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(Popularity Rate: 31 ) What's the best discreet sex toy ideal for traveling?

that small doesn't mean dull or less enticing. The idea of being discreet comes down to being small, hard to notice and quiet! We only have to look at sex toys like finger vibrators to see just how discreet and small they can be whilst at the same time being very sensual. Another favourites would include Egg Vibrators and Mini Vibrators - again small and very discreet. We only need to look at something like the discretion probe to realise just how small and easy vibrators are to use and keep with you in your handbag - Also remember that when you purchase any ladies sex toy it will alway

(Popularity Rate: 90 ) How is the sex toys market in America?

largely perceived (rightly or wrongly) as low-end manufacturers of poor to middling quality toys for the blush-n-twitter crowd whose idea of a really kinky toy is a realistic-looking rubber dong. The rest of the industry is small to midsize boutique makers, and small artisanal sex toy vendors. There are a lot of them. There’s sex doll stories some consolidation going on. Standard Innovations, the former parent company of WeVibe, has become the WOW Tech Group, which has bought up a whole bunch of boutique companies: WeVibe, Womanizer, Pjur, Attivia, and so on. But yeah. A couple of Goliaths at the bottom end of the market, and a huge number of smaller boutique, niche, specialty, and artisanal brands in the midrange and upscale markets. Ironically, though there are tons of vendors, ultimately almost all the toys are made by Dongguan Leader Technology Company Ltd, a contract sex toy manufacturer in Guangdong, China. Doc Johnson owns a factory in California, but almost everyone else has their toys manufactured by Dongguan Leader Technology Company. It’s probably the biggest factory and certainly

(Popularity Rate: 78 ) Heres a few rituals that I question weather or not it is real. 1) The binoculars ritual 2) A date with her ritual 3) Lady spades 4) The stranger ritual 5) the Gamblers ritual 6) The nesting doll ritual. Do you believe this stuff are creepypasta?

Why are you hanging in between with belief or no belief? Instead of asking on Quora why not try them all one by one. Make a list and tick them off. I bet they are all bull but at least Gay Sex Dollyou’ll be sure.

(Popularity Rate: 57 ) What do you think is better, using a sex doll as a training/fitness device or masturbating with your hand while watching porn?

I tried many experiments but this one worked!
The Causes:
Try and analyse what triggers masturbation for you. For me it was :-
Being alone at home, believe me or not - Instagram (because of all the hot chicks i followed), Facebook even! (Im not including Porn here because I’m talking about triggers, if You are surfing porn, you have already being triggered!)
Lack of motivation : Same dull work, no excitement in life, same old tv series, same old habits.. everything was so dull that mastubation provided the daily shot of dopamine my brain so badly wanted.
Low self Esteem : I wanted to get fit, run longer, cycle faster but due to this terrible habit of fapping every day my body was devoid of energy, nutrients. My immune system was down the drain.. cold & cough were regular. Result of it all… Low Self Esteem (feeling good for nothing)
Not being around actual females : this may seem whack, but masturbation takes you away from natural females around you and makes you want the photoshopped Curvy babes on your screen. My addiction broke my confidence in dealing with real females in real life.
No Goals : Having no goals in life is equivalent to living life on auto pilot, You cant expect to change your life if you are not living it consciously!
Now the above analysis has being made over a long period of time, it is not easy to convince your brain that you are addicted to porn and masturbation, let alone tryng to figure out the root causes of it.. So what did I do to get rid of it all? here it is..
Setting the foundation for it : This may seem weird but I analyzed that whenever I masturbated 3–4 times in 12–16 hours (without sleep), I would develop a cold, feel weak as hell, want to continue sleeping, my stomach would be upset, feeling irritatable etc. So I would get through the day feeling like crap and finally get a good nights sleep!
But on the next day, due to my marathon masturbation session, I would not feel like masturbating again, maybe my body was just not up for it and my mind was still reeling under the shock of dopamine it got the previous day. My mind would be calmer, clearer and I could focus on other things!!
Then I went through my analysis and started keeping a firm watch on my triggers. because, without the triggers I could easily pass the day or even days without masturbation. (There have being days where I haven’t masturbated because I was to busy with something or just having a great time). So I checked on my triggers of :-
Being alone at home : I started running and cycling in the morning to tire out my muscles and at the same time provide my brain with the dopamine it needed in the morning. I downloaded Runkeeper / Strava so that i could record my running and cycling stats and try and improve on them. What also helped was sharing it with my friends and getting their appreciation, which made me happier and content that I was improving. I tried to go home as late as possible to allow myself little time to lapse, I would go window shopping, call up friends and meet them, eat outside everything to keep me from getting cosy at home.
Lack of Motivation : I uninstalled Facebook and Instagram and even thought of shifting to a black and white nokia phone for a while . My motto was :- Less of Smartphones = Less Triggers. Less Internet = Less triggers. There is an app/website called Meetup - where in I joined random meetups just to keep myself occupied. It actually was fun to meet new people and join in activities that I liked! It motivated me to improve my skills in the activities and work on my social presentation.
Low Self Esteem : Due to my almost regular running / cycling I managed to get my body in average shape, but even that much was good enough for me. As now atleast I had the energy to do things and not feel like a soulless zombie! I looked myself in the mirror and liked what I saw, I wasn't ripped nor did I grow big Muscles but I looked fit and athletic and I didnt want to lose it (gave me another real reason to stop fapping). I started eating fruits, nuts and other nutritious things that helped my body becoming stronger still. I joined MMA nearby to learn how to fight and improve my body co-ordination.
Not being around actual females : Believe me, reality is totally different to the world we see on our screens, real women look quite different from the ones we see in porn. Their bodies are not that perfect either, but the feeling of real female attention, the feeling of flirting with someone can never be replaced by plain simple masturbation. Having joined various meetups and having a fit body gave me the confidence and opportunity to meet new females. Once You start becoming closer to some of them You will want to become even more stronger, more skilled, more sexier to get their appreciation and outdo the other guys. (Keep the competition healthy no one wants a bragging idiot with them) Think of the females as butterflies and yourself as an exotic flower. Your fragrance shall attract them automatically to you!
No Goals : Its very difficult to keep long term goals when you cant even stop yourself from playing with yourself every morning.. I started off with small goals like : Reading Books - I joined a book library and paid a certain amount as monthly fees, the plan allowed me to borrow as many book as i wanted but one at a time, so i challenged myself to read as many books as possible during the month. I targeted running 5kms at a stretch, then 7km, then 9km and finally 10km! Making sure I recorded all my runs in the apps so i could push myself to improve and achieve my target. I started learning about the stock market, wanting to invest my salary and savings and make them grow. I started dreaming about owning a Cruise motorcycle one day (And i wanted that day to be as soon as possible)
All of the above was a plan sex doll stories but I was able to execute it only because I of my marathon masturbation session which cleared my head of any urges for 2–3 days. During which I got a headstart on my goals and never looked back. Its not like I dont masturbate anymore but having abstained from it for long periods of time makes me realize that its not really worth it in the end and I have many better much better things to do in life than fall into that pit again.
Basically to sum it up in one line :
“I got rid of my addiction by keep

(Popularity Rate: 50 ) Is safe to purchase sex toys from AliExpress?

While Aliexpress may seem cheap, its still considered retail. There are other avenues that have the same products cheaper (wholesale).
You’ll find most of the products available on Aliexpress are cheaply made, cheaper quality, cheaper materials, and shipping is also cheap.
Many items can ship cheaply due standard lettermail being very slow and such a large amount of orders get sent out that the sheer mass volume brings down the shipping cost for non-tracking snail mail deliveries.
While 99% of people believe when you buy from Aliexpress, you’re buying directly from Manufacturers; this is actually not the case. You’re just buying from distributors/resellers and a vast amount of sales reps (that will tell you they are the manufacturer when they aren’t) that buy from the manufacturer.
There still are some factories that hire sales reps to Future Dollrepresent factories but these sales reps usually represent multiple factories at once, they’re still sex doll stories a middleman. For the majority of buyers, you’d have to go through this system unless you can physically go there yourself and buy in person.
Some small factories do sell their own items as retail on Aliexpress, but majority of factories don’t, they stick to just manufacturing and wholesaling.
I have over 40 shops now o

(Popularity Rate: 97 ) Sarah(26years)

tanceships. Maybe you can show me around?I moved because in my old neighborhood, I was notorious for seducing dads. I loved taking my sex partners home, preferably married men.Unfortunately, the prudish wives didn’t like it so much, but it isn’t my fault that the guys need a horny sex doll because they have no other option. I know exactly how to get men! “My TV isn’t working; can you take a look at it?” is my favorite ploy. Then I stand behind you Huge Tits Sex Dollhalf naked and you can’t do anything else but take me on my couch.But you won’t be the only one, because I’m an insatiable real doll. I’m always on the lookout for new men in my area. If there’s a spark between us, you can come and have a ‘coffee’ round mine. Your wife will never know, discretion is my watchword – that’s asex dollpromise!
I’m only 26 but I know exactly how to make a man happy. So, you can be convinced of my qualities as a TPE sex doll. If you are stressed after work, or because of your family – come to me and I’ll literally blow your stress away. My huge, hot D-cups will take your mind away and I’ve got nothing against a hot titty f**k. Afterwards, you

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