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(Popularity Rate: 81 ) Heidi(28years)

ut at my job, I have to follow the bank's dress code. So, I have to wear a high-necked blouse, a blazer, and a skirt that is not too short. I have to put my hair together to a strict style. Fortunately, I can do what I want in my spare time as a real doll!", '

To compensate for my boring job, I do pole dancing with my sex doll friends. This keeps mylove doll', "body fit and I can also seduce men by dancing and moving my real doll body around on the pole. I don't care how old the man is or what he looks like. As a sex dolI, I simply love all men!", 'I dance in a fashionable WM Dollsclub. We aren’t allowed to do anything with the guests. But what can I do? I am simply areal dollwith needs and if the guests show me such strong admiration, a girl gets weak.
', "One of my guests once turned me on so much that I would have loved to f**k him directly on stage. Of course, I couldn't do that. I just dragged him into the broom closet later. He then took me from behind in my tight p***y and my horny sex doll ass. After that, I sucked him off and we went our separate ways and pretended that nothing happened. I've already f****d my way through the whole club. I was just wondering what

(Popularity Rate: 44 ) What is the difference between a mannequin and a sex doll?

A mannequin is a posable realistic sex doll demo device, used to display and model male or female clothing. A sex Small Breast Sex Dolldoll is not.

(Popularity Rate: 15 ) Which are the websites that sell sex toys in India?

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(Popularity Rate: 55 ) Is Brock Lesnar the closest thing we have to a real life Hulk? I mean he's big, strong, and throw guys twice his size like a rag doll.

Andre the Giant at the Nassau County Colliseum. The Iron Shiek just been crowned the WWF heavyweight champion. I cant recall if he was still champion. He may have been. We sat in the second row not up in the bleachers.
The Iron Shiek stood 6 feet tall at that time and he was supposed to weigh 258 lbs and he looked it.
Andre was allegedly 7’ 8” and 580 lbs but he looked bigger, much bigger. I thought he was around 8 feet tall or more because I saw him enter the Collissum arena area through the archway and he had to bend down to get in. Wikipedia lists him as 7’4” and 520 lbs but that appears to be incorrect.
Everyone understood that all of these matches are pre-arranged shows. No one really thinks they are real (or at least most people don’t think that). Here’s the thing - the idea was to make it look like a contest between Andre and the Iron Sheik but they couldn’t. The match looked like a 6 year old against a fully grown and tall adult (6 year old, maybe a 10 year old, not even an adolescent). The Iron Sheik couldn’t even budge Andre except when Andre allowed him to move him and when he did, it was pretty obvious. In contrast, Andre moved the Iron Sheik around the ring at will, like he was dealing with a child. There was no contest at all and it was apparent to everyone that the size disparity was so great they couldn’t make it a show no matter how hard they tried (and they did try). That match lasted for around 20 minutes of unremitting punishment involving the Sheik being picked up as though he were a (light) sack of potatoes, thrown large distances, or jumped on.
When the match ended the people in front and immediately in back of us who really had a good view of what happened were pretty quiet except for one old guy behind me who said - “Geez I don’t know what they could have paid that A-rab guy but it sure wasn’t enough.”
Brock Lesnar is 6’3 and 280 lbs or so. 3 inches realistic sex doll demo and 30 pounds wouldn’t make any difference nor would 6 inches and 100 pounds. Lesner would be tossed around like a salad. The first time Andre hit him on the back of the neck for real would be the end of Lesner.
Prior to actually seeing Andre the Giant in person, just like everyone else, I’d seen him on television any number of times. I thought he was a big big guy but his television appearances never conveyed just how big he really really was. I’d heard stories about his food and alcohol consumption that I thought was an obvious exaggeration for publicity and hype - 90 bottles of beer at one time, and at another time, an entire case of wine and so on. Having seen him in person, I revised my opinion. It probably would be possible for someone that big to consume the amount of food or alcohol at one time that had been reported.
There have been other very very large men in the WWF since Andre but none ever approached his size. Andre was the bigg

(Popularity Rate: 21 ) Do sex dolls have feelings?

No, Sex Dolls do not have feelings and should not be regarded as such. They are simply gorgeous and convenient ways to enjoy yourself in the 21st century and which require very little attention whatsoever, which is why they are so great!

(Popularity Rate: 18 ) What jobs are soon to be no longer required?

a not-so-distant future. Here are examples of some jobs which would be no longer required (at least in some parts of the world) in a period of fifty years:
Taxi/Truck Drivers - Google's self driving cars are so going to kill this segment.
Factory Workers - As we make progress with mass 3D printing and robotics, we'd be able to eliminate most of the jobs in manufacturing sector as well.
Retail Sales - With services like Amazon Drone, much of the retail sector (including grocery retail sector) would also get on internet. Whatever can't be fully automated in the short run due to lack of technology would be consumed by heavily automated mega physical stores of large retail corporations. As sales would get automated, production and distribution system would also become incrementally much more efficient and would kill many jobs.
Note that the these three points alone are talking about automating most of the manufacturing, transportation and sales. Let's also talk about services:
Doctors (for the diagnosis part of the health care) - A doctor follows a fixed procedure while preparing diagnosis. He takes some physical symptoms, some history, gets some tests done and based on all this, his knowledge (obtained from med school) and his experience comes up with a diagnosis. This part can be automated to a large degree. In fact a pool of 'experience' consisting of all medical issues ever of all the humans could produce a diagnosis system better than most doctors. I don't see a reason why we won't be able to build such a system in fifty years.
Teachers - Before you go all impatient, hear me out first. The most 'human' aspect of teaching is answering questions of the students. A machine can't understand the subject and answer a complicated question, you say. But those complicated questions are asked year after year in all the millions of the classrooms of the whole world. If we could pool this knowledge, we'd be able to develop a system that could answer student questions precisely based on the past data. Even if student asks a fresh question, we could fall back to real teachers (online of course) but since this would happen for under, say 0.1% questions, we would only require 0.1% of current teaching jobs.
Book Publishers - The cost of publishing and distributing a physical book is too high. That's one of the reasons why conventionally, authors published ten 300 page books instead of three hundred articles each with ten pages. Now when we have internet, we'd just have large platforms for sharing knowledge where people would write content shorter than a book (Quora is one of the many ways of envisioning that platform). While the authors might still have business, publishing and distributing would be automated & centralized.
Bank Cashiers- With more advancements in automated banking solutions, there'd be no jobs for people dealing with physical currency in physical bank offices.
Foreign Currency Agents - As electronic money penetrates deeper even within developing countries, we'd just never need to exchange currency before going on a trip. I personally believe (rather hope) that we'd be able to get rid of physical currencies completely in the near future.

These are just some of the different types of jobs from the top of my head which won't be required in the future. Like I said in the beginning, I truly believe that we'd be able to automate enough that a heavy majority of our whole populat

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