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(Popularity Rate: 90 ) Jule(23years)

'm not some stupid sex doll. As a pretty clever sex doll, I want a man who appreciates a", 'real sex doll 2020 doll', "with brains and opinions and doesn't feel intimidated when I take the reins. This was also the problem in my previous relationships and one of the reasons why they failed. But I really only wish for a nice man with whom I can talk about everything, cuddle, and also keep quiet sometimes. Just a nice guy in whose eyes I'm the only sex doll on the planet.
", "I am an absolutely faithful sex doll and if I let you into my heart, I would do anything for you unconditionally. If you've been naughty, I can punish you a little as a", 'love dolland keep my tight p***y from you. Although I am a dominant sex doll in everyday life, in bed I am a cuddly kitten who likes to do what it’s told. I want to lose control in the bedroom and, as a sex doll, I only want to give myself to you and your fantasies, wishes, and preferences. Besides, I am quite capable of learning and my ambition does not stop in the academic sense, because I want t

(Popularity Rate: 77 ) Melody(18years)

sex doll', ". I just haven't dared to go any further yet. I can tell you - if you choose me as your faithful sex doll, you will have to teach me a lot.
", '
', "I'm a", 'real doll', "who's not much of a go-getter. I'm more submissive, I'd say. I am already looking forward to being allowed to please you and to do what you order me to do as a TPE sex doll. Many men compliment me on my beautiful figure and my, as they say, sinful lips. Can you teach me to use my lips sinfully? I just feel like having a c**k in my mouth.
", '
', "Maybe I should tell you a little bit more about me!? I'm 1.40 m tall and rather petite. People say that I have sweet, firm tits. An H-cup is quite good for a real doll, isn't it? I'm just totally insecure. But I do think men like me.", 'Sometimes people turn around to look at me. It feels kind of weird, but it feels good too. It always tingles in such a funny way and I feel a deep desire in me. And sometimes I wish someone would do something about that tingli

(Popularity Rate: 94 ) What was your first sex toy? If you bought it, what prompted you to?

came to me , picked one of the toys and told me, if I am thinking of buying I should take this particular one. It was the most expensive one .I thought she only want to make a good sale. But she convinced me . She really insisted I should buy it. I hesitated but I was curious as well. I thought what the hell and I bought it.
That evening I tried the toy for the first time.I basically only tried the butterfly effect on my ....
That evening I had my first orgasm. It was so strong I cried.
I always thought I had one, but only then I realised what I was mistaking for orgasm was only good feeling before the actual orgasm.
I become pretty much addicted to my new 'friend'.
There is no way any man could possibly provide the same stimulation.
The electricity was deep penetrating and the 7 levels of speed unreal.
I convinced my good friend buying it as well.
It took me about month of convincing her.
I had not seen her for a week after she bought it.
She said she as well h

(Popularity Rate: 65 ) Can I buy sex toys from AliExpress in India?

First of all it's not buying, it's sex doll 2020 called import. You can't import sex toys, it's Aibei Dollillegal. Product will be confiscated in Airport customs and you have to pay penalty 5k. Don't buy. It's also applicable for drone and few other products. I think daily 100 cases registering. Instead of penalizing people govt should take action on sites who sells. Anyway airport customs earns 5 lakhs per day :)

(Popularity Rate: 76 ) Is it weird or abnormal to think anime girls are prettier than real girls?

No, they are drawn Asian Sex Dollto very strange standards. Perfect women don't look like that. That you prefer them is your business. Gonna make it hard to find a girlfriend in the real world, but that's a problem you're going to have to solve. Perhaps the people at Realdoll, The World's finest Love Doll (NSFW) will be able to help you.

(Popularity Rate: 84 ) Have you ever gotten caught using a sex toy?

way or the other if he was, until one Friday night when I got home from work.
The wife was away visiting her mom and I had the house to myself. I was getting ready to change the oil in my car when I noticed a figure on the back deck of my neighbor’s house and I knew they were away for the week (they asked us to keep an eye on things as a backup to their 19-year-old son John who would be there). The house was dark, so it seemed out of place for someone to be on the deck, so I decided to investigate. As I approached, the figure evolved into a female in a long dress and a very shapely body.
I figured John had a date (I mean what female burglar would be breaking in wearing a gown) and was turning around to head back home when heard a not so loud cry of “fuck” come from the deck. This made me turn and I again approached the deck. I said “excuse me” and the young lady about jumped 3 stories to the roof of the house and let slip “fuck me, you scared the shit out of me”. At that point, the voice made it real clear, this was John. I said, “Hey John, are you OK?” knowing this was probably doubly frightening for him, dressed as he was. He turned toward me and was trembling he was so scared. I told him to calm down, it was OK, his secret was safe with me and I even pulled up the waistband of the panties I was showing to reassure him. Long story short, he had locked himself out of the house dressed as Heather (he told me that was her name) and he did not know how to get back in without calling a locksmith and he had no other clothes.
I told him, we had a key over in the house, so he was good to go. So we walked back through the garage and upstairs (where I got to watch his wonderful ass go up the stairs) to the kitchen and the infamous junk draw we all have. I grabbed a beer for each of us (He had drunk many times with his dad and me on that back porch or around my pool) and then I searched the draw for the key. We talked about his dressing, how long, when, did anyone know, etc. I confessed my panty wearing to him (said it was something my wife likes me to do to keep me from cheating) and we carried on a conversation like we normally would.
I found the key and walked back over to her house. She unlocked the door and handed me the key back. Then asked me if I wanted another beer, I said sure and we went into the house. She told me to wait in the family while she got the beers. She came back with a couple of beers and we sat and talked for a few minutes more about her dressing and drank the beers. When we were done, I got up to leave and she came over to me, step close and gave me a hug, and said thanks for being her hero. We both kind of chuckled, I told her my pleasure. As she began to pull away from the hug, she kissed me full on the lips and pulled herself back toward my body. I kissed back.
We stood there kissing for several minutes until she finally broke the kiss and whispered in my ear she wanted to thank me properly. Now I had experimented with guys when I was dressed but had never been with a crossdresser or guy when I was not dressed, but I was so turned on by this young teenage girl in front of me, I did not resist. When I did not say a word, she took that for consent and began undoing my jeans and letting them hit the floor, bringing to full light the sexy red and black panties I was wearing. She then proceeded to push my shirt up, so I helped and removed that. She began kissing my chest and lowering herself down to her knees, kissing and licking her way down. I was now as hard as I had ever been and the panties were not holding anything in, lol. She got to the panties and pulled them off my dick and let them drop to the floor. She pushed me to sit back on the couch and crawled up between my legs. She looked me right in the eye and I asked her if she was sure about this? She said she always wanted me to be her first but figured it would never happen and then she swallowed me right down to the base. If I was her first, she practiced a lot on dildos, lol. I watched her intently, it was like having a teenage girl suck my old man’s cock. She was wonderful. It only took her about 5 minutes to make me explode. She swallowed it all, then climbed up next to me and snuggled. I stroked her hair and she fondled my balls and cock and after about 10 minutes I started getting hard. She then said she wanted me to fuck her. I was a little hesitant, I had never fucked a guy before, but I looked at her and said, this ain't no guy. She gave me puppy dog eyes then got up and started heading to the bedroom. After about a minute, I said, fuck it, I am going to fuck this beautiful girl, and headed upstairs myself. I found her upstairs in her parents' room, she had taken off the dress was wearing just panties, a garter belt with stockings, a bra, and heels. She was the sexiest woman I had ever laid eyes on. I walked over to her, kissed her, then lifted her up and placed her on the bed. I was going to roll her over and do her doggie style but she said no, she wanted to watch me as I took her virginity. she also told me to ignore her “thing” she wanted to be all woman. So I took it slow and popped her cherry. It was qui

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