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(Popularity Rate: 62 ) What is the term/name for the person who rides in a cockpit during an airline flight alongside the pilot?

es from the left seat.
The right seat is occupied by another pilot: the First Officer.
Both are qualified to fly the aircraft type. Each one flies the aircraft one sector at a time, taking turns (the captain makes the decision of who flies which sector).
The main difference is that the captain is the pilot-in-command (PIC). He/she is responsible for the whole operation of the flight (including the first officer’s actions), and for the ultimate decision making. For that, he/she gathers all the relevant information, including input from the first officer.
Normally, the captain is the mo

(Popularity Rate: 25 ) Has anyone who might be working at someone's house searched the drawers to find personal stuff like panties and sex toys?

I will break the ice and answer. I have worked in many houses and if there was a good looking female living there I was always trying to get a chance to browse their drawers. Especially when the mother and daughter looked good. Many times I would check out their panties and bras. I would get as many samples of them to take home with me to masterbate to.. especially if their smell was still on sex doll granny them. I ended up with quite a collection and had many fun sessions with them.

(Popularity Rate: 64 ) Why does a narcissist not like to kiss deeply? Is this to avoid intimacy? My narcissistic ex never kissed me more than pecks on the mouth or the cheek.

o, is on the surface, there is nothing ‘deep’ about a relationship with a Narcissist. It’s all shallow, pretend, it’s a show at its’ best, and it’s a lie at its worst. This is not a real relationship, something you need to understand and realize. You are not their partner, but a ‘supply’, an ‘object’. They don’t treat people like real people with their thoughts, ideas and opinions, you are ‘a thing’ to them; a teddy bear - ‘now teddy go to sleep, now teddy wake up’, etc, etc. So, this attitude applies to sex, kissing, everything that comes with normal, healthy intimate relationship.
I cannot speak for each Narcissist, because each Narcissist is also their own person. I think some are more sexual than others, and some Narcissists do not care about sex. I can only speak from my own experience. The person I have been seeing at the time had huge interest in sex and I am not a psychologist to analyze his behaviour, but I can comment on things I have observed. One thing I have noticed very quickly that he was using sex as an substitute for true love, intimacy and connection. Since he was not able to connect on deep emotional level, instead he was interested in physical nakedness, another substitute for love and connection. Sex was really about fucking, not love making. While at it, there is no real connection there, no ways of trying to reach out, to feel his lover out, it’s all very mechanical, like a big sex machine, robotic. I could sense, he didn’t really know what he was doing, and I can comment on this, since I had very different experiences with past partners. I observed, since he was not able to connect with his emotions, he had trouble with maintaining the erection; the disconnect between the body and emotions manifested just in that. Other times he was ready to perform when he was sleeping and woken up by his readiness. I have concluded that he didn’t truly enjoy sex either, but was always looking for fulfilment, and yet, there was always this void.
Sex to him was just physical nakedness, no ways of looking for deeper connection, so no deep kissing, because of lack of this software called empathy. My Narcissistic ex, for example, treated sex like a sport, trying to practice it to get better at it, this is the best way I can put it. I kept reminding him, I liked to be kissed, but he would kiss me at the beginning, and when I expected connection during lovemaking, his kisses became as if he was licking me, like a cat, like he was giving me a bath or licking a wound. He knew there was an expectation, but was unable to connect the dots. I felt like an object, as I knew he was struggling with maintaining erection, and he was vocal about it, so he wanted to ‘heal himself’. He was aware of being blocked in some mysterious way in life. He was basically using me, in attempt to ‘heal’ that, but I sensed he was putting a lot of faith into sex and nakedness in order to transcend his flows into something deeper, while I knew it was completely futile, he will never be able to do that, because he would have to get deep into his own emotional wound, instead he Robot Sex Dollput all his money into physical aspect, and I could not help but f

(Popularity Rate: 11 ) As a "millennial "father, I knew how hard it was growing up, I've noticed recently that my son's "Internet usage" has changed but I thought that I should let him embrace it and give him access to sex toys. We've had "the talk". Is this recommended?

is own. He will curse himself! Watching two people having bizarre sex sex doll granny will scare his actual sex partner when he tells them his plans. As my girlfriend once told me, my husband was great in bed. Now he watches this crapassporn and sees these drugged out nymphomaniacs going at it. He w

(Popularity Rate: 54 ) In a few years, does the movie Ex Machina represent a possible real world scenario?

see it but give it 10 or more and i can see the first androids and robots that can think for themselves being used to do jobs we no longer want to do and it will not be long after that they begin wanting rights. Its a tricky topic because some in the tech field do not think its a good idea to move forward with AI while others feel it is needed. It is a risk and morally grey to move into the realm of making them think and be l

(Popularity Rate: 11 ) Where I can get sex toys in Udaipur?

g for some fun in the bedroom or are you after a bid of soft bondage?
If it’s just some basic sex toys that you are after, my recommendations would be as follows?
- these are great for getting both partners going! They are highly interactive and will stimulate both him and her - one physically and the other mentally!
Soft love ropes
/bondage ropes or blindfolds - again a nice way to get into a role playing situation and will entice both him and her. This is very soft Anime Sex Dolland is not meant to be anything else.
Fifty Shades
Darker sex toys - now believe it or not - these are great for an intro into sex toys, especially if you have seen the movie. They are well priced and can be both fun and sexually enticing if used correctly .
and gents sexy clothing - Ok so not a sex toy as such, but don't discount the p

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