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(Popularity Rate: 49 ) Are you real or a doll?

saying, “The real me is the body and mind together. I am a combination of mind and matter.”
I must then ask myself, “To whom is this thought appearing?”
I used to stand in front of a mirror and ask, “Who am I?” But the more important question I neglect to ask was, “Who is asking ‘who am I’?”
In other words, who is it that is AWARE of the question?
Let’s look at it another way:
When you were first born, who did you ‘think’ you were? Obviously, when you were born you had no knowledge of language, nor any information from the memory bank upon which to draw.
Therefore, as an infant, “I” was simply a bundle of Sensitivity — a bundle of PURE EXPERIENCING.
The infant experiences, but does not know WHAT the experience is…there is no name for experience. It cannot even distinguish itself from experience can it? It cannot even say, “this is my arm and that is the space in which my arm appears.” The infant knows nothing of its body or the world, it knows only sensation and perception. Yes?
Now, regardless of the inability to think or use memory, was that infant any less YOU than the YOU that exists in this moment as an adult who calls himself by the name “I”?
Is the “I” that you are NOW, not the same “I” which you were before you had language or thought?
Let’s look at it another way:
Is the “I” which you were at age 5 the same “I” you are now?
But how can this be when the thoughts, and feelings, and body “I” had at age 5 are totally different from what they are Now?
Still, is it not self evident that the “I” at age 5 is the same “I” that I am now? Is it not the same “I” that real fuck doll was present at age 10, and 20, and 30, and at yesterday’s lunch?
Therefore, “I” remain constant and steady even when the mind and body keep changing and evolving.
So who am I?
“’I’ is the KNOWING element in all experience.” - Rupert Spira
“I” is the simple fact of being AWARE, independent of what we are Aware of.
There is only ONE “I” which is the indivisible, ever present ‘space’ of KNOWING (or Consciousness) within which all minds, bodies, and the world appear and disappear.
Have you ever had ANY experience in which “I” was not present?
What else has always been with you, unchanging, steady and continuous?
The Present Moment.
I Am (the Present Moment).
Try right now to experience something OUTSIDE the field of Awareness. Is it possible?
And yet we believe that a world made of “matter” exists outside of ME/Awareness, despite having never experienced such a world.
The only experience of Realty that we have is thinking (mind), sensing (body), and perceiving (world).
What is the experience of thinking MADE of? If you reach out an imaginary hand and try to ‘touch’ thinking, do you find anything there other than the KNOWING of it?
How about the experience of sensing? Is it made of anything other than KNOWING?
And perception? That which we call ‘the world’ - try to touch the ‘dense objects’ that we call ‘matter’ in the world - are you actually touching anything, or is what you call ‘the steering wheel’ just a sensation floating in space?
Thought comes and divides reality, it tells you ‘this sensation is my hand on the wheel’, but the DIRECT experience is just a sensation floating in space. Go to your direct experience and ask, ‘what is it made of?’ and see if you can find anything other than KNOWING.
(This is based on Rupert Spira’s approach to investigating the nature of Reality).
The first part of your question, “How do you know what is the real you?”
Simply put, the REAL ME is the ONLY part of experience which is continuous, stable, and ever present. In any experience the only continuous presence is that which KNOWS or Witnesses experience. That is “I”
Ask yourself, “What is it without which experience would not be possible? That is “I”.
I hope that helps, I’m a little bit scattered at

(Popularity Rate: 75 ) Why are people carrying around baby Yoda dolls and acting like they are real babies?

ttle we know, based on the first three episodes of The Mandalorian (and what I’ve read in the canon novels released thus far), the Outer Rim (and probably a good chunk of the Galaxy Far, Far Away) is in something of a chaotic state.
Grief Carga mentions that the remnants of the Empire have become warlords and/or mercenaries and, my guess is, the New Republic that rose from the Rebel Alliance has it’s hands full trying to establish a new government and moving from a military guerilla force into a governing institution.
Grief Carga - Head of the Bounty Hunter’s Guild
The value of Imperial currency is in question so, in addition to political upheaval, it stands to reason that the galactic economy is in something of a state of flux.
It’s usually at this point (at least on our planet) that individuals like The Client begin carving out their own little ‘fiefdoms’ and working to consolidate their power.
The Client
Imagine if building a power base in a galaxy in chaos was your goal, and you learn about a baby who could potentially have vast abilities within the Force.
The Client is old enough to remember the Jedi, and the Clone Wars, and it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out that having an individual with Jedi abilities that you can control would be a big Asset (Pun intended since Baby Yoda is referred to as The Asset).
The Asset - cute cuddly guy or template for a new Clone Army?
I don’t recall hearing it in the episodes, but there is a popular ‘factoid’ on the internet that states that Dr. Pershing (The Client’s scientist) Is from Kamino.
Dr. Pershing - Mad Scientist?
That is where the Clone Army used in the Clone Wars originated from so, if that is true, Mini Sex Dollmy guess is that Pershing was employed by The Client to discover a way to clone The Asset, and create ‘Clone Force Users’ for either him, or someone else.
In the third episode The Client growls at Dr. Pershing to ‘extract the material’ he needs and, my guess is he is referring to a tissue sample, or something similar, from which clones of the Baby Yoda can be made.
So, for that reason The Client put a bounty on the baby’s head, and apparently employed real fuck doll Grief Carga, and most of the Bounty Hunter’s Guild, to retrieve the baby for him.
All of this is

(Popularity Rate: 24 ) How can I stop Amazon popping up in all other applications like Facebook and Instagram after I searched for a sex toy?

book will know and the ads will be relevant to whatever you searched in the past. This is called retargeting; he’s right. Though, retargeting isn’t some secret project that only Facebook does.
Retargeting is done on a lot of sites.
Using a lot of computer algorithms, computers are able to determine your identity; not your name, per se, but you as an individual.. Since every person visits different sites and has different interest, computers can tell if it’s you on your computer or your mom, because you and your mom—or anyone else for that matter— has different histories and searches.
You’re wondering why an ad was able to target you even though you never searched anything related to that ad. Like you said, you only thought of it, and you never actually typed it somewhere; so how was that ad able to find it’s way to you?
All it means is that the ad campaign had really good marketers. They knew what they were doing.
The thing is even if you’ve never searched something, algorithms can determine if you’re likely or not likely interested in said topic.
For example, let’s take the Harry Potter Movie Series— something that every single person must know about.
What if you never searched anything Harry Potter related. You never bought Harry Potter merchandise online. You never streamed Harry Potter online. Your history of searches has never seen the words “Harry Potter.”
But you love Harry Potter! There’s just no written record of it in your internet history.
Then, imagine one day, you’re on instagram or Facebook, and you see an ad for a Harry Potter compete movie set collection that includes all 7 books. How can this be? You never searched Harry Potter! How do they know?
Using algorithms, computers are able to make predictions that X person is likely to be interested in Y topic. Since they’re real fuck doll algorithms, they’re not always right; they’re just likely to be right.
So that partially answers the question. But let’s put it into a way you can better and easily understand.
You never searched Harry Potter ok? Your history never mentions harry potter! But what if your history shows that you’ve liked “Daniel Radcliffe” on Facebook, or that you’ve googled, “What movies has Emma Watson been in?”
Or maybe you once clicked on an article about JK Rowling tweeting against Donald Trump.
Or what if it was never that eye-to-eye? What if it’s not that obvious? Then maybe you’ve gooogled “History of Salem Witch Trials” .. And you’ve googled, “Where is Hogwarts located?”
I don’t know. It can be more complex than that. Maybe something completely unrelated like “Black umbrella” can somehow be connected to Harry Potter.
Understand that the more you use Google, Facebook, Instagram or any other platform, the more data they will have on you. The more data they have on you, the more accurate their algorithms become.

(Popularity Rate: 31 ) How many sex toys is it normal to have?

ld be) and then a few more. It gets added to pretty regularly.
How many is normal for you is entirely up to you. Could be five, could be 35 or 235 or any other number you feel like having. It could also be none and that’s a perfectly fine number too.
What’s normal for anyone else? Doesn’t matter, not one bit. Shoo that thought right out of your head and don’t let it in again. Because other people are exactly that: OTHER people. They aren’t you and you aren’t them. However many sex toys they - or you - have is no one else’s business. The only time it will matter to anyone else if if you and they are about to “get jiggy” and someone wants to bring some toys into the scene. That person might have reasonable interest in your toy collection, although I’d expect more on the “So what sort do you have?” side of things than with the specific number.
So gather you

(Popularity Rate: 72 ) Has anyone who might be working at someone's house searched the drawers to find personal stuff like panties and sex toys?

I will Japanese Sex Dollsbreak the ice and answer. I have worked in many houses and if there was a good looking female living there I was always trying to get a chance to browse their drawers. Especially when the mother and daughter looked good. Many times I would check out their panties and bras. I would get as many samples of them to take home with me to masterbate to.. especially if their smell was still on them. I ended up with quite a collection and had many fun sessions with them.

(Popularity Rate: 28 ) Are there any lesbian couples who would be willing to enter into a polygamous marriage with a heterosexual man?

elieves in biology and have been married twice both long term I understand woman and their biological needs, saying that its all good I have the highest respect for our woman. What I do know is they are driven and controlled by thier hormones and the monthly cycle. Biologically woman are ment and hard wired to have multiple male lovers weather it be affairs or an attraction to their doctor or more often a romance with a good girl friend, however that's a simple alternative to society labelling her a slut cause she enjoys intercourse with more than one male
Sperm competition exists and men don't realise that their wives have semen in their ovaries and this is normal also more common then we all care to except, saying that I'veost two loving relationships due to a Japanese Sex Dollswoman’s need to parboned with another even when it's open the philandering male seeks and concers at al lcost then can't respect she was in a commitment.
I don't hold anh woman responsible for this choice based on biological needs and the male should respect cause he knows better and wouldn't share his wife the same and the presents o

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