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(Popularity Rate: 34 ) Is soft plastic a good material for a sex toy?

s, they’re replacing silicone because they’re easy to injection mold. They’re also non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and body safe. Medical instruments and baby bottle nipples are made of TPE for that reason. These are SY Dollall medical devices made of TPE—-the same stuff used in TPE sex toys Other soft plastics may not be a sex usa full good choice, especially if they use diethyl phthalat

(Popularity Rate: 43 ) People insult me for falling in love with a love (sex) doll. I don't just use her for sex though. I cuddle with her when I sleep and just watch TV or movies with her. Should I do what my co-workers say and get mentally evaluated?

It may be a good idea. No, it does not sound mentally typical or normal, so I would see a Psychologist, sex usa full and be very honest. If its not deterring your level of functioning, or hurting another, it may be fine for you. However, it wouldn't be a bad idea to explore any possible reasons that you have this desire for a doll, just to be sure that it isn't connected to an issue that may be or become a problem for you.

(Popularity Rate: 74 ) Is it okay to use sex toys while pregnant?

are pregnant. But there are some precautions you should take.
Keeping your sex toys
clean will protect you against most vaginal infections. That's important during pregnancy because an untreated vaginal infection may increase the risk of having your Future Dollbaby too early. Here's how to keep your sex toys hygienic and safe:
clean them all over (including the handle and any buttons) with warm, soapy water
rinse and dry them carefully
store them in a cle

(Popularity Rate: 40 ) Is it possible to find a wife willing to submit to your desires and do what you say?

the burden of such responsibility. (And make no mistake: being a good Master is a helluva responsibility!)
If you think it's all play and no work, ask any successful producer, CEO, any person who seems to be doing what they please on the very top of their position - ask about the amount of effort and careful work they have to invest

(Popularity Rate: 32 ) What is your embarrassing moment in front of your sister, and what was her reaction?

pinion or we are happy with each otherm
Now, coming to the question I am very free with my sister and I share a lot of things with her(not all…) but few years before I was a boy who not even use to wear shorts(except for my school because it was mandatory and that too those shorts were below my knees) so you can quite imagine the type of person I was a few years before (but now I am fine with it).
This happened few years ago…..
I was bathing in the bathroom and suddenly my sister came and she was knocking the door and I was going to answer her but meanwhile this happened👇(like I don't know how…!!!)
(And my reaction towards door!!) 😔
And then I took 2 seconds to hide myself behind the door and then I closed the door(this time properly!!) and I instantly heard someone chuckling from the other side..
And my reaction to it was like this👇
(Now I know you must have started imagining the scene but please don't!!…)
The rest is history as a twelve year old I felt really embarrassed and I took it to my heart

(Popularity Rate: 76 ) Do you believe that the production, sale, and possession of child sex dolls and child sex robots should be legal so that pedophiles would have an alternative to chemical/surgical castration?

small but significant number of people, and there is no reason for them not to be. The “yuck factor” is not a valid reason, and there is no evidence that such things encourage offending. The second Cheap Sex Dollhalf of your question, “pedophiles would have sex usa full an alternative to chemical/surgical castration”, doesn’t make sense. “Use a doll or get castrated” is not a valid choice. It might be a valid choice for the minuscule number of people who cannot control themselves and would otherwise force themselves on other people, but there are much better ways of dealing with that condition. Everyone else, paedophiles included, manages quite well without using sex dolls or being castrated, and

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