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(Popularity Rate: 60 ) Why are sex dolls illegal in India?

is subject.
In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with having a sex doll, and I have one, but I can understand why some people are against sex dolls and want them to be interdicted.
Usually, women are against sex dolls as they don't want to be forgotten by men.
I've always been against sex dolls, but once, while reading what are other peoples' opinions about sex dolls on this forum Dolls
, I stumbled upon this site https:/

(Popularity Rate: 73 ) Has any Quora user ever visited the real Annabelle doll and if so, did you experience anything paranormal?

rum because so many pooh-pooh it. I’m not looking for dismissal, you asked me a question; I have an answer it. It’s just like that and nothing else.
I should also mention that I’m not a superstitious person myself; it’s not that I don’t believe, but more like it’s a last resort kind of explanation, when all else fails. Immediately jumping to the “omg it’s a ghost” explanation is kind of lazy to me.
So I guess this is where I tell my story. I’ve already told this story before but it’s buried under my other answers so I’ll just tell it again. I was 17 at the time and staying over at my grandmother’s house because she was sick and she explicitly asked me to stay over. I didn’t mind since it was 20mins away from my house. I did mind, however, the fact that this had to happen during the biggest exams of my life. It’s like Malaysian IGCSEs, to give better context. I’m not sure on the American equivalent; SATs?
One night I had dinner at my house and then went back to my grandmother’s place, where I noticed the lights were all already off, not surprising since my grandmother’s an early sleeper. I let myself in, locked the doors again and went to the guest room where I’d been staying so I can shower before continuing my revision.
I explicitly remember coming out of the shower while drying my hair when I heard my grandmother call my name. I stood there for several seconds as I glanced at the clock, very sure I misheard because she definitely is asleep at this time of night. Then I heard her voice call my name again, this time very clearly. The doors are thin at that house so it wasn’t alarming to hear her voice so clearly. I called out to her and then, silence. I called out again, afraid she also misheard me. More silence. I decided to go to her instead so as I entered her room I saw she was already asleep in bed in front of the TV. When I switched off the TV she woke up and spoke to me. I asked her, “Did you need me for anything?” She said no and asked why did I ask. I replied, “I heard you calling my name so I thought you needed me to switch off the TV.” She just shook her head and said she could just use the remote for that. She was heavily medicated so her words were very garbled so I naturally assumed she called me but forgot about it.
I shrugged it off then and got into bed to study when I heard a knock on the door. My grandmother’s frail and Fat Sex Dollhas difficulties getting off the bed alone so she has a bell she used to call the maid over to help her and I assumed she forgot to tell me something and called the maid to call me. I got up, opened the door and found nothing. Then, I assumed I took too long to open the door so the maid must’ve decided I was asleep. I closed the door, climbed back on the bed and started to study again. Not long after that, I heard knocking on my door again. I opened the door again, thinking it was the maid again, only to find no one there. Again.
By this time I was annoyed because I definitely opened the door as soon as I could after the knocking. I closed the door again, frowning. As soon as I did, it knocked again, sounding close to my chest, which was how tall the maid was. I frowned in annoyance and refused to open the door, even though I was right in front of it.
That was when it was like all hell broke loose. The knocking became banging with open palms and it multiplied to sound like at least three pairs of hands. Either it multiplied or someone was knocking really fast on different locations on the door, you pick. Some of the banging sounded at chest height and some high above me and since I was the tallest person in the house, made me doubt it actually was the maid this time. I was so shocked I jumped away from the door, staring at it, mouth agape. The banging on the door was so hard it made the door shake and I sprinted to the bed and right underneath the bed I saw a woman, whose face was grizzled beyond recognition. She held her hand out to catch me but I leapt over her grasp and into the bed, scrambling into the covers. Outside my fabric cocoon, the banging went on and on. I screamed, “Leave me alone!” as I cried myself to sex doll stain remover sleep.
Needless to say, I di

(Popularity Rate: 63 ) Is it harmful for adults to play with baby dolls as if they’re real? I used to do it all the time, but was forced to give up dolls by my mom and sister. I’m dealing with mild anxiety due to a breakup.

ze these dolls were a significant part of her life. She was a temporary worker with a 6 month contract but even in that short Sex Doll Torsospan I knew she had developed a serious issue.
she suffered from severe anxiety.
She had recently been through her 3rd divorce.
She was very demanding and difficult to work with.
She sat with her dolls on airplanes along with an anxiety dog.
She brought the dolls to work several times, usually to protect them from thunderstorms.
If anyone went near the dolls she would panic.
Now, I wasn’t there for the beginning of her attachment to these dolls but I’m sure she didn’t leap right into it. I have a feeling it started very innocently and progressed until she had transferred her anxiety from herself into an anxiety concerning the well being of her dolls. I am afraid that is what may happen if you are not careful. Playing with dolls is fine, but transferring your emotions onto an inanimate object instead of dealing with the root of the problem will likely send you down a path you don’t expect.
I would be very careful of your new found doll friends. They are only imaginary. That may be easier to deal with than other humans in the short term, but if you want to be able to feel free from the prison of your own mind you will need to address whatever pain has led you to this situation.
I hope that y

(Popularity Rate: 31 ) Is it okay to buy my mom a sex toy?

I would say “Yes” and do it anonymously. This way no one is embarrassed. I have plenty of friends with single moms..I mean, they have never had an other man in there life but their children's father..and some old school mother are to embarrassed to walk into a sex shop. I look at theses woman and say they need it “bad” every woman deserves a good vibrator to keep her happy..(even if she has a man) she can double the pleasure. If you know what I mean 🌽🌽🚬

(Popularity Rate: 55 ) Do Indian couples use sex toys?

13) I read an article in a regular news magazine about a rapist which was oddly explicit it included the guy apparently trapping a women and then forcing her to have anal sex and they mentioned that the guy couldn’t get hard enough so that he then forced the woman to have oral sex with him. That was quite confusing for me at the time because I didn’t know much about sex at the time except for “the talk” with my dad which mostly focused on plain sex and that you are supposed to be nice to the woman. So i got the strange idea that rapists try to do anal sex and that it is a bad thing.
A few years later (maybe 15) I started to watch my first porn movie at a friends house and that was called adventures in porno wonderland (something like that9 which was cut out of scenes from different classic movies (that was in about 1984, so the movies were all from the classic 70s era) and that included the scene from Deep Throat were the main actress talks to a friend who is getting oral sex from a guy in the kitchen and she say, but I need something real inside me and then there is a very elaborate anal sex scene which she seems to enjoy tremendously, so i got the visual idea of what anal sex is like from that.
Also I say a movie called Sex Maniacs at the time which features a scene of a “schoolgirl” who looses her virginity in a s/m sex club and she gets fucked in the ass a lot, I always liked that scene very much, I have seen that recently on a classic porn site and I still like it.
Later when I got older I watched a lot of movies, some of them french movies from Videorama which feature very much anal sex and some fisting and so on (i got that as German releases and the movie series was called Maximum Perversion), so from that I figured that anal sex must be awesome for the guy and the girl is supposed to lie down and moan a lot.
I was kind of a late starter for actually having sex (27?) and I got started by visiting prostitutes and I sometimes asked them if they would do anal sex, most declined so I didn’t get to do it right away. The first woman I asked who offered to do it was a very pretty student-like woman (early/mid 20s) who was very nice about teaching me how to do it and after putting on the condom and getting me hard, I had quite difficulties getting it in, she was very helpful really and sex doll stain remover when it worked, she just said, ok, I think he is in and I got to enjoy fucking her for a bit but I think I came quite fast. The experience was really great for me, I enjoyed it.
Once a girl I asked about anal sex asked if I liked to receive anal sex which I hadn’t anticipated though I had seen scenes with strap-ons in movies and she convinced me to try it. She was a very pretty north african woman (maybe marroccan or egyptian) and she was wearing a bright colored bikini when I talked to her (it is strange what you remember). She put on her strap-on hardness over the bikini panties, bent me down on the bed and started to slowly but firmly to stick it into my butt. That was a great experience for me, i hadn’t that kind of experience before of course and I got really horny and jerked off rather fast.
Due to porn I also got into transgirls but I was initially to scared to visit one initially and I didn’t even know that there were some escorts offering that, at some point I read a newspaper ad from a transgirl and decided to call her. That was quite scary for me because I didn’t know quite what to expect. The transgirl was a rather pretty african trans woman, maybe you could say she was actually a very pretty crossdresser since I think she didn’t have any implants but she wore a very nice outfit that included a padded bra. She acted very feminine and talked like a woman, I really liked her. I talked to her first and told her that I have never had done that and she should teach me what to do and I got to fuck her fist in the ass and come in her (using a condom, I should say that I was a walking safe sex leaflet in the 90s) and after that she asked me if I ever had been fucked in my ass and I said that I hadn’t, only with a dildo or strap-on. So she put on a condom on her (sizable) cuck laid me down o

(Popularity Rate: 74 ) I am 18 and have a job. Is it okay if I still like dolls? It feels childish, but I really like them.

I’m 70 and you should see my doll collection. I’ve got some collector Barbies, and quite a lot of porcelains, many of which are costumed as characters from my books, but my favorites are my Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls, many of which are also costumed as characters from my books.
Try popping in here and joining us: Dollieh Sanctuary
There are a LOT of us who are way older than you. Even a few mothers with teenage daughters who both love dolls.

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