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(Popularity Rate: 86 ) Genevieve(40years)

ady", 'sex doll! Now that my two children are older and have moved out, I have enough time to concentrate on a new partner and give my attention as a sex doll only to you.I got married very early and had children. My ex took off very and left me alone with everything. But, as a strong, independentlove doll, I managed it without any support. Sure, I would have wished for help sometimes and especially as a real doll, I needed a strong man to fulfil my female needs, but unfortunately that was not possible.
', "I haven’t dated in many years, even though I have received quite a few compliments as a sex doll. Especially my son’s buddies and the fathers of my daughter's friends liked to joke about how they would spoil me if I was their", 'real doll.
However, I would like life size sex doll torso a stable real doll owner, whom I can spoil completely and treat to my blowjobs as your sex doll. Basically, I am simply a very maternal type and I want to make my real doll owner happy, no matter how!
If you come home from work stressed out, you will be able to look forward to the fact that your love doll has already done everything, and you can relax

(Popularity Rate: 83 ) Would you suggest using sex toys to your partner?

her or not we feel that sex toys will be a good thing to try.
I am a fan of using sex toys with a partner. While I take great pleasure in using them on my own, there is something incredibly intimate life size sex doll torso about sharing this pleasure with someone else. You can show them what makes you feel good and experiment in order to make them feel good too.
The discussions I am in with my current partner are taking a while, because this is still very new to them. They have never been as open about sex before, and so it is taking a little adjusting to them. However, if they tell me that they do not feel comfortable using sex toys, I won’t bring it up again. It is all about what you and your partner both feel comfortable with and staying within your limits.
I read a fascinating piece by Amanda Chatel
recently, in which she highlights the various ways that sex toys can actually help your relationship. They are as follows:
They lead to more communication - If you chose to use toys together, you’ll need to sit down and discuss what it is that you are looking for. Because of this, you will be able to open up the conversation more, giving you the chance to talk about many different things.
They take the pressure off - As Chatel points out, performance anxiety is a huge factor in the bedroom. If you struggle with it, toys might be the perfect solution to help you work around it. If things aren’t going to plan, toys can save the day.
They strengthen intimacy - When you use toys, you are sharing with your partner how you would use them. It adds a layer of intimacy to the proceedings and you might see a side of them that you have never seen before.
They are a gateway to more - Sex toys can be a fantastic stepping stone into more. You don’t have to keep things so vanilla if you don’t want to, though if you do that is perfectly okay. It is all about what you and your partner feel good with.
They mean better sex - Needless to say, sex toys are designed to bring us pleasure. This means that they can really enhance your sex life, leading to better orgasms. Chatel tells us that this is great because “studies have confirmed that couples who have an awesome sex life are far more likely to have a happy relationship”.
If you

(Popularity Rate: 84 ) Why is it that when I ideate on the perfect mate I end up with a love doll?

sible to have little to no arguing.
No dragging around .. - Surely this is negotiable. I had a friend once told me that after he was married, he was allowed to veto any social function he wanted to.
No sobbing or weeping - Don't make her cry? If not you, who else? Most people get along with their life without sobbing or crying.
No in-laws - How can you be born without parents? Even you have Custom Sex Dollparents! Or I guess, find someone who no longer has parents if that's what you really want?
No materialism - I am sure even your doll would require maintenance at some point. Plus not all women are materialisti

(Popularity Rate: 76 ) What are the best sex toys for women?

le imagination.
When you say “for women”, I assume that you mean for those with vulva’s. That narrows it down some. For someone who likes vibration on their clitoris, or someone who likes to insert things into their orifices?
To the former, I’d say an electric toothbrush might be the best innocuous substitute for a vibrator. There are so many vibrating massagers on the market now, though, that I’m sure something more powerful than that can be located. Of course, I am only familiar with the US market. Anything that vibrates may feel pleasurable on your clitoris but be very, very careful if it has any sort of cutting end! I, personally, wouldn’t take that risk.
Phallic-shaped vegetables - banana, cucumber, squashes, etc. - would probably work best as dildo substitutes.
There is no shame in using what you got on hand for pleasure! Just make sure items are clean and/or you use a barrier such as a condom. It would be highly unlikely to contract an STI from an inanimate object, but they can still have germs and bacteria on their surfaces and, keep in mind, the most common STI is the common cold! Don’t put something inside you if you don’t know what it is made of without a barrier, as some plastics can contain toxic materials. Finally, don’t insert anything in your anus that does not have a flanged Chinese Sex Dollend, as items can be pushed too far in fo

(Popularity Rate: 27 ) Has any women tried the Tracy’s Dog sex toy?

me but I did and it was fantastic!
Last night,
I tried the toy again. It’s a vibrating prostate massager. So, I played for a total of an hour and a half. I lubed up the toy with coconut oil and got comfortable. I penetrated myself with it, turned it on, and started to stroke in and out. After about 5 minutes I turned up the vibration to about half and almost immediately started oozing cum. At this point, I still have not touched my dick. I realized I was milking myself and this was motivating me to go further. So I did. I increased how fast I was penetrating myself and I turned the vibrator all the way up. It was feeling great but not to the point where I’d orgasm…I involuntarily jerked and the stroke became harder..this felt SUPER good. So I just started pounding away harder and faster. Well, that was it. I came from my anus and prostate. The first orgasm was intense. Instead of the multiple squeezes I’d get with masturbating, it was 1–2 flexes but they were strong. My breathing was extra heavy and I felt a body experience of immense pleasure. I pulled it out to catch myself and then added more coconut oil and went back in for more. I then realized, “if this is how women feel all the time, no wonder they are addicted to back to back rounds with penetration.”
Anyhoo, I and working away for round 2. I immediately go for the intensity. I am pounding hard and stroking fast and deep. I came again almost less than 5 minutes later. I involuntarily pushed out like i had to poop but it wasn’t anything of the sort. I was have super strong contractions. My dick felt like it was about to explode with come, but i didn’t. I felt pleasure everywhere and it was amazing. I’m going to, at some point, start getting into pegging. I think

(Popularity Rate: 87 ) Is it ok to ask my girlfriend to use sex toys for anal stimulation (man - hetero)? When is it right?

't know what your relationship is like or how open you are.
My personal experience and the experience of the readers of our blog
has always been that when you have a good relationship, that is open then most things can be discussed.
Do you already use toys together during sex? If so then you can always bring up the subject of using anal toys.
If you don't then you could always try and discuss the subject together. You could say that you read an article about anal sex toys
and that you wonder what it would be like. See how she reacts and how open she is to using toys.
Or you could visit a sex shop together as a bit of fun and have a look at all the different toys on sale and then maybe buy one to try out.
Picking the right time to ask can also be a bit tricky. Asking over dinner at her parents may not be the best moment, but when she is giving you a blow job and touches your anus with her finger may be a much better time. :)
Men can and do enjoy anal sex as much as women, but anal sex is sometimes still considered as a bit of a taboo, especially for guys. A lot of guys think that when they mention anal sex or ask their girlfriend/partner to touch them there that it may make them sound gay or co

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