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(Popularity Rate: 61 ) I saw my girlfriend's poop in the toilet and I started to find her disgusting. Should I dump her?

ature. Female statues, conversely, didn’t have something you do get in nature: pubic hair.
That's how statues were, all of them. And that’s what one young man expected on his wedding night: a woman who looked like a statue, because, well, statues.
He was so disgusted at pubic hair on a woman that he never went anywhere near her again.
Now, you and I might reasonably guess that there was something else going on here and this pubic hair thing was a desperate attempt to hide something else, but something in him, not on her. Be that as it may, the point of the story is this: everyone has pubic hair and everyone poops.
You do. Should she be disgusted at you, now you’ve fallen from a no-poop state of grace?
She eats. Maybe you’ve even taken her for a meal. What did you expect to happen to everything that goes in her mouth? Did you seriously think it was different for girls?
I don't like looking at crap either. I know, I’m just funny like that. So tell her to flush. If you’re both English you could use some proper passive-aggression and ask her if she’d mind awfully using the flush on the toilet as they went to the trouble of installing one? But expect the rest of the day to be a trifle frosty.

(Popularity Rate: 40 ) I try to get off using my fingers but it isn't helping anymore. How do I discreetly buy sex toys?

I totally understand your plight. Being a house-wife in a very conservative family, I was extremely scared to purchase it as well but I really wanted to since I am alone at home without my husband for many weeks because of his work. I found a site called Manzuri and ordered from there. They had many options as well as discreet packaging Fat Sex Dollas well. When it came home I was able to pick it up and take it to my room along with the usual parcels and nobody suspected a thing!

(Popularity Rate: 60 ) I am receiving unwanted messages from a sex toy seller as promotional messages, sending from his system, showing no number. How to block it?

ble to text them however, you can be blocked separately if i sex doll you text them, from texting them.
If you were blocked on an Android phone. You can text them and their phone will send a delivery report, but since Android has millions of text apps on the Google play store, you can always send an Android user a text, whether they get the text is up to them, how ever the phone itself still receives the text. The only way to call them is to set up private calling with your carrier. Sometimes it comes with service and you can just Google how to enable it.
iPhones are simple, blocked equals blocked. The only way you can call someone who's blocked you on an iPhone is to use private calling.
PS: This is only for educational purposes, please do not use this information to circumvent the blocking processes. If someon

(Popularity Rate: 70 ) What would happen if someone invented a sex doll that can give more pleasure than any woman? Would there be more decent men in the dating scene?

, with the eternally likable Karl Urban, playing a cop who is partnered with an android, played by the underappreciated Michael Ealy.
One of the episodes has them investigating a crime involving Intimate Robot Companions, aka ‘sexbots’ ("Almost Human" Skin (TV Episode 2013)
Watching this episode really got me thinking about things. I mean, just imagine if you could order a female robot tailored to your specifications (looks, height, weight, cup size, attitude, personality). How would this Real Dollchange human relations and the dating scene? What would it be like if men no longer felt like they had to go to bars and spend a bunch of money trying to get laid, when they have a ‘woman’ at home that is always willing and able, and gives them precisely the kind of sex they want without judgment or shame? What would it be like for women to have a ‘man’ that will touch them and fuck them exactly how they want, without ever needing to fear that they will take it too far, will hurt them (unless they want them to), or violate their consent?
Do we become more secluded? Will large portions of the population just cease trying to find a companion, and use robot companionship instead? Will people enter the dating scene for the ‘right’ reasons, since their physical companionship is already covered, and pursue genuine relationships only?
These are exciting question

(Popularity Rate: 98 ) Abigail(23years)

ever suspect that I am a pretty wild sex doll, because I have been working in a bank for years and am forced to hide my hot\xa0real doll\xa0body in stuffy suits.\xa0', "But when I come home after a hard day's work, that's the first thing I take off. I then dim the lights, have a glass of wine and turn on my favorite porn. To get rid of everyday stress, I play with myself i sex doll daily for hours and work my sex doll p***y hard until everything is completely wet from my juices.
", 'On the weekend, I finally have the time to be a sex doll and to really get going. I usually meet up with my\xa0love doll', "\xa0girlfriends in my apartment and we get started together. While we are deciding which short dress to wear and whether we really need panties, things are already getting pretty hot. That's why it may well be that we are so horny that we make out and finger each other’s real doll p*****s.
", "Then, when we are all ready, it's off to the trendiest clubs and bars in town. Quite frequently, I meet the same businessmen there who I have advised only hours before about their next investments. With pleasure, I disappear with them in the club toilets and have them give it to me as their\xa0", 'sex doll. If my lust as a permanently horny sex doll is still not satisfied, we go back to my apartm

(Popularity Rate: 100 ) I want to start a sex blog with an e-store for sex toys. What name should I use as my company name?

Its direct.
Most first time users will immediately want to try it once as it sounds cool.
A sex blogger needs to be confident and experienced, both qualities suggested by the name.
It resembles a popular brand theme.
PS: If you are going to use it, please give me some coupons or t-shirt of your compay. (I can't ask for free sex toys ofcourse.)

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