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(Popularity Rate: 63 ) When scaling a drawing to the real world, can you scale with 2 different units? (e.g. 1:6, 1 ft in the drawing is equal to 6 inches in the real world) Assuming this is a doll house.

out snow measurements, skiing speed, or sizes of icebergs. In the same way, children would not relate to adult questions about car mileage, percentage tax rates, or payment schedules for college loans.
Here are some real-life examples for children, according to they should:
Basic Operations (add, subtract, multiply, divide). The number of students in the classroom, how many absent/present? How many Boys vs. girls? Months of birthdates, ages, number of siblings, Favorites pets, foods, colors. How many shoes in the room? Fingers?
Estimating. How far from school do they live? How long would it take to walk around the school building once, then, five times? How long to walk home? How long do they spend at recess per day? Per week? How many children are sitting in a full school bus? How tall is the flagpole? How long would the line be if classroom students were laying head to toe in a line? What's the size of the classroom? Pregnant Sex DollHow many tiles on the ceiling/floor? In the cafeteria?
Fractions: What fraction of the group/class is wearing sneakers? Is wearing red? Has blue eyes? Owns a dog? Has a sister? Likes bananas? If the class has 24 students, how many is half the class? One-fourth of the class? What fraction is 8 students?
Money: How much does the does each student spend on lunch each week? If they each had $50, think of three different things they could buy that add up to $50. Have a class 'tag sale' of one item from home they can price and (pretend) to sell. Who would spend the most? Least? Which it ms are too expensive/over-priced? Change prices with a 25% off sale. Use real-life items (empty cereal boxes/crackers, etc.) and do price comparisons. Compare amount vs. price. Compare ingredient labels to 'see what you're paying for.'
This makes learning math fun and relevant to kids. Unfort

(Popularity Rate: 45 ) Maya(20years)

a little nervous. I am very shy at the beginning, but I really want to get out of my shell and get some experience with men now that I’m 20. When my fellow students tell me about wild orgies at student parties, I not only get pretty horny, but also jealous.
", '
As areal doll, I get a lot of sexy looks from other students or professors in the university and I have learned to enjoy this tingling and crackling that I feel in the air. Even though I love to be desired, I do not dare to take the first step. In my hometown, I was always the good princess and showpiece daughter to my parents, but that should finally be over! As anadult doll, I would like to try out many things and let my lust run free.

I only had one boyfriend when I was 18, but it never went beyond oral sex – somehow, I never really dared, but now I just want to dare to do something. When I come home from university late at night, I long for intimacy. Mostly, I satisfy myself with different sex toys. Maybe you can choose new toys together with me and then test them on me? I’ll be your TPE dollplaything, ready whenever you need me.

I am looking for a man who will show me how to do it and to whom I

(Popularity Rate: 96 ) Who is 20+ age and still love Barbie dolls and sometimes play with them?

maybe you could try some adult doll?

(Popularity Rate: 52 ) Genevieve(40years)

ady", 'sex doll! Now that my two children are older and have moved out, I have enough time to concentrate on a new partner and give my attention as a sex doll only to you.I got married very early and had children. My ex took off very and left me alone with everything. But, Male Torso Sex Dollas a strong, independentlove doll, I managed it without any support. Sure, I would have wished for help sometimes and especially as a real doll, I needed a strong man to fulfil my female needs, but unfortunately that was not possible.
', "I haven’t dated in many years, even though I have received quite a few compliments as a sex doll. Especially my son’s buddies and the fathers of my daughter's friends liked to joke about how they would spoil me if I was their", 'real doll.
However, I would like a stable real doll owner, whom I can spoil completely and treat to hyper realistic penis my blowjobs as your sex doll. Basically, I am simply a very maternal type and I want to make my real doll owner happy, no matter how!
If you come home from work stressed out, you will be able to look forward to the fact that your love doll has already done everything, and you can relax

(Popularity Rate: 98 ) What do you think is a crime worse than murder, and why?

n hundreds to millions of victims. There are no crimes perpetrated by common criminals individuals that even compare to political or military leaders guilty of this.
I would say that a General or President guilty of systematic mass rapes of an occupied civilian population is a far worse person than your average serial killer.
There is absolutely nothing worse than these crimes.
Some of the most famous trials were the Nuremberg trials.
Nuremberg trials
After the Second World War, the London Charter of the International Military Tribunal
set down the laws and procedures by which the Nuremberg trials were to be conducted. The drafters of this document were faced hyper realistic penis with the problem of how to respond to the Holocaust
and the grave crimes committed by the Nazi regime
. A traditional understanding of war crimes gave no provision for crimes committed by a power on its own citizens. Therefore, Article 6 of the Charter was drafted to include not only traditional war crimes and crimes against peace
, but also crimes against humanity, defined as
, extermination, enslavement
, deportation
, and other inhumane
acts committed against any civilian
population, before or during the war, or persecutions on political, racial or religious grounds in execution of or in connection with any crime within the jurisdiction of

(Popularity Rate: 76 ) What the most age inappropriate gift you have ever seen given to a child?

ational potential on these kinds of devices. I really do. I’ve seen much of it. I also know that there are ways to restrict access to certain elements of them.
But I also remember what it was like to be that age. I remember finding my first proxy on school computers, so I could play Runescape while I was supposed to be learning.
Kids are extremely smart, and what they can’t figure out themselves, they’ll turn to other kids to help them.
There is absolutely no need for a child to own an iPad or a Silicone Sex Dollnew iPhone, or any phone at all. Now, when a child gets to be an age where they’ll be out playing without any adult supervision, then it makes perfect sense for them to have a cell phone to stay in contact with you and emergency services.
But until that time, it’s seriously unhealthy for parents to buy their children these devices, especially since many of them are using them as “child-minders”.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been out for dinner with my family, looked over at another family with two or three children, and seen every person at the table with their face in a screen, parents included.
That makes me absolutely sick. When I was a kid (and still to this day) there were no screens allowed at the dinner table, unless a Redskins game was on, in which case it would be on the TV in the background, but it would be muted.
Dinner time is conversation time. It’s family time. Nobody should have their face buried in a screen when the whole family comes around for dinner.
Parents, I know. I know it’s difficult to raise kids. I’m raising a seven year old little girl right now. But somehow, I’m managing to do so without giving her an iPad or smartphone, and I actually pay attention to her when we’re together. When we go out for dinner, we talk to each other the whole time. When we’re at a store, even if we’re not there for her, we talk and interact the whole time.
Stop giving your kids these devices so that your life is easier. Seriously. It’s getting ridiculous. If there’s a situation where you need to distract them for a certain period of time, give them your phone and turn on parental locks, or carry a cheap spare phone in your purse or in a backpack with you, and let them use that.
But please, stop buying them their own devices and then letting them run wild with it. I’ve been out with my family, and I’ve seen one of these parents finally try to pry the iPad from their six/seven year old’s hands. It was as though the mother was burning the child alive. This kid first refused to let it go, yanking it back again and again. Then, when the mom finally did manage to pull it away, he balled up his hands and punched it out of hers. It fell on the floor and the screen broke. Then, upon seeing his Precious destroyed, he threw the temper tantrum to end all temper tantrums. I genuinely believed that God had forsaken us.
And that wasn’t an isolated incident, though it was by far the worst of them.
I’m not totally against all screens. I grew up with a Game Boy, and I played it all the time. It was the best thing ever. If you want to give your kids a DS or a Nintendo Switch (as they are usable both as a home console and a handheld gaming device), then by all means, go for it.
But don’t give them these incredible wonders of humanity that can literally access any and all information available to us at any point in time. If they become curious about astrophysics or marine biology, sit down with them and help them learn about those things using the wonderous Internet for a couple of hours. Don’t just hand them an iPad and tell them good luck while you browse Pinterest or Pornhub.
Here, we get down to the bottom of this crisis: parents don’t want to parent anymore. Hey, if they can hand them a device that can literally answer any question, why do they need to do that anymore? They’ll have way more free time, and they won’t need to hear their kid talk, well, EVER! It’s the answer to every parent’s prayers.
Except it’s not. Your kid is missing out on some of the best interaction with you that they’ll ever have. Sure, when my daughter asks why it rains, or how fish can breathe underwater, I could just hand her a device and tell her to look it up, but it’s WAY more fun and much cooler for her to hear those things from her daddy.
Likewise, younger kids don’t want to read about everything. They like the idea that their parents know everything, and what they don’t know, they can find out for them and let them know as soon as possible. Most kids will sit on a tablet and play games for eternity, but that’s not what they really want. They really want to wrestle with daddy, or paint their fingernails with mommy (or vice versa; I’m not saying that dads can’t paint nails, as I’ve done so for my daughter many times).
Stop depriving your kids of their childhood. Stop handing them devices every time you “need a minute”. Our parents didn’t get that minute, nor did theirs or theirs before them. Not every technological

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