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(Popularity Rate: 11 ) Which country will be the first to make a super sex doll?

I think we all can agree it will be japan.

(Popularity Rate: 42 ) Do you think sex dolls will be considered normal in the future and not so taboo?

will show a large number of silicone dolls available for sale.
Like those:
School girl silicon doll
Maid silicon doll
Blond silicon doll
And many others and people are buying them by the truckload.
And how about silicon male dolls?
There are plenty of those too.
Male silicon doll
It is interesting that in his seminal book Brave New World in a future dystopian society Aldus Huxley predicted that humans would not need to engage in sex for reproduction. Rather, it would be for pure pleasure.
His vision was that humans would interact with each other to perform sex, but it seems he didn’t predicted that humans would not need another human to have sex with.
If we engage in sex with silicon wives, how the human race will growth?
Aldus Huxley predicted that reproduction would happen in a lab and humans would born with some characteristics

(Popularity Rate: 38 ) Is it a sin to have sex with a sex doll?

d others that most people look down on. What you most advanced sex bot do behind your own doors isn't much of anyone's business. If you don't have the doll's consent I would be worried BBW Sex Dollabout the Doll Police kicking your door

(Popularity Rate: 61 ) Why do some Japanese men choose dolls over real girls?

her Japanese.
Background: I come from an Asian country and people won’t know I’m a foreigner unless I speak English or my other mother tongue. Graduated from a fairly renowned university in my country and have been working in Tokyo ever since I graduated. My Japanese ex-boyfriend is 2 years younger than me, an only child in a relatively well-to-do family (family only had foreign cars like BMW, he had never driven a Japanese car, had a vacation house in Hakone etc).
It was stressful being with him.
I guess he was brought up with the mentality that women are supposed to follow behind men, and frowned upon me giving my opinions on things. Conversations would only be smooth if I agreed with what he said without pointing out alternate ways of thinking. I guess I spoke my mind so much that he once asked me why I had so much opinions.
He also frowned upon my figure, my body hair and my lack of culinary skills. I’m not skinny like the Japanese, and he used to always pinch my stomach and called me fat. I didn’t sign up for hair removal back in my country since nobody really looks at your leg hair and hair removal services were really expensive (of course I made sure my underarms were clean though), so he’d touch my legs (he had a leg fetish) and mention how hairy I was, how prickly my legs are. I minded. As for my lack of culinary skills, people might see this as an excuse but back home it was much more convenient to get takeaways so I didn’t really bother learning more than the basics.
I used to talk to him in Japanese, but as a foreigner I obviously don’t know the everyday nuances in Japanese, and so there were times when I used the wrong terms which came off as too strong. He didn’t correct me, but instead one day just told me to talk to him in English because my Japanese was giving him a lot of stress. This stuck with me, and it made me lose confidence when talking to my Japanese colleagues.
He was pretty much a flip-flop. He called me once during our LDR, when he was on exchange in the US and I was back home, to say that it’s better that we go back to being friends and get back together when I moved to Tokyo. But when I moved to Tokyo he said he didn’t have the confidence to be with me, because he “didn’t want to lose me as a friend”. We stayed friends while thinking it was a relationship, but now when I look back it was more a friends-with-benefits kinda relationship. He gradually stopped replying my texts, saying he was busy with job-hunting. We’d meet about once a month, but most of the time it was because he wanted sex, while insisting we were friends.
I couldn’t give him up then, and begged him many times to give me another chance at being his girlfriend. But all he said was that he hated me, there weren’t any chances of us getting back together, that I should go give him up, find a new guy and forget about him (he wanted to date someone from the financial sector so when he gets sent overseas for work, his wife will follow him).
And so I eventually did. Gave him up and met my wonderful boyfriend, but didn’t really forget him because of the scars he left. Oh boy, was he mad when he found out about my new boyfriend. He started begging me to take him back, saying that he was sorry for the mean things he said and not setting aside time for me. Started going hysterical about how a new guy of 2 weeks could win our relationship of 2 years, and started pushing the blame to me. Even vowed to take revenge when I told him it wasn’t going to work out and I don’t see a future with him nor a future in Japan.
tl;dr, my Japanese ex-boyfriend was trying to fit me, a foreigner, into the Japanese female mould and not being true to himself while shifting all the blame to me. Gaslightin

(Popularity Rate: 62 ) Paris(23years)

I will be the sex doll of your dreams. By the way, my name is Paris and I am 23 years old. But what's your name? After all, I'll be moaning your name all night long! As a sex doll, I know exactly where my place is, namely in your bed or on the kitchen table or maybe in the shower? I am a submissive real doll and would like to follow your orders to the letter.", "Obviously, I am quite a piece of work and the type of sex doll that everyone would like to fill with their c**k. But I really don't go for dumb beauties and musclemen. I want a man who knows what he wants from a", 'love doll', "in bed. I don't care what you look like or how old you are.", 'Of course, I also have my own preferences which I want to live out with you as my owner with pleasure. I dream of a nice massage with baby oil until my skin is velvety-soft and we both get quite horny. Once we are at full speed, you are welcome to choose which of myreal doll', "holes you would like to fill. As a submissive love doll, I will do everything you ask of me. But blowjobs are my specialty, so you really shouldn't miss the ch

(Popularity Rate: 69 ) Can I spray perfume on a silicone sex doll?

Yes, BUT, it is WM Dollsadvised ONLY to spray from a most advanced sex bot distance!! The more sensible thing would be to spray your scent of choice on a cheap sweatband/wristband, and then put the band on the dolls wrist, RATHER than spraying directly on to the doll itself…

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