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(Popularity Rate: 12 ) Can sex toys harm sexual relations?

solutely, sex toys can harm that relationship. You bet.
To avoid this problem, I recommend not getting involved with extremely insecure people who hold toxic ideas about sex and have poor enough self-esteem they are threatened by sex toys.
The sex toy itself isn’t the problem. The problem is being in a relationship with someone who has that level of insecurity. You have to be pretty insecure to fear a few dollars’ worth of silicon and a few batteries.
And here’s the thing: if you’re in a relationship with someone who’s so sexually insecure they feel threatened by sex toys, it’s not just going to be sex toys. That insecurity is going to come out in other ways, too: what you wear, who you talk to, who you work with, your past, you name it.
As I write this answer, someone on Quora is creating phony profiles that look just like mine, and using them to send abusive/harassing messages to people. If you receive an abusive PM japanese sx dolls or comment, ch

(Popularity Rate: 17 ) How do you get a neighbor to leave you alone when ignoring them hasn't worked?

e recycle plant, and she thought it made my front door look messy, I could not leave it inside due to the acid in it, which could damage the apartment floor if it leaked). I told her to her face “I am your neighbour, not your housemate. I can do what I want and do not have to answer to you. You cannot tell me to do anything

(Popularity Rate: 22 ) What’s the most unusual item landlords have found left behind after someone moved out?

r fourth-floor walk-up. The landlord, who lived in the building, asked me what I could rent it for if we did a renovation and got it off of rent control. I asked if it was a studio or a one bedroom, and the landlord said that she didn’t know as she had never been allowed inside. The tenant came with the building when she bought it in the 1980s. This was around 2012 so in 30 years the landlord had never been inside a unit in the building which she personally lived in.
When the tenant moved out, she took only a cardboard suitcase. She had moved in during the Kennedy administration and never left, so her rent was something like $104 per month. What we found inside was astounding. There was an entire wall made of meticulously emptied and stacked Hellman’s mayonnaise jars, several thousand of them. Also stack upon stack of periodicals including hundreds of Cat Fancy, though no evidence of a cat. All in all it took five dumpsters to empty and demo the apartment.
At a huge luxury building in Manhattan, we had an incident where a body was found shoved down the trash chute, and a large number of tenants wanted to move out before their leases were up. I was tasked to help process some of the check-outs. I entered an apartment with a tenant to find the kitchen to have obviously had a bad fire. The backsplash and upper cabinets were all destroyed. I asked the tenant what happened, and she explained something to the effect of, “Well, I’m an orthodox Jew and we believe Small Breast Sex Dollthat you have to cook off the remnants of whatever impure foods were left in a kitchen, so I poured oil on the countertops and set it on fire. The cabinets got a little burnt in the process.” Flabbergasted, I clarified that she had intentionally set a fire in a building where over 1,200 people lived, and she basically shrugged and said, “What else would you expect me to do?”
To my knowledge, and I’ve checked with a few rabbis, that is not a normal practice.
Edit- suggested I put this in the original answer
Just remembered another one… Thompson Street. One of those really awful old Manhattan apartments with a shower in the kitchen. The toilet was in a little room of its own, just a little cubicle. The tenant had replaced the standard light with a black light bulb and painted the walls and the door with that black chalkboard paint. Then they used a silver metallic paint pen and wrote a long and elaborate poem about drug use covering the walls from floor to ceiling.
This was very difficult to paint over, and while the super was attempting to do so, I was showing the apartment and someone wanted to rent it as is with the poem in place. So we wrote a rider to the lease disclosing that it was like that and that they requested it be like that (technically by law you are supposed to completely paint between ten

(Popularity Rate: 11 ) Are sex toys haram?

things concerning sex being limited or totally outlawed in Islam.
Islam was born in the time and place where multiple marriage - polygamy - is a normalcy, where you can marry as many spouse you can hit. However Islam limited it to four wifes and complicated it by stressing the responsibility that comes with it, plus a warning of eternal punishment for failing to observe that responsibility. The Quranic verses explaining it ended with “…but if you afraid of being unjust, marry only one, for it is better and is nearer to justice”. But of course, because Muslims are no saints nor angels, there always some of them who think mostly with that head between their thighs instead of that one upon their shoulder. For them, that responsibility part is like those tiny-hard-to-read scripts you usually found in contract papers. I think only in this regard the analogy in this question is correct, it’s like a phone manufacturer discouraging its costumer from using an app or two featured in its product.
The time when Islam came also the time when something like Geneva Convention is non-existant, when raping/having sex with your “spoils of war” in form of female war captives is also a normalcy. Islam ruled it as such ; you cannot have sex with them before you actually marry them first, and from then on you must treat, take care of, and respect them as your lawfully wife. Any child produced from this captor-captive relationship is the legal child of the captor-captive couple in Islamic jurisprudence and accordingly have his/her fair share of inheritance from their fathers’ properties. This limitation regarding female war-captives is important since the Caliphate armies back then didn’t have anything that resembles military police to maintain discipline. However, the lack of this concept of military police and failure on the Imams part to discipline their men contributed to the failure in observing this limitation here and there from time to time.
Handjob, footjob, missionary, doggy, riding, reverse riding, standing, spooning… basically anything you can imagine, are generally okay, as long as you do it with your lawful spouse IN MARRIAGE. The only limit here is NO ANAL.
Now, here are some totally forbidden things in Islam concerning sex that i can think of.
Sex outside marriage. Whatever your reason behind it Islam sez it is adultery, consentual or not, harammmm! The punishment for it is 100 lashes if you are found guilty. If you are acquitted for the technical issues though, like not enough proof or witnesses, the accuser will get 80 lashes instead and be disqualified for good as witness in any future Islamic court proceeding.
Consent. Needed as pre-requisite of a marriage, while marriage is needed as pre-requisite of sex. So the japanese sx dolls non-existance of consent in one of the partner, be it the penetrating or the penetrated one, made sex, wait for it….harammm!
Anal sex, for whatever reason, even if you want to do it with your lawful spouse in marriage. Other than cursed it as filthy thing that people of Sodom and Gomora habbitualy did, Quran never details the reason why it is haram, hence Muslims provided it through ijma - scholarly consensus, and ijtihad - independent scholarly reasoning. For me as a product designer, this putting a meat inside a wrong kind of meat thing is like trying to insert an imperial axis pin into a metric sleeve bushing.
And NO. Even if you do a successful polygamy, i

(Popularity Rate: 86 ) Do you like glass sex toys? Which ones are your favorites?

hich is hypoallergenic. Can be used with any type of lubricant. Are easy to clean and dry quicker than other types of sex toys. Are available in different textures Aibei Dolllike smooth, ridged and rippled. Adapt to temperature. If you place a glass sex toy in warm water before use the sex to

(Popularity Rate: 16 ) What's the best double penetration sex toy out there?

elly material, this double vibrator’s dual shafts can be bent and flexed to find the perfect angle for pleasure. Adam & Eve’s Dual Pleasure Vibrator retains just the right amount of firmness to make penetration easy and keep you comfortable. An embedded bullet in the center of the vibrator’s handle sends multi-speed vibrations shivering through both shafts – for incredible simultaneous vaginal and anal sensations. To adjust the vibration speed, twist the dial on the base of the vibrator left or right and

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