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(Popularity Rate: 24 ) Would a narcissist be prone to own a sex doll?

ged to get me to have sex with him on day 2, without a condom, that's how much I thought I trusted him after only 48hrs. Usually first time sex is awkward, even slightly so, but with him it was simply amazing. I said to him “wow, we have great chemistry”, to which he said “this isn't chemistry, it's pure alchemy”.
From day 1 he was sex-obsessed, I started noticing inappropriate language and jokes in his messages that would make me feel uncomfortable. Example: “I'm gonna fuck you like a whore at the party”.
He would make me feel guilty and punish me for not wanting to have sex with him when I didn't feel like it. He could easily have done it 10 or so times a day, whereas I'm good with twice a day. He would tell me I didn't love him, that we don't have that much sex - etc.
In the beginning, instead of going to work like he should have, he would stay in bed with me until late afternoon, we would make love over and over, laughing and eating in between, leaving love bites all over each others bodies. We became each other’s drug.
Many times I felt he didn't care about my well-being. I have a bad back and sometimes he would fuck me (I'm sorry for the vulgar language but that's the word I use I fit the situation I'm describing) so hard that my back would get so sore after, and I would ask him to take it easy. But he couldn't help himself, in fact, sometimes I'm sure he could hear my sexual nags and cries sounded painful, because I was in fact in pain, which he seemed to enjoy (I feel sick writing this). Sometimes I would cry out from pain, and he would push himself then even harder into and against me. This happened the minority of the time, mostly our “love-making” was sensual and passionate, with him telling me about 100 times over during each session “I love you, I love you my beautiful”, but the fact is this should never happen even once if you're in a loving relationship.
The good times were off the chart. I'm a sexual person and I do believe we brought out each other’s ‘weirdness’ and sexuality. I felt totally safe to explore new things with him. I remember once we'd ordered a delivery and started having sex shortly after. It got passionate and we accidentally knocked over a glass full of red wine on his wooden floor. He didn't even care. We laughed and carried on making love. I loved that about him. We were lost in each other. We had sex in many public places and in many exciting ways.
During the last months of our relationship, I sometimes noticed him acting very weird during sex. If he was taking me from behind and thought I couldn't see him, I'd look back and see him either looking at an inanimate object, as though he was simply getting a job done (it was so fucking strange to see that, having seen him thousands of times before literally getting lost in our sex). Sometimes his eyes would roll back. Either way, the rare moments I caught these looks gave me the absolute creeps.
He would often finish inside me, even though I wasn't on any contraceptive nor did we use condoms, even though he told me over and over he didn't want a child at this point (neither did I), but like with all narcs they contradict themselves constantly.
After I accused him of using me for sex, he even outrightly said: “now I won't give you any sex, because I don't want to hear that ever again”.
He complained that I didn't give him enough bj's, even though the reason I want giving him many is because he was acting like a complete jerk most of the time, leaving me feeling sad and bad, yet his sense of entitlement demanded this from me.
I don't think sex was all about him, and sorry again for the details but I struggle to cum from intercourse alone. Of course, this was a blow to his ego. He often complained that “he wasn't good enough” or said things like “find yourself a guy with a bigger dick that can satisfy you properly”. Yet at the same time (Jeckyl & Hyde), he always did try to please me, he would practice his technique and I could tell he definitely had more pleasure when I was having pleasure, too. Probably not because I was having pleasure, but more because it was a reflection of his own abilities.
Once we were sitting outside and heard his neighbours having loud sex, the woman was especially loud. To me it sounded gross - over the top, over acted and fake. He asked if it was turning me on, and I returned the question at him, to which he replied: “it makes me feel weak, like a loser, it makes me feel like I should be the cause of the noise”.
No matter how angry or annoyed he was at me, he always worshipped my body. Sex often became a way for us to neutralise fights. He said I was “a witch”, and that no matter how hard he tried not to be, he was under my spell.
He didn't think of sex like a normal person does. Example: he finds a condom wrapper outside his door in the street and asks me if I had anything to with that; thinking I'd gone and had sex with another man out of spite and then gone and left it there purposefully - wtf?!
Many times he would punish me by making love to me during the night, by telling me the sweetest most romantic things, only for him to wake up the next morning and be demanding and cold, which would lead to an argument, I was always the one feeling hurt and confused.
He would always get very aroused by me telling him during sex “I love your dick”; “I am yours”; “you were made for me” and even “I want to have your babies”. Sometimes during sleep, as happens with any normal human being, my hand would wonder down to my private area - the next morning I would be confronted with argument after argument being accused of being nothing short of a sexual fiend, having inappropriate dreams and desires of other men… Etc.
I feel strange going into so much detail about this (even though there are actually so many more things I

(Popularity Rate: 20 ) Hollie(24years)

get to meet nice people every now and then. However, because of my job, I haven't had much time for love and as a real doll, I've had very little sexual experience.", '

', "I'm almost embarrassed to say that I'm a very shy sex doll. Especially in my job, in which I meet a lot of different people, you might think that I'm more daring. Actually, the opposite is true. I'm a shy and reserved", 'love Aibei Dolldoll. I would also like to be conquered by a man as his sex doll. I made a lot of money from modeling, so now I can take it a little easier and finally have time for a solid partnership. I finally want male sex toy anime to settle down! Maybe even with you!

', "Imagine if we had our own house with a garden where we could do whatever we wanted. Then I'd like you to have sex with me as your sex doll at least once in every room and, if I’m feeling a little more daring, maybe we could even do it in the garden. What's your opinion?", 'We could have our own pool and you could give it to me in myreal doll', "p***y in the pool. I've given one BJ before, but I don't think I'm very

(Popularity Rate: 56 ) How can I use my stuffed bear as a sex toy, like an anal or blowjob?

s that if you are already able to ejaculate, and do so inside the stuffed animal, it’s going to get yucky in there and be a good breeding ground for bacteria and/or fungus.
If it’s not too big, you can always run it through the washer and dryer. Another option is using Male Sex Dollsa condom, a ziplock type bag, or a sock, so that you’re not depositing semen inside it.
I’m not sure how your stuffed toy will feel about it
He may be rather shocked by his new role in your life - going from cuddles to puddles
You should not use any position that puts a lot of weight on your penis, like male sex toy anime rubbing against the floor, mattress, or any semihard object. That can damage your urethra (pee tube) and make it difficult to reach orgasm in partnered sex. If you use this, or anything else, as a masturbation toy, use your hands to move the toy, lying on your bac

(Popularity Rate: 86 ) Is duduk an Armenian sex toy? Does Kim Kardashian plan to export duduks from Armenia to the US?

is a different heritage. So people need to remember and see the difference between Kim and her siblings are more color in them than white. You can see her skin tone right next to Kylie who is white.
hɑˈjɛɾ]) are an ethnic group native to the ArmenianHighlands of Western Asia. Armenians constitute the main population of Armenia and the de facto independent Artsakh.
If you look beneath my skin tone, you will see
My indigenous Armenian marginalized reality
Granddaughter of pained survivor
1915 Armenian Genocide by the Ottoman Turks
Black, brown, red, yellow skinned indigenous people
Share the same fate
Of genocide, displacement and racial hate.
It is not my people’s shame that Ottoman Turks
Wore necklaces of Armenian women nipples in 1915.
Just like American soldiers wore nipple necklaces
When they killed Native women in Sand Creek 1865.
Demented conquerors deny genocides
Offer no reparations, just fake history
Leaving millions of ghost spirits
Seeking justice.
When I say that I am a Woman Of Color
I am sometimes ignored, mistrusted and
Mislabeled white by those who know little
About world history and geography
Whiteness is just a construct
So many try to fit into for the privilege it accords
My indigenous origin, though not obviously visible
Survives inwardly in infinite depth
My light skinned African American, Latina, Native, Asian
And mixed race sisters also face identity challenges,
But unlike them, I have no fixed category
Western Asian, Native of Near East?
Some WOC groups just put Arab and mistakenly
Leave out other Near/Middle Eastern peoples of color
I do not want to be other.
I want my WOC herstory included –
I arise indigenous Armenian
Birthed from sacred Mt. Ararat
Cultural identity of all Armenians Guardian spirit
Apricot blossomed Anatolian plain
Ethereal duduk flute music
Wandering like Armenian refugees exiled
Forced death marches by Ottoman Turk murderers
Who savored the stench of 2 million dead
Stolen indigenous land and homes
Eastern Turkey is really Occupied Western Armenia
3,000 years of culture wiped out
Barb wired Mt.Ararat under Turkish control
Escaped, terrorized Grandmother refugee
Hiding her secrets in the oven
Circles my inter-generational trauma
Displaced identity
I cringe when I am mislabeled European
Mistakenly connected to US slave past
My grandmother was a sex slave in a Turkish harem
The naked slave master whipping her tears
Under pretext of holy jihad against Christians
Ottoman Turks tried to wipe out all Armenians
Armenian school teachers hung from mulberry trees
Police skinning Armenians alive screaming
Traumatized refugee survivors came
Under Asian quota changed to white
So they could have homes prove they were ok
Real identity, there but not there
Tried to bury past humiliation, shame
Under blending/passing,
While the spirits of raped slave brides
And stolen Armenian children keep surfacing
Lost memory of indigenous past
Offerings to river and tree Spirits
Little acknowledgement of whose
Genocided indigenous land we occupy now
In the US I am a light skinned woman of color privilege
I am not profiled, harassed or murdered by racists
But I am not in denial of my indigenous heritage
Have to constantly explain my non-white ancestry and responsibilities
If you put me in the “white boat” you are just
Helping white supremacists who are afraid
Of dark-skinned people taking over and
Want to claim light skinned people of color as white.
I have jumped out of the boat
In solidarity with all indigenous freedom struggles
Hoping we can help each other resist assimilation
I welcome support to counter Turkey’s constant attempt to squash the truth
So called democratic US covers up and hides Turkey crimes of genocide
Who knows that US white controlled
Corporations doing business with Turkey
Like Coca Cola, Pfizer, GE and Lockheed
Lobby US Congress not to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide?
I choose to elevate my ancestral truth
I resist assimilation to honor my ancestors
Who died to save Armenia
Treasured interviews of Armenian Genocide survivors
Like Vartouhi with blue tattoo marks on her face
Signifying Kurdish abduction.(2)
My body damaged by bomb/mine explosions heavy metal
In 90’s when joined armed self-defense struggle
To liberate Armenian Artsakh (Nagorno Karabagh) from Azeri control (3)
Our blood soaked homeland
Far flung diaspora of exiled descendants
Swinging between language/culture
Connections/ disconnections
Remaining small Eastern Armenia Republic
Blockaded, impoverished, needing aid
Migrating storks still returning building
Magnificent 10ft rebirthing nests
Storks nests in our hearts
Opening and closing Armenia
Armenians are now being driven out of Middle Eastern countries they fled to after the genocide like Syria, Iraq, by anti-Christian extremists.

(Popularity Rate: 69 ) Who knows how to clean a silicone sex doll?

It depends a lot on the material your sex doll is made. Is your sex doll TPE or silicone ? If it is TPE, you will need to put a lot more effort into cleaning, as its an incredibly porous material and naturally absorbs many unwanted particles. Don’t hesitate to use anti-microbial wash cloths, as mold and bacteria are known to grow in the dark, damp atmosphere that the artificial holes create.

(Popularity Rate: 59 ) Should sex dolls be at least 18 years or older?

of the male sex toy anime fancy robot models it the electronics might tarnish and not work any more and the technology would be obsolete. But I don't think that is what you are asking. You a probably talking about the controversial “kid shaped” sex dolls. Using a sex doll is nothing more than expensive form of mastubation. Sex therapists have tried to “redirect” sex fantasies and desires by “conditioning” the person to masturbate to “appropriate” fantasies. With varying and mostly disappointing results. It is really difficult to manage what is going on in another person's mind. How exactly are we supposed to manage the fantasy they are mastubating to. There is some fear that allowing a person to use a child shaped sex doll to masturbate would condition the person to think that it is okay to do the same to a Piper Dollliving child. But what is to prevent a person from using any doll or other sex toy and fantasising about it being a child? I don't think my opinion is going to be popular and some of you may find it repulsive. But I don't believe that using a sex doll is going to encourage a person to abuse a living child if they are not already predisposed to do so. I don't believe that forbidding a person to use a child shaped sex doll is going prevent a child from being misused. I would be so b

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