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(Popularity Rate: 46 ) What are Japanese sexy silicone dolls?

my sexual tastes and expecting people to….oh wait…I totally fucking do.
Men who have sex with silicone dolls, feel free to talk to me about why you do that and why it gets you off. I'm down to hear about why that's your thing (in the comments of this answer and no other answer and certainly not my private messages on any website).
That offer ends as soon as you start saying things about how silicone sex dolls are better than the alternative human option in any aspect other than physical or mental sexual gratification.
I'm totally down with the idea that silicone sex dolls feel better than a hand or mouth or ass or cunt. Totally down with that. After all, my silicone dildo feels way better than a hand or dick.
I'm totally down with the idea that fucking a silicone sex doll is more mentally arousing than fucking a person. I can dig that. Pretending to be a sex doll is one of my favourite fetishes so I totally get that.
I'm totally down with the idea that a silicone sex doll is a better investment of your resources because honestly you just want to fuck something that isn't your hand and you'd rather spend money on a toy than time and energy and money on a person. I can appreciate efficient resource allocation.
What I am not totally down with is the implication that silicone sex dolls are better than people because people won't let you fuck them and that makes you angry and bitter. A silicone sex doll is a thing. A person is a person. To quote Annika Peacock, people are better than things.
But other than that I have nothing to say. Oh but if you're tired of silicone and just want a person who will pretend to be a doll…
(For the love of god I swear by all things hol

(Popularity Rate: 89 ) Why didn't the creators of the Annabelle movie use a doll that looks exactly like the real one?

… I’m going to go out on a limb here - and suggest that they chose a alternate doll style because the movie makers were too scared to take a chance on something that wasn’t considered (by them/studio etc) to be a “sure thing.” It wasn’t obviously menacing enough so they just said - let’s just make it more like Chucky or something more “horror movie dollish.” They used some conventionally ‘scary’ looking doll that’s all dirty and disproportioned and has a frozen creepy smile. Or - just took a action figure from the exorcist and used that.
Maybe it’s as simple as plush doll heads can’t ‘spin.’
If only we could see a shot-by-shot comparison of the whole movie… I’d bet that the original doll would have been much scarier.
BUT… then -
Ivy walks over and says - “No… it’s probably copyright issues… - it’s an original Raggedy Ann
“This 1970’s Knickerboc

(Popularity Rate: 31 ) I'm 13 and I make a sex doll body out of clothes and I cuddle it and talk to it. Is this normal?

go to when they can just masturbate with their hand or a simple toy, achieve orgasm, and move on. Is there anything wrong with it? Not at all. So long as the clothes are yours (as in you own them and aren’t “borrowing” them from a sibling or parent without permission), I see no problem with it. I’ll tell you that most people will probably think it’s a little bit odd, but probably not be freaked out. That said, I don’t think I’d be broadcasting that fact either. Any way you masturbate and fantasize, so long as they don’t hurt other people or yourself, is fine. Whatever props, toys, clothes, or whatever you want to use are fine, so long as they’re yours (no “borrowing” or stealing other people’s things to use!), and you do it in private. When you’re older, as in at least 18 years old, you might find Pregnant Sex Dollthat you want to invite someone into your mastubatory fantasy, and that’s just fine. Just remember that what turns you on does

(Popularity Rate: 75 ) Which sex toy do you use to satisfy herself?

rather extensive library of things I can use on myself or others, or have my lovers use on me, as the mood strikes.
Right now, one of the toys in heavy rotation is this prototype I made a few weeks ago:
It’s quite lovely. It feels like a friendly little alien likes you and wants to put its appendage in your butt.
I’ve made a few copies of this prototype and sent them to friends who do sexuality podcasts for review and suggestions. It’s fun.
Other toys in heavy rotation include this:
It’s a bit different from vibrators because it has a bunch of small balls beneath the silicone in the

(Popularity Rate: 67 ) Mayari(20years)

agical powers. Teen Sex DollWith the help of my powers, I make sure that everything in our forest is in order and that no harm is done to any being there.

One of my magic powers is the understanding of the forest language. All animals, insects, plants, and trees of the forest speak this language. Only because I know this language, no being there can be harmed. sex doll disposal For example, it is not possible for people to come into our forest to cut down trees or hunt animals.

', "As soon as a human wants to enter the forest, the front hedges scan whether the human has good or evil in mind. If he has good intentions, he may enter the forest. If he is evil, the front hedges close. The people don't notice anything. They only wonder why they suddenly can no longer enter the forest.
", '
Sometimes, I feel lonely in our fantastic forest. Recently, I have also been feeling a strange tingling in my p***y, as I think you humans call it. Then it gets all wet and I feel very strange. I do not know what to do about it. As a human girl, you have just have sex, I think. I just wondered if that could help me so that my p****y finally gets dry again.

', "Wouldn't you like to protect me and guard the forest with me? Maybe you could even have sex with me or you could think of something else to stop this tickling. Ca

(Popularity Rate: 80 ) Can you have early signs of being transgender at an early age, for example, aged 6, using as an example one of the signs is you love playing with princess dolls, etc.?

e sex, or even declaring they are not their assigned gender. It’s also possible for none of that to happen and for kids to hide their feelings too.
For some kids, these can also get confused with early signs of homosexuality, or just plain don’t mean anything. Studies show puberty is usually the dividing line. Around age 10–13, kids tend to figure out if they are really trans or not as sex hormones begin to surge and their bodies start to change. If they haven’t before, they usually develop gender dysphoria.
It’s also entirely possible for young kids to hide these feelings, even at the age of 6, especially if they are induced to do so. For example, if playing house, a trans girl may get in trouble by a teacher or adult for playing dress up, or maybe she sex doll disposal is only allowed to fill the ‘boy’ roles. Or when presenting as a boy, a trans girl may be excluded from play with other girls entirely. They figure out pretty quickly that adults don’t approve, and other kids treat them differently. So they try to change their behavior accordingly.
This process can continue throughout their young lives as parents pressure or punish them and peers question, or as they get older, scorn them for being different. This makes coming out more difficult, and creates a serious internal problem for a trans person that tends to get worse as they get older, especially after puberty. And many do their very best to hide these traits and blend in.
Ultimately it can cause them to delay transition, even until they are much older, because they have taken in the idea internally that it is wrong to want to be the opposite sex or to be transgender. Some trans people go to extremes to try to eliminate their feelings and gender dysphoria, but it doesn’t work.
And unfortunately, delaying transition makes transition more diffic

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