that just an illustrative example of how often she’s missed?
Does the burning of bridges to create distance suggest that the distance was wanted, or that in a fatalistic sense it only seemed necessary, and was immediately regretted? I hear the man singing those lines trying desperately to justify actions he knows were wrong and wishes he hadn’t done; others hear justification for bad behavior.
I love you. And it’s caused problems for both of us, and I hate that. Sometimes you do things - or don’t do things - that make me feel as if I hate you. I don’t hate you, but sometimes I hate that I love you so much, because… it’s problematic. In fact, I love you so much that I can’t think about anyone or thing else - including myself, my career, my family. I miss you. I hope you miss me, but I fear you don’t. And missing you so much is making me crazy. And so forth..
Ultimately, I hear two people who are desperately in love with each other, but are not together. Did jealousy or rumors drive them apart? Was it a thoughtless action that drove a wedge? A simple failure to communicate? Is he married (to the wrong person)? Is she? I know all those feelings, and that’s why the song is so sad and powerful - but also why there’s hope beneath it all. If they could just talk together, rather than having the same thoughts separately, there could be a future for them. Hopefully even a happy one.
(Alternative interpretations are certainly possible - one to muse on is that the two individuals are not singing about

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