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(Popularity Rate: 94 ) Will sex dolls allow men to speak out openly against feminism without worrying about being divorced?

m now without worrying about getting divorced; they just have to marry women who don’t care if they speak out openly against feminism. Unfortunately, there are a lot of such women around, so it doesn’t seem to be a problem for many men. Of course, those numbers are shrinking as fewer and fewer women are accepting being second class citizens simply because they have a vagina, so I imagine this could be a bigger problem for misogynistic men in the future. However, more and more men are also getting on board with equality and so there are Male Torso Sex Dollfewer men who want to speak openly out against feminism as well. For those that remain and are having trouble with a woman willing to marry a man who thinks she is less than him because she is a woman, I imagine sex dolls could be a viable outlet for such people. However, if history is any indication, sex toys is a poor substitute for a companion or even fulfilling basic sexual needs for such people and I doubt it will make any difference whatsoever, as a cursory look at the Incel community will tell you.
If there is ever a AI that is able to be added to a sex doll that is a decent facsimile of a human bei

(Popularity Rate: 48 ) Is there any sex toy that gives sensation of licking and sucking breast?

An example of what I’m waiting for is the LELO SONA, which is an ultrasonic toy that is designed to arouse over 75% of the clitoris. For anyone who knows what that percentage means, this is the ULTIMATE orgasm toy for women. Men are lucky if they can stimulate 10–20% of the clitoris, and clitoral orgasms make up over 75% of all orgasms. Imagine if you could go straight to 75% stimulation….
Right now most of the nipple toys on the market are either clamps or friction or suction-based. For anyone who has had children sex doll france and used a milk pump, you know this isn’t fun nor sexy. The market for toys just isn

(Popularity Rate: 19 ) Can anal sex toys be fun?

any different types of anal sex toys, and if you just plunge in without knowing anything you can do yourself some damage. 1) Whether you are looking at butt plug, dildos, or vibrators, anything that you put in your anus should have a flared or wide base. This will prevent it from being sucked in by your anal sphincter, which is very strong. If it gets sucked in you will most likely need to get it removed by some medical professionals (not fun). 2) Anal sex toys can be textured, but they shouldn't be "rough" or have any sharp edged, as these can easily tear the lining of your rectum (also not fun). 3) The anus/rectum does not self-lubricate, so always use lube. If you don't use lube, it won't feel very nice, and again you can easily tear yourself. 4) The rectum can accommodate some pretty large objects safely, but you want to start small and work your way up to giant (if you want to get to giant at all) to avoid tearing. 5) Anal sex toys should Fat Sex Dollbe made of sex doll france materials that are non toxic and non porous so tha

(Popularity Rate: 57 ) Can you share a spooky love story between a clown and a doll/ or (as boys do not play with dolls) actionfigure?

y I remember owning when the original Toy Story film came out looked nothing like the Woody from the movie :
This Woody doll has the wrong facial expression, his mouth should have the closed smile and not the open one with Custom Sex Dollhis teeth showing like the Woody model on the box shown next to the Toy Story logo does, his sex doll france eyebrows and eyes are also in the wrong place and he's fat and not skinny like the Woody from the movies. He also doesn't have the right voice when you pull his pullstring (which should've been the Tom Hanks voice samples from the film instead of the ones done by his brother Jim which sound nothing like him).
I went to Walmart recently and saw this version of Woody sitting on the shelf and he still doesn't look like the one from the movie : wrong eyebrows, wrong positioning of his eyes and he still has the open smile on his face instead of the closed one with only his mouth showing, he never smiled with his mouth opened unless he was “alive".
Woody's dress shirt is also orange with the red stripes instead of yellow, and his buttons with the cow vest and his Sheriff star badge were printed onto the suit instead of the cloth with the molded plastic like it was shown in the movie (even the 1995 version got that right). Woody also still doesn't have his real voice from the movies either, he's still voiced by Tom's brother Jim.
The only way you can get a movie accurate Woody is if you do it yourself, using bits and pieces of parts from the already released Woody dolls. I did see a version of Woody with the closed mouth at Walmart a year ago but the rest of his body looks the same as the other

(Popularity Rate: 15 ) What are your experiences with sex toys like dildo or vibrator?

ate my wife using dildos and vibrators and its also a need for her before getting an anal. Every valentine’s day or on her birthday I gift her a new one. Now we have a good collection of the same. I am posting few photos of our collection and narrating our dido experiences. This is a glass dildo which I bought from Germany. There are lot of pillar shapes on the glass. I use it in her pussy for instant arousal. The best part is insert it to the full depth and rotate it slowly. My wife gives a good moan on 10–15 rotations. This dildo is not very good for anus as it hurts she says.
This is a vagina cum anal dildo I bought at a sex shop in Japan. A two in one combo for stimulation of both vagina and anus. During its use she sits on sofa with the dildo’s two edges in her vagina and ass and i hold her smooching her munching her boobs making her to jump on it. She reaches orgasm a number of times during its use.
This is a strap on dildo and I bought online, it works well when my wife needs double penetration. I wear the strap on dildo on my waist, insert the same in her vagina and my dick in her ass to pound her. She screams out loud during the pounding in pleasure. I also enjoy the pleasure of fucking her both holes and it gives me a feeling that she is all mine. But this is not everday’s job as its hard for her to take the pounding of two everyday.
This is an anal dildo and I prepare her ass with this dildo applying astroglide lube. We first discuss about anal and if I find she needs hard and rough anal pounding, this dildo is our best friend. She poses in doggy with her asshole wide opened and raised and I massage her asshole with this dildo before giving her a hard ass pounding. During use of this dildo I smooch her, caress her boobs and lick her pussy so that she forgets pain which occurs during the penetration. I never go beyond limits and stop instantly is she tells.
This is the thickest dildo we have in our collection. My wife never dares to put it in he ass. Its about 3 inches in diameter and looks like a mini coke can. Once we tried to put it in her ass and I left it there for some time, and my wife had problem in passing stool next day so we refrain its anal use. Its fun for me when she screams taking it in her vagina. I fuck her ass while its in her vagina and I can feel it inside her from the anal hole.
This is our last buddy from our collection. The longest one around 12 inches long. Its for vaginal use only. The day it was used first my wife was not able to take it and while I was stroking her pussy using this she even screamed aloud ‘Baby I can’t take it’ when it has gone half into her. We continued its use for next few weeks regularly and now she screams out loud in pleasure when I force it in rough. It goes into pussy except last 3–4 inches. Its really a big black cock. Once my wife gets a thrusting using this dildo, I usually wide open her leg and thrust her very hard by my cock afterwards deep and she enjoys it without pain which

(Popularity Rate: 48 ) Assuming that voodoo dolls actually worked, if you sat down on a voodoo doll of yourself - would you ever be able to stand up without help?

rson linked to the doll is many times larger. For example, moving the doll’s arm involves moving a very small weight around, but when that effect transitions over to the human, there is a much more massive object being moved.
Under that pretense, I think it is safe to assume that the weight of you sitting on your voodoo doll would apply a force to the doll. Let's say 5 newtons (obviously this isn't anywhere near correct). The scale factor would be based on mass, and by my research (my search history is going to be fucking weird - see below) the average doll weighs 0.3 pounds, based on the Monster High dolls, which were the first ones that seemed of a similar size to voodoo dolls that I could find stats for.
My search history - lmao
Don't judge my spelling, google ain't no spelling bee.
Ok, so a doll weighs .3 pounds, which is 1/400th ish of what I weigh, so the imaginary force pressing down on my body would therefore be 400 times my weight, which would not be easy to get off. Back to the 5 newtons from earlier, the force applied by you to the doll, there would now be 2000 newtons of force being applied

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