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(Popularity Rate: 87 ) What is the meaning of this line from BTS's song Fake Love~"Erase me try to be your doll"?

So the line is “try to erase myself and make me your doll”. If you put it in the context of the song, he means that he tried to change himself for the person he loved until he couldn't recognise himself anymore. Just like a doll created to be liked/loved by that person.

(Popularity Rate: 40 ) Makayla(18years)

can't even tell you where my desire to be a TPE doll comes from. My family is quite prudish, just like the rest of the people in my circle of friends and acquaintances. Unlike them, I love talking about sex and taking d**k like a true", 'sex doll.
I am clearly a sex addict, but I see absolutely no problem with that! For me, it is rather a gain because now it is also supposed to become my profession. My goal is to be a well-known sex doll porn actress and to make many fans really horny. I have already shot some amateur films and put my real doll p***y to good use. I sent in these films and they have now been discovered by some recruiters.
My first shoot is coming up soon and, even though I see myself as a professional real doll at my young age, I am still excited. I already practice hard and f**k a lot to be able to deliver a perfect performance in f

(Popularity Rate: 70 ) Which sex toys shall I take travelling?

No, seriously. This incredibly pretty lifelike pleasure doll offers up gorgeously grabbable 30D boobs, a tight,
pert butt, and an invitingly realistic pussy for long nights of loving.
Enticingly soft TPR skin and an entirely posable
petite frame mean that you can enjoy a realistic lovemaking in practically any position. Plus, because she measures in at 5'4" tall and a UK size 4/6, Jenna is small enough to manoeuvre easily while still being the size of an adult woman.
How you choose to play with your cute new companion is up to you. Open her mouth to explore intense oral that's as good as the real thing; part her legs to plunge inside her my size doll 32 beautifully detailed vagina; or flip her over and ease yourself into her tighter-than-tight anus. For maximum comfort and heightened stimulation, don't forget to treat your lifelike lady to plenty of water-based lubricant first.
It's not just her orifices that set her apart from other dolls, though. From her silky
brown hair, to her slender fingers, to her delicate collarbone, every inch of Jenna has been crafted to loo

(Popularity Rate: 88 ) What did the actual doll that Annabelle was based on look like?

It Flat Chested Sex Dollwas a Raggedy Ann doll. I know because the one in real life is the one my mom has sitting on top of her dresser :) Yep. I love all the conjuring movie universe movies, but damn, when I actually decided to google this for myself I got creeped out really quick.

(Popularity Rate: 25 ) Can I bring my silicon doll (naughty purpose) through checked baggage?

limits should be fine when packed into the same clear zipped bag as other liquids, creams or gels. These must be taken out of your hand luggage for separate inspection at the security check-point. A full-sized jar of cream should be put into checked luggage. This link is to the TSA rules, Liquids Rule,
but they are very similar internationally.
Note that creams, even beauty products which you buy past security at Duty Free shops, could fall under these restrictions. In some countries, and on some connecting flights, you might be allowed to take them with you onboard, so long as the large sealed tamper-roof container in which the Duty Free shop packs them is intact.
This might not apply, for example, if traveling to the US, where you have to pass a final screening prior to boarding the aircraft. This policy is variable, and it's best to make your duty free purchases once you're past security and bound for your final destination, or onboard your final flight.
Ultimately, it is up to the security personnel to decide what they will allow on any given day. Keep in mind that security alerts vary and so the daily policies those officers Asian Sex Dollmust adhere to could differ from what we might consider "the norm". If security alerts are raised for a flight or a destination, then policies will be tighter.
Flight safety comes first, so there are no "passenger rights to carry goods," if you understand what I mean. If your products raise any red flags at the machines, you'll likely lose them, even if they were perfectly OK yesterday, or a few hours ago.
The exceptions, as listed in the link, are items which are certified to be medically necessary and breast milk for babies. Even these have rules governing their transport, also provided on that link.
Your safest bet is to carry as little with you as you possible in your carry-on luggage and check the rest. If you're not checking luggage, then travel light and carry minimum quantities of cosmetic products.
After travelling millions of miles by air, I've found that it's just not worth the hassle.
It's often more convenient to buy little cosmetic items at your destination then leave them behind at the hotel, or ask the hotel for courtesy items you might need once you're there

(Popularity Rate: 59 ) Tatjana(26years)

agine, I suffered a lot over this. But now I’m ready for a partner who knows how to appreciate me and my sexy qualities as a real doll.
Although I’m aTPE sex doll, with my ex-husband I didn’t manage to get any sexual experience. He always just used me and never thought about my needs. I’m a shy kind of girl and I’d like to be a loving and domestic love doll to my owner. With me, you can completely let yourself go and rely on the fact that I’ll take care of you.
I’d like to offer myself up my size doll 32 as your personaladult dolland fulfil all your sexual desires. Of course, I have a few things which kind of turn me on (at least in my fantasies). I’d like you to lick my p***y thoroughly and then penetrate me in the craziest positions. I’d also like to wear some great underwear, in your favorite color of course!
Afterwards we can cuddle together, and I can cook you something nice. I’d like a long

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