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(Popularity Rate: 85 ) Can a white man love an Asian woman without hating white women?

hite. Presently, I love an Asian women. I have loved white women in the past. I continue to be attracted to women of many skin tones; hair colour; lip, nose and eye lid shapes. That attraction Piper Dollholds as fast as my resolve to not conduct a loving relationship with anyone other than my life partner.
Nor does any attraction in any way detract from the feelings I have for my partner. Whatever beauty I am privileged to witness in the world, I still think looking at and listening to my w

(Popularity Rate: 19 ) How do I discreetly get sex toys?

ow easy it is to get an Amazon gift card with cash… you will want to use a disposable email and not link any of you’re real information to the account, you may ask “where will I get it delivered?” Ask your friends how strict their parents are on letting them order Amazon packages if you Fat Sex Dollcan get it shipped to a friend you’re set to go! Also if multiple items are purchased click the (this order contains a gift) and for no added charge all of your products are shipped together! Also if you have to use your address it is worth it to pay more to have better shipping to get it while your parents are at work. Another good thing about using Amazon is you don’t need a phone number or credit card (most online sex shops use it to verify age) Amazon is the best!!! But be careful please!!! Also if you can’t o

(Popularity Rate: 62 ) Where can I buy real BT21 toys like cushion and dolls in India at a genuine price?

n I got a few of the Mattel BTS dolls. There are the Funko pops which are a little bit harder to find these days but can sometimes be found in places like Target, Wal-Mart, eBay, Barnes and Novels, the Mattel website, or other retailers that sell large collections of toys. Another really cute collection would be their Tiny Tan figures which can be found in the same places and also weverse shop. If you are talking about the Barbie version of BTS dolls then they can also be found in the same places, but the best prices I have found were on Amazon during sales. I paid 5 dollars each for the first versions of them featuring their outfits from the IDOL music video. If you are looking for the second addition where they are wearing the fancier outfits from the S version of the photo book of the Love Yourself : Answer album then they can also be found for a slightly higher price depending on when which one you get but they have all been on sale/ discounted from their original prices a few years ago so they could end up being about 15, 20, or 30usd but usually no more than that. There was also the toy sets from their Save Me video that sold out quickly on the weverse shop and I'm not even really sure if those can be found anywhere except from scalpers on Ebay. The highest quality ones are my favorite and I do not own them because they are super rare are from the SKT collection they released back in days of the Fire music video and those are usually about 100–300 dollars per figure but I'm sure those aren't the one's julia love doll your talking about.😅 A

(Popularity Rate: 66 ) Would it be legal to make a sex doll look exactly like an existing person, such as Pamela Anderson or Julianne Hough, upon request by a client, or will they have to get permission from the person to use their likeness?

es and she just went and did what she wanted to do.
Men lover he because, well, look at her.
Hot, sexy and goddess look.
Even now, it’s a bit of a stretch being that social free and living the way you want. And we boast we live in a modern world.
Sure, technology we got but really, society is still backward. So imagine how it was when she appeared in the scene.
She never needed support from women and feminist, and who by the way trying to give her a hard time too. That shows how hypocritical feminism today is. This was her choice and is her choice and yet they slut shame her.
And like always, she isn’t going to let them or anyone talk for her. She hits back at them as hard as they come.
She’s julia love doll a rebel, has a sexy attitude and has a lot of sexual appeal
She has the look, she has the attitude, she has the fun, outgoing and bubbly personality. She got the package and she also didn’t say..
“Looks don’t matter.”
That irritates me a lot when I hear that especially

(Popularity Rate: 68 ) How many sex toys is it normal to have?

ld be) and then a few more. It gets added to pretty regularly.
How many is normal for you is entirely up to you. Could be five, could be 35 or 235 or any other number you feel like having. It could also be none and that’s a perfectly fine number too.
What’s normal for anyone else? Doesn’t matter, not one bit. Shoo that thought right out of your head and don’t let it in again. Because other people are exactly that: OTHER people. They aren’t you and you aren’t them. However many sex toys they - or you - have is no one else’s business. The only time it will matter to anyone else if if you and they are about to “get jiggy” and someone wants to bring some toys into the scene. That person might have reasonable interest in your toy collection, although I’d expect more on the “So what sort do you have?” side of things than with the specific number.
So gather you

(Popularity Rate: 69 ) Where can I find Tibetan handmade dolls instructions to make one myself? A friend gifted me one, and I would love to replicate it.

o easy task, a lot of it is quite academic subjects, it’s why most people opt to start with a kit rather than build one from scratch. But if you feel up to the task…
Mechanical frame:
Really simple, any frame that is sufficiently stiff and light, and doesn't get in the way of airflow too much will do. You can make a quadcopter frame from a couple of sticks duct-taped together.
Manufacturing depends on how the frame is designed, you can go with laser-cut or water-jet cut sheet metal (probably aluminium), plastic, or carbon fiber. There are plenty of low-quantity fabrication services that you can use to cut these for you. You can also go with vacuum-forming, the startup costs are quite a lot higher, but again, there are affordable fabrication services available these days (with setup-costs of the molding in the range of $1k)
Power electronics system: Battery, ESCs, motor, and props.
Battery is any high power density battery that has the right working voltage and sufficient current supply. This usually means lithium polymer (lithium cobalt oxide) cells, or just "lipo" to the RC aircraft community.
ESCs, either off-the-shelf, or you can start looking into three phase bridge circuits, and motor commutation (sensorless, unless you want to install your own hall sensors or position encoders). A word of warning: a lot of ESCs have input LPFs that'll really screw with your PIDs, so you might want to look into either custom firmware, or other methods of circumventing them (e.g. overdriving the PWM).
Motors are any motor with the right kv rating and power density, you're probably going to need to look at rare-earth permanent magnet three phase outrunners, or just "outrunners" to the RC aircraft community.
Props will need to be matched to the motor operating speed/kv rating, and craft weight, and they'll need to be fixed pitch counter-rotating pairs.
Most of these you would buy off-the-shelf (unless you want to make your own ESCs, which is a possibility).
Flight controller and digital electronics: low-level stabilisation controller, IMU sensors, navigation controller, and radio receiver, (optionally telemetry).
low-level controller is a microcontroller system dealing with sensor fusion, AHRS, and PID, probably with PWM outputs to the ESCs. processing power need not be high, depending on how much filtering you need, we used an ARM Cortex-M3, but others have used ATMEGA and PIC/dsPIC.
IMU needs to be at least MEMS gyroscope (you can kind of fly with just gyro), accelerometers needed for leveling and non-acro flight, addition of magneto will get you better heading lock, which is essential if you intend to do GPS autopilot. A barometer and ultrasound module is also useful for altitude hold.
Navigation controller is optional and can be combined with the low-level control, it adds a GPS module.
Radio receiver is needed to take input control, PWM interface is common, but we've used Spektrum satellite, and Futaba s.bus, which are digital serial signals, easier to deal with with a microcontroller and fewer wires.
Telemetry (two-way comms) is entirely optional, we've used XBee mesh before, it's very useful for debugging.
Again, you do this either with off-the-shelf components, or you get into PCB design. PCB development is quite easy these days thanks to the rise of hobby electronics, you can find plenty of PCB fabrication services, as well as PCB assembly services if you don't want to have to deal with that yourself too. PCB assembly however is relatively straightforward - order a PCB stencil (some PCB fabrication services will throw in a stencil for free), some solder paste, a small toaster oven, and some needle-nose tweezers and a lot of patience. It's possible to do 0402-size components by hand, though trust me on this: just go with 0603 and larger to start with, you'll really kick yourself otherwise). PCB fabrication is in the range of $1 to $5 per board depending on specifications, turnaround time, and quantity, PCB assembly is significantly more expensive, and comes with a setup fee of usually around $200-$500. These prices are those that are offered in China, if you look for US suppliers, it's going to be quite a bit more expensive.
Flight control software: AHRS, sensor fusion, PID, navigation routines
AHRS and sensor fusion runs on the low-level controller, and combines the raw IMU sensors into an AHRS. DCM and Quaternions are popular for this. Sonsor fusion can be part of that, or can run through a separate Kalmann filter. Which you chose to develop will be based on your proficiency with maths, embedded development, and the processing power you have available. EKFs are awesome, but resource-heavy. We use quaternion without kalmann filters. Incidentally within our solution, there is need to re-derive some elements of the DCM anyway.
PID simply takes the calculated AHRS and compares with the attitude, heading and thrust demand from either the manual control, or the navigation controller (which itself is another set of PID loops, and probably a waypoint interpolator, depending on how you implement navigation).
PID tuning is a bit of a black art, there are established methods, but really once you've gotten used to how the gains behave, it's not too bad. You'll probably rely a lot on trial and error unless you add in HIL testing support and kinematic modelling.
Hint: AHRS and PID, though are the critical parts of the flight control code, make up only a few percent of the actual code. The rest is going to be glue logic and general useability code to deal with user inputs.
That's pretty much it. If you understand all of the terms above, then you have all the knowledge that you need to build a quadcopter from scratch. If not, then you should probably begin by using kits or pre-built systems, and in the mean time search up all of the above concepts and how they fit together.
We've spent quite some time developing our own quadcopters from scratch, and let me tell you: it's not something you should take lightly, we've

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