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(Popularity Rate: 73 ) How many types of sex toys are there?

angements, shapes, sizes, and materials: stone, plastic, rubber, silicone, wood, metal. You've got dildos that inflate, dildos that lock, dildos that connect to harnesses, single dildos, double dildos, and more.
You've got vibrators. So many radically different types of vibrators: internal, external, and both.
You've got plugs of a hundred different kinds, some anal, some oral, some vaginal, in all different shapes and materials.
You've got restraints: ropes, cuffs, chains, shackles, cages, pillories, suspension frames, hobblers, hobble skirts, straitjackets, armbinders, straps, and dozens more.
You've got a whole universe of things that squirt, suck, and swell.
You've got medical toys: enemas, speculum, locking forceps, stirrups, exam tables, sounds, and lots more.
You've got toys for creating sensation (everything from vampire gloves to feathers) and toys for sensory deprivation (blindfolds, hoods, earplugs, and tons more).
You've got human doll suits, zentai suits, cat suits, and more kinds of uniforms and cosplay than you can shake a stick at.
You've got hundreds of impact toys, from the old-fashioned paddles, canes, and crops to whips, tawses, rulers, and carbon fiber evil sticks.
You've got electrical play toys, chastity toys, clamps, clips, and fucking machines.
You've got furniture to make a carpenter weep: benches, crosses, butterfly chairs, and queening stools.
You've got sex dolls, of the novelty blowup kind and the $30,000 robotic kind. You've got masturbation sleeves, robot blowjob machines, penis pumps, and artificial tongues (seriously!).
You've got Ben-Wa balls, cock rings, and clit ticklers. You've got penis plugs, parachute ball stretchers, and cupping sets.
You've got entire libraries of toys intended to poke: tack bras, kali’s teeth, and fiendish varieties of collars. Speaking of which, you've probably got seven hundred varieties of co

(Popularity Rate: 75 ) Nuri(19years)

latives and my parents deposited money on special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, etc. When I was 18 years old, I got the money paid out. A proud sum has come together!

', "I can afford to have a Work & Travel year. That is so cool. I just travel through different countries and do small jobs here and there. After all, I don't just want to work, I also want to see something of the great area I'm in at the moment. It's great to do this with the money from my family.
", '
', "Sometimes, I miss my family and my friends. But I'm only on the road for a year and the adventures I experience make me forget my homesickness. On my trip, I even had sex for the first time. That was a crazy thing!
", '
I always wanted to learn to surf. And when I was at the sea, I worked in a café right on the beach. When I had time, I went surfing. I always met a guy who I thought was kind of cute. One day, luckily, one approached me. I would have been way too shy for that. He wanted to meet me on the beach in the evening. There we kissed and he played with my tits. That really turned me on.

', "I thought he was the right guy for my first time. I wanted to get it over with anyway and I was horny. So, I let it happen and I didn't regret it. Since then, I am a sex addict! Luckily, I meet many men on my travels. Once, I met so

(Popularity Rate: 72 ) Are there any duplicates made of the real Annabelle doll?

ilities include, but are not limited to:
Annabelle and Robert would join forces and become an unbeatable force of evil together which could not be overcome.

Both of the dolls are very evil in their own right. Imagine if the two extremely evil dolls joined forced.
Annabelle and Robert would become foes and battle for ultimate supreme evil dominance over the house and any inhabitants.

Basically it would transition into a battle where only one of the two dolls would ultimately survive.

They Custom Sex Dollmight use the house, the inhabitants and any visitors such as priests or evil fighters, as their pawns.
Whether the dolls join forces or battle against each other, the war could extend into other external forces and might even trigger visits from many unknown evil forces.
A coven of witches and/or warlocks might be called upon from around the world to come and battle the dolls in the house.
All the other haunted dolls in the current universe might somehow make their way to the house to join in the battle.
Ultimately, depending on how the battle goes, the house, all it inhabitants and the dolls, would be completely destroyed.
The famous haunted house, the inhabitants and just one of the dolls would be destroyed in a massive blaze.
One other possibility is that the house is destroyed and all but one of the inhabitants die, but one survivor makes it out and takes one or both of the dolls with them.

You always have to have some sort of great hook for a sequel.
There are other possibilities, but I’ve listed what I consider some of the best options.
Depending upon the writers and the screenplay they create, it could be a very scary outcome.
Yes of course I’m available to start working on the script and have a lot of knowledge about both Annabelle and Robert.
I definitely would not want to meet either doll in the flesh though. Why tempt fate?
DISCLAIMER: I neither sell nor promote any companies, sex doll mistress their products, n

(Popularity Rate: 54 ) How do I become a sex toy reviewer?

able sex toy companies allow people to apply as well. I also have a youtube channel (not about sex toys) and I was still contacted by a huge sex toy company who was desperate for a review from my country. 65cm Sex DollSince that video review I keep

(Popularity Rate: 81 ) Where in Hyderabad can I find sex toys, like a Fleshlight?

This sex doll mistress answer may contain sensitive images. Click on an image to unblur it.

(Popularity Rate: 61 ) How can I buy a sex doll without my parents knowing?

t have access to the statements or online account. Find the doll of your choice and make the purchase.
Most sex toys regardless of size come in a generic brown box. Upon delivery, the post man will likely leave it at your front door, discretely hidden beneath your door mat.
When you get home, bring the package to your room and open when ready.
Though an even better plan would be to have it shipped to a local PO Box where you can pick it up and transport it home when ready. But of course you’ll need a PO Box and likely a car as well.
If you have a friend, consider shipping the contents to their home and then picking it up when ready.
Truth be told, the problem isn’t buying the sex doll, but rather hiding it from your parents. You’re literally hiding a human sized and shaped item from them. You’re limited at to where you can put it because of its size and shape. Truthful

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