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(Popularity Rate: 90 ) Which do you prefer, have sex with a real girl, masturbate, or use a sex doll?

occasion. I’ll use some simple analogies, but here’s a disclaimer for the shallow: this is meant to be lighthearted and not to be taken anally seriously.
A real woman is like wine. The sex is often a work out. It takes quite a bit of energy whenever we engage in love making. There are interactions. There is communication. There is giving and receiving. If you cum, when you cum, the orgasms can be delicious and shared. As I do my wife doggy, she sucks and licks on a dildo. It’s quite a show. ^_^
Masturbation is like beer or cider. It’s easy, it can be quick, depending how you want to work it. You have total control over how it ‘hits you up’. You also learn techniques over time that really give you that extra flavour of pleasure. If you do it right, it can truly give you an orgasm that will make your eyes roll back into its sockets.
A sex doll is like a cocktail. You know those real dolls they sell from Japan? Those ultra realistic, ultra silky lifeless, yet lifelike dolls are made exclusively to entice your fantasies. They are a cross between having a real woman and masturbation. You can do all sorts of things with them and you get to choose this beautiful figment of what is available out there, all within the cash boundaries of your income.
Alas, here’s the thing…
As much as I love Pinot Noir, I don’t want to drink wine every single day. My liver isn’t how it used to be. Perhaps, I can drink a glass or two once a day, two or three times a week, though I’m sure Amber would prefer I drink a bottle or two a day, five times a week. o_o
Beer is great! It’s refreshing when ultra cold and that slight buzz it gives me after two cans on an empty stomach really hits the spot. However, after three cans, the after taste of beer isn’t quite something to write home about. It’s actually a bit raunchy and the burping…
While cocktails are nice to sip at once in awhile, it takes too much work to make a good one. Also, if you want the yummiest of ones, you’ll need a mix of some of the best liquors out there, sex doll adam and eve with the right amount of fruit Custom Sex Dolljuices and ice to balance it all out. Plus after aw

(Popularity Rate: 93 ) Parents: Do you allow your children to play with opposite sex toys, i.e., boys with Barbie dolls and dolls and girls with GI Joe and trucks?

have 4 sons, ages 17–24 and no daughters. When they were young I always had an extravagant play kitchen for them with tons of dishes and realistic play food. They had a huge costume bin with tons of costumes of all colors and gender options, I'd had all the power rangers made from dance unitards and for the longest time the pink ranger was the most popular. They had barbies as well as Disney princesses. They all loved princess wands and we had tons! Glitter and sparkles and ribbons, some battery operated that lit up the ceiling. A couple of them asked for ruby slippers which I found for them at Nordstrom. They had aprons and s vast collection of craft supplies that included gems, glitter, glitter pens and all kinds of tiles and materials for mosaics.
My boys were generally popular, we were surrounded by many families with only children so kids always wanted to come to our house to play. There was so much to do, toys for various ages and if one boy didn't want to play there Chinese Sex Dollwere 3 others. No one ever made fun of the girl toys or pointed out that pink and sparkles weren't for boys. Obviously, it was, there were no girl children living here and we had this stuff and all the brothers played with everything so it must be for boys.
My sons have always loved tea parties as well, tea at the Huntington Gardens, Tea with Mrs. Claus and tea parties at home. We celebrate a holiday they made up called Cake Season which is bas

(Popularity Rate: 12 ) What are some of the best short stories on father daughter relationships?

and said, “Let’s go inside. It’s very cold. Everyone has left.”
Manav slowly turned back. He looked at the lighting and the decoration which were done for his daughter’s wedding. The tears in his eyes were making the entire lighting blur.
He started walking towards his house. Suddenly he felt as if time has moved back 27 years when he was carrying his little doll wrapped in pink woollen clothes in a similar cold night. He was holding her tightly very close to his heart and was walking as carefully as possible. He was feeling nervous, excited, proud, happy- all at the same time. This was the first time Siya had entered his house and their lives. He had gone straight to the room where the room heater was on and kept her on the bed alongside his wife.
And today, while walking the same path- all those memories were flooding into his mind and heart. He walked straight into sex doll adam and eve Siya’s room, opened her wardrobe and started taking out all her toys which she used to play with as a kid. He kept those toys on the bed and sat there looking at those. Tears swelled up in his eyes. His wife came from behind and put her hand on his shoulders and squeezed gently. Manav felt a drop of tear falling on his shoulder.
“What are you looking at?”, she somehow managed to finish the sentence before choking.
“Nothing, just looking at the toys. Making sure everything is there. Siya’s kids will play with these toys”, Manav said in a wobbly voice.
“Yes, everything is there. Now, please get up and have something to eat.” his wife tried to get him up.
“No, there’s something mi

(Popularity Rate: 24 ) Kiri(18years)

graduating from high school, I would like to move to a foreign city and study architecture.
', "My first boyfriend broke up with me. He was a very dominant man. I liked that. I loved it when he told me to get on my knees in front of him. Sometimes he demanded things from me that I never thought I could do as sex doll and I felt a bit queasy about them. But he always managed to talk me into sexual games. Yeah, I've had sex before, but I'm not that experienced. He just used me as his sex doll. Is it weird that I find that kind of sexy?
", 'For example, last summer we went into the woods. He told me to put my hands on the tree. He tied me up and I got a little scared. But he quickly managed to calm me down by pushing up my dress and stroking myreal doll', "tits and p***y. He pinched my nipples at times, which only made me hornier. But he wouldn't let me c*m. Instead, he turned me around and spanked me. That was nice. I loved to give him pleasure.
", "Won't you be my new master? I'll do anything you want me to do as your", 'sex doll', ". And if not, I'm sure you'll manage to persuade me easily or punish me accordingly.
", 'I often think about sex in my spare time. But I also have other hobbies. I really like going to the cinema and sometimes I re-enact different scenes from famous movies and film

(Popularity Rate: 84 ) Have you used household items as sex toys? Which are your favorite?

), shampoo bottle, a beer can, cell phone, and bedpost are a few items I have had up inside my pussy. I also take the chairs and turn them upside-down, put a condom on them, and fuck the legs. This can work for basically any type of chair, but I tend to like the ones with balls on the ends or platforms so that I get an extra sensation when inside of me. The important thing to remember is to be safe. Wrap items with condoms or be thorough in cleaning items before inserting. Do not use anything that could break off inside of you and get lost, or use anything that is spicy or that has perfume in it. Remembe,r too , that the pussy is a magical.thing t

(Popularity Rate: 21 ) Sandra(42years)

put me in a Christian boarding school for girls and I also went to a convent school. I have long since finished my training and I have no desire to continue to work as a teacher in the convent school. Besides, I have finally freed myself from my strict family and want to enjoy my life as a", 'sex doll.
', "My parents always said that sex doll adam and eve sex is bad and especially forbidden before marriage. After f*****g a few of my student’s fathers in the monastery garden, I know that's Silicone Sex Dollnot true. Can I be your", 'real dolland we can make up for my sex-free time? I have shaved my p***y so that you can see everything, and nothing is in the way when you finally want to penetrate me.
', "But without a family, a TPE dollalso lacks security and a man to lean on. He may also be older or have a belly, that doesn't bother me at all, rather the opposite. If you have no experience yourself, we can learn something together.", 'Now I want to be your obed

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