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(Popularity Rate: 68 ) If Gowther’s real body is locked away, how can he still control the doll in the Seven Deadly Sins anime?

well, it was never stated clearly, but its kinda like how you control a toy car, but the remote control is your brain and your magic, not a machine. its the same as how Cusack controlled Arthur to kill himself. Original Gowther is locked away in a prison, so he can still move inside his cell, its not like he cant move and is unconcious the whole time he is in prison.

(Popularity Rate: 81 ) What would you tell your 5 year old child if they found a sex toy in your bedroom?

My kids have always snooped around the house do they have always found my toys… the difference is that I've taught them at a young age what sex is, TPE Sex Dollwhat masturbating is. They know about there bodies and all sanhui 92cm of that jazz. So I'd say please out that back.

(Popularity Rate: 67 ) Oksana(25years)

d introduce myself. I’m 25 years old, my name is Oksana and I’m a love doll hairdresser: but not just any hairdresser – I’m a true master of my trade and own a luxury sanhui 92cm salon.
Besides my skills as a hairdresser, it must be because of my looks and my tight work clothes that I have so many regular male customers. No one can resist a sexy hairdresser who gives good, long head massages.
', "For my best customers, I have a very special feel-good package that you can book with me. If you decide to book this awesome experience with me, you will of course be styled from head to toe. I'll also take you into my private booth at the back of my store and show you that hairdressers aren’t just good at Pregnant Sex Dollmassaging heads.
", 'I doubt you’ll get bored with me as your real doll and you can bring other women along for our pleasure. Teamwork is valued in my salon, so there

(Popularity Rate: 25 ) Are some people better off alone? both romantically and platonically?

them being here, I don’t mind them being gone.
It depends on how you mean this question, so I will answer two ways.
These are people that chose to be alone because it is what they want, but in your question details you are not speaking about them being on their own, you are speaking about them being outcast from society. Not the wording chosen I notice and likely for a good reason, but that is what you are implying.
Just because someone is difficult doesn’t mean that they are better off shut away somewhere of cast out. I just used this example in a previous answer, but it is fitting to reuse it now.
Blanche Monnier was a woman that fell in love with her neighbor. Her mother did not approve because she felt that the low earning lawyer was not worthy of her daughter and forbade the relationship. Blanche ignored her mother and chose the man she loved. Difficult to be sure, no one likes disobedient children.
So her mother locked Blanche up in her room for twenty-five years to force her to change her mind, and not deal with her until she did. In the meantime, the lawyer died, but her mother did not let Blanche out. Had it not been for someone reporting that they suspected that the missing Monnier girl was imprisoned in the house, she would have died there, locked away from everyone, because she was difficult and her mother didn’t want to deal with her.
The Miserable Imprisonment of Blanche Monnier
Just because you don’t like how a person is, doesn’t mean they have lost their basic human rights to be treated with dignity and respect. Unless they have committed a crime or are dangerous to themselves or others, they have every single right you do. If you wouldn’t care to be cast out because they don’t like how you are, then don’t wish it on others.
However, if you are asking if because YOU have difficulty with others, would it be better for others if you removed yourself and went away on your own, difficulty for who exactly. Lots of people want to hang me up by my toenails and beat me with sticks because I am a psychopath. I haven’t done anything to them, they just don’t like the fact we exist. However, I have people I get on with great. If you are worried about other people’s reaction to you, forget it. If they don’t like you, nuts to them. They don’t have to, someone else will like you for exactly who you are.
There are different types of people in this world and it takes all of them to keep the world interesting. Don’t get on with this group? There’s plenty more to try. If you are having difficulties in maintaining relationships, there are things you can do for help improving those aspects of your life. If you need it, seek that help, find people that get you, live a happy life. Just because you feel like you have a bad effect on people doesn’t mean that’s how they see it. They

(Popularity Rate: 65 ) What are some of the best short stories on father daughter relationships?

and said, “Let’s go inside. It’s very cold. Everyone has left.”
Manav slowly turned back. He looked at the lighting and the decoration which were done for his daughter’s wedding. The tears in his eyes were making the entire lighting blur.
He started walking towards his house. Suddenly he felt as if time has moved back 27 years when he was carrying his little doll wrapped in pink woollen clothes in a similar sanhui 92cm cold night. He was holding her tightly very close to his heart and was walking as carefully as possible. He was feeling nervous, excited, proud, happy- all at the same time. This was the first time Siya had entered his house and their lives. He had gone straight to the room where the room heater was on and kept her on the bed alongside his wife.
And today, while walking the same path- all those memories were flooding into his mind and heart. He walked straight into Siya’s room, opened her wardrobe and started taking out all her toys which she used to play with as a kid. He kept those toys on the bed and sat there looking at those. Tears swelled up in his eyes. His wife came from behind and put her hand on his shoulders and squeezed gently. Manav felt a drop of tear falling on his shoulder.
“What are you looking at?”, she somehow managed to finish the sentence before choking.
“Nothing, just looking at the toys. Making sure everything is there. Siya’s kids will play with these toys”, Manav Love Dollsaid in a wobbly voice.
“Yes, everything is there. Now, please get up and have something to eat.” his wife tried to get him up.
“No, there’s something mi

(Popularity Rate: 58 ) Renee(25years)

perfect real doll for you, because I’m naturally cheerful and have been on more than one c**k in my day. By the way, my name is Renee and, even if I’m only 25 years old, I’m a sex doll who can certainly teach you a lot. When I'm not sucking c**k, I'm a dance teacher because I can't just use my body for dirty things as a love doll.
", "I train different age groups in hip-hop and am even quite successful in competitions and tournaments. You can only get a body like I have as a sex doll if you are ready to really work up a sweat. But I don't just give it my all on the dance floor or in the club, no, my motto as a sex doll in bed is ‘all or nothing’.
", 'I’m a really sweet love doll and it brings me the greatest pleasure to make my owner’s every wish come true. Since I’m a pretty ambitious sex doll, I want to give you the hottest time of your life and nothing’s too dirty for me. Since I’m a taboo-freereal doll, you’ll have limitless fun with me and forget all other women and real dolls. If you like, we could first meet and take a wal

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