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(Popularity Rate: 89 ) Are sex dolls satisfying for someone who has never had sex, or would I might as well be watching porn? I would really like to know because I can't for the life of me get a girlfriend.

Are sex dolls satisfying for someone who has never had sex, or would I might as well be watching porn? I would really like to know because I can't for the life of me get a girlfriend. ”Sex” with a doll is masturbation. Masturbation can be satisfying whether you use porn or a silicon doll. No masturbation is a replacement for a connection with an actual human being who desires you. You would be better served by working to make yourself someone who people would choose.

(Popularity Rate: 56 ) Will the Consumer Electronics Show highlight sex toys at the 2021 show?

traditional tech co's are now doing their own events closer ti their own product cycle, some are going to SXSW & other places. I think it all starts with a mentality shift that mgt at CEA needs to make about the show. It's historically a "trade show" which mentally translates to "how do we get big $ to support the show & how do we take care of those big spending vendors" this is why u see car companies delivering keynote addresses, which is fine BUT then balance that out and bring in say a Jack Dorsey or a Marissa Meyer etc... And if I hear one more incremental TV advancement as the shows highlight I'm going to run around CES with a sledgehammer, nothing against tv tech advancements but there's no way that should be the most-highlighted theme. The innovative, more emerging tech in Eureka Park last year should be wayyy more highlighted & marketed to show that CES still has major relevance. It's ultimately about the experience NOT solely about "how do we help our member companies"! Real people attend and are looking to connect in a variety of ways on much more substantive levels. Good news is they hired a firm who is collecting thoughts like th

(Popularity Rate: 15 ) What do I do if I've found my parents sex toys?

ect thing to do, and it's none of those things.
Leave them alone, walk away, and mind your own business.
Grow up. Parents have sex. Your eyes will eventually stop bleeding. Also, quit rummaging through their private things.
By the way, my boys found my toy case when they were young teens and they told me about it (they would tell me anything). I told them that they had no business going through my private things. I felt no need to apologize, but they sex dollporn sure

(Popularity Rate: 37 ) What does a straight man feel when a woman gives him a rimming or plays with his butt with a strap-on or a sex toy?

Incredible, out of body experience! Gives Gay Sex Dollyou a rough idea of what a woman feels during sex dollporn intercourse!

(Popularity Rate: 16 ) Have you or would you ever use a mannequin or blow-up doll in your car, in order to use the HOV lane without being stopped?

u are from out of town and get caught you could plausibly claim to be unaware of lane restrictions but if you get caught using a blowup doll, you’re gonna go down and hard.
I have long been of the Qita Dollopinion that a tinted front window would be better

(Popularity Rate: 77 ) Why are fewer and fewer people buying inflatable sex dolls?

Because is sooo easy to get hookups and willing fuck buddies through any dating or on social media platforms. Free and aplenty of choices … why bother to buy?! Look at some of this platform replies to some questions time after how many dates to have sex, people showing their pussies and tits here generating likes or possible fuck buddies too! Sex is easy and free for guys as long as you willing to buy food or some gifts that may not even be expensive.

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