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(Popularity Rate: 24 ) Prudence(20years)

l', "has big dreams and mine is to win an Olympic gold medal and I have been training every day for years. I’ve always had the same coach, but now I am beginning to develop feelings for him. I have some naughty thoughts that made my sex doll p***y throb. He's 56 and, in my eyes, a real man. Even though I am a pretty young sex doll, when I think of older guys, I get very turned on.", '
On my 18th birthday, I gathered all my courage and after training, I went into his locker room naked and confessed my love to my sex doll him. But he rejected me and said that he could get into a lot of serious trouble if he got involved with such a younglove doll. That broke my heart!
From then on, I started to f**k the whole male swimming team to show him what he was missing out on by rejecting a sex doll Lifelike Sex Dollslike me. First, it was just a little revenge, but now I enjoy my daily orgies in the changing rooms. You can hear me moaning through the whole swimming hall when the guys are filling up all myreal dollholes at the same time and I am often not only wet from the pool water.Ever f****d in water? No?! We sh

(Popularity Rate: 76 ) Why do your kids love stuffed animals more than dolls?

Most kids love these baby shark singing stuffed dollsPinkFong Musical Baby Shark my sex doll Dolls

(Popularity Rate: 31 ) What do women think about men who buy blow up dolls?

, there is a risk that they will become sexually attracted to you. Its just how human nature works, it doesn’t always happen, but there are too many opposite sex friendships that have been ruined because either the male or the female because attracted to the other, who then declined.
Keep in mind though that just because they are sexually attracted to you doesn’t mean they will necessary act upon it. They won’t bother to ask you out or ask you to have sex with them. Either they will keep this hidden from you, confess to you when they get the courage to do it, or they will wait until the next sexually attractive female/male comes along. There are also things you don’t share with your straight platonic male Flat Chested Sex Dollfriend that you would a female friend. Don’t be talking about relationship issues either, not unless you are 100% sure that he’s not attracted to you in any kind of way. You run the risk of having a platonic straight male friend falling more in love/lust with you if you talk about how cruddy your love life is. It might confuse him more, it might give him the idea that you like him enough to vent to him. As a male you should not share some things that you share with your male friends, with your platonic female friend, as that can confuse her too. Straight males should not be too much of an open book to a female friend that they have no attraction to, especially if they know that this woman likes them. Being too much of an open book, if you are a male, can be taken as a sign that your admirer thinks you two have something.
Then there is the issue of being mistaken for a couple, I just get so sick of people assuming you are a couple, its so stupid and I wish people would just mind their own business. People just don’t think before they speak, they should wait until one of us tells them that we are a couple, if we are a couple. I know its so minimal to get all railed up about this, but its annoying when people just assume and ask you instead of waiting for conformation. I mean if we aren’t holding hands, kissing each other or even standing too close, why would people just jump to conclusions that you are a couple? Here’s a thought, because you two are the opposite sex and that is the “norm” in many societies. Whereas if you are hanging out with a woman and you are a woman, you will not be easily mistaken for being their lover, or if you are a male and hanging out with a male. Unless you are in a gay quarter of some kind, that won’t likely happen.
Its a very iffy thing, but its not going to completely hurt. You just have to be aware of your surroundings, and what these people of the opposite sex are like as people, tha

(Popularity Rate: 42 ) What did the actual doll that Annabelle was based on look like?

It was a Raggedy Ann doll. I know because the one in real life is the one my mom has sitting on top of her dresser :) Yep. I love all SY Dollthe conjuring movie universe movies, but damn, when I actually decided to google this for myself I got creeped out really quick.

(Popularity Rate: 86 ) What is something really dark from Star Wars but gets ignored?

owards children, yet it includes some of the darker moments of the franchise. The Ghost crew are a brutal bunch who destroy many star destroyers, and thus end up causing thousands of deaths. And on some occasions, the Ghost crew make jokes right after violent events, showing an appalling lack of compassion towards their enemies. After his opponent is incinerated and thus dies, Ezra jokingly warns his opponent to “be careful”. Zeb makes a tasteless joke after Rukh is chopped in half. When Sabine blows up a ship and likely kills several people, she is only interested in how pretty the explosion is and Kanan responds that, “It’s beautiful Sabine, as always.” Despite being showcased as heroes, the Ghost crew are a morally lacking bunch and do several dark things.
The Ghost crew steals a bunch of disruptors from the Empire and act horrified that the Empire has such awful weapons in their arsenal. They emphasize to Ezra how these evil weapons do horrible, inhumane things to sentient beings. Zeb himself experienced the horror of these weapons firsthand, as they were used by the Empire to extiminate his own species. So the Ghost crew confiscates these sinister weapons, and you know what they do with them? They use them on the Empire. They use them on living beings, after supposedly being horrified that anyone could be so inhumane to use them on a fellow living creature.
In the first episode of season 3 of Rebels, the moment when Ezra uses the Force take control of an enemy walker and force the driver to walk his own vehicle off the cliff after opening fire on his own comrades is one of the darkest parts of Star Wars. Ezra used mind control to force an Imperial soldier to open fire on his own fellow soldiers, and then walk off the side of the cliff and kill himself. The stormtroopers being fired on were so terrified that some of them literally leapt off a cliff and committed suicide. Afterwards, Ezra faces absolutely no repercussions or punishment for his actions at all, despite him brutally using the Dark Side. He isn’t punished for such behavior. In fact, he gets a promotion afterwards and no mention of his brutal tactics comes up again.
The slave clone army used by the Republic is often overlooked. The clones were created as an army for the Republic, but they personally have no rights and no choice as to whether they want to fight or not. And considering that they have only been trained for war, it’s pretty tragic. They are sacrificing their lives to protect a Republic that they’ve never been a part of and in fact have never had the chance to have a normal life. Nonetheless, they are forced to serve as the Republic’s army and are no better than slaves forced to fight for a Republic that gives them no rights. This issue is touched on in The Clone Wars and some of the EU novels, but otherwise remains overlooked. Even in-universe, very few of the Republican citizens are bothered by the fact that they are being defended by a slave army.
Another dark thing that doesn’t seem to bug many people is Yoda and Obi-Wan lying to Luke. They pushed for Luke to kill Darth Vader while intentionally hiding the fact that Vader was actually Luke’s father. What if Luke killed Darth Vader, only to later realize that he had killed his own father, and hadn’t even known it? That might leave him horrified and traumatized for life if he realized he had killed his own parent without even knowing it. I get that Darth Vader was a bad person and needed my sex doll to be taken down, but Luke should at least know what he is getting into and make the choice for himself as to whether he should end his own father’s life or not. The fact that the enemy was the one to be honest and upfront with L

(Popularity Rate: 12 ) Margery(26years)

mportant international diplomats, I have been allowed to live in the most beautiful places in the world. Unfortunately, I was also brought up very elitist and conservative and even now at 26 years old, I’m not allowed to live my life how I want to as a sex doll. My parents want me to remain untouched until I marry.
Unfortunately, my position makes it very difficult for me to meet exciting men or to experience adventures like areal dollwould. Therefore, I often take refuge in exciting literature and imagine how a hero conquers my heart and my sex doll body. For me, as an innocent love doll, I believe there is nothing more beautiful than an owner who wants passionate sex with me and who will become my sex doll owner.
I really have a lot to offer you if you make me yourlove doll', "! I know it doesn't show, but I'm really open-minded and want to try the craziest positions and sex practices as long as I know that you are the right owner for me as a real doll.
", "So far, I have only watched porn and touched myself and imagined how I would finally be penetrated. I almost had something with an old diplomat friend of my father's, but at the last moment I hesitated because I only want to give my virginity to my future love doll owner. By the way, I would be happy if you are already a bit older, because I think you will be more sensitive and understanding in

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