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(Popularity Rate: 98 ) Selma(37years)

re just doing their job as real doll and sucking your d**k, I offer you the all-round carefree program.
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(Popularity Rate: 51 ) Where can I find sex toys in Mumbai or online?

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(Popularity Rate: 32 ) Where do I get sex toys in Kota?

very unethical and destroying a child's future.
I am from Ahmedabad and in area where I live , there is a branch of Allen Institute and having 2–3 branches more in Ahmedabad. Now, point is to be noted here is that why Allen has opened branch in Ahmedabad while knowing that they can't get enough revenue teaching IIT here as a student will prefer going to Kota to pursue same instead of opting for Ahmedabad option. Now here comes the dirty strategy, Allen is providing coacing here by naming it pre nurture and career foundation division which takes admissions from 6th STD. To 10th STD.
Now if we take normal study hours in a school, they are around 5–6 hours maximum. And I believe that it is ideal hours for study in a school. Additionally, every student nowadays is joining coaching classes too which may be maximum for 2 hours for a school student. Totalling to 7 hours maximum.
Allen is doing something New here, their timings are almost around 9–10 hours for students of “6th” standard. The question is why?? Answer is simple. They are teaching them other subjects just to the extent they pass their state board exam upto 10th standard along with extra syllabus which will help them to feed in small and innocent mind of childrens that IIT is everything and everything below IIT is garbage. It is a known fact that no student has enough brain in 6th standard to make a decision regarding his career choice after 4 years. Their beautiful phase of childhood is grabbed by such institutes and keeps them away from sports and other activities which are supposed to be done by a child. What are they doing at the age of 11 they are preparing for IIT entrance exam and not even aware that there is a field called arts and commerce. In short their basic right to choose a career is violated in indirect manner.
And the results of all these are :
1) 300 crore Kota education industry (Gambling is proper word rather).
2) Immense income to Allen Institute from such pre nurture and career foundation division.(Below is the screenshot of fee structure in Ahmedabad)
Believe me guys the number of students studying here is very very high.(Such a large number that they have around 3 branches in Ahmedabad itself).
3) Students getting into herd race and go Kota due to pressure they are facing to become an IITian since they were 11.
4) Biggest centre in the world for students.
5) “Most suicidal cases of students” every year.
I have seen an interview on YouTube channel “The Quint” with this person who is Owner of Allen Institute , whose statement goes like these
“This is a process. Garbage in and garbage out.”
Means seriously dude, U are millionaire due to their money and shamelessly labelling them as garbage.
Who is responsible??
Parents is the answer.
No Doubt that these institutes are making fool out of people. But the concern is educated people are sending their child to such institutes at such young age. Pressure is created automatically to become an IITian. Why he would think about any other course to be taken up after 10th if he would not know anything about those other courses.
Making it illegal to open such institutes which in name of pre nurture division are fixing the future of students and bluffing with their life and forcing students into such career.
Spreading awareness that everyone who is successful is not an IITian or NITian.
Malpractices followed by such institutes by purchasing rankers from other institutions.(They are taking away right of another Anime Sex Dollinstitution who has genuinely worked hard to teach their students).
I feel pity for those parents who invest their life earnings for their childrens and what they get is their children hanging or a

(Popularity Rate: 77 ) Which websites can I use to sell sex toys online (adult toys), other than eBay and Amazon?

ur products on Amazon, I hear the customer service department complain about all the problems we have with them.
It’s going to be better to sex valentina sell from your own site - considering how many services are out there for practically free (templated site designs, already-set-up systems for selling etc) you should be able to set things up BBW Sex Doll- if you have

(Popularity Rate: 10 ) My girlfriend keeps snoring and farting in her sleep. It’s like non-stop farting and snoring. She is quite petite, so I am really puzzled as to how she can produce so much gas. What should I do?

I can clear half a store with one of my farts (I know. Not something to be proud of, but it was super hilarious at the time). There are days when it seems like I’m farting on a very tight schedule, every half hour for example.
People fart. Women fart. Petite women fart. This sex valentina is how the human body works. Some people fart more. Some people have intestinal issues or dietary intolerences which cause them to fart more after eating certain foods. But the act itself is pretty damn common.
With snoring, again, size does not matter. Some people have sinus or respiratory issues that cause their snoring. Some people only snore a lot when they have been drinking. Some people may have sleep apnea, and constant snoring is a symptom of that.
If you can’t get over your girlfriend snoring and farting, perhaps you should try to find someone who does neither. Good luck with that.
Or, you could speak with her about the snoring and see if she is not feeling rested in the mornings after a full night’s sleep. She may want to consider a sleep study to rule out sleep apnea if she is not rested and is snoring all the time.
You could speak to her about the farting that she denies she does and ask her if she has any allergies or intolerances. Then you could cook for her, avoiding those foods.
I get around these things by having a boyfriend who

(Popularity Rate: 44 ) Why do girls love to play with kitchen sets and dolls?

and Ken dolls were having sex at that age, although the fact is disturbing to me. I had never been molested, nor was I emotionally disturbed. I was, however, exposed to pornographic images in magazines at relatives homes (which I only saw because I was snooping where I shouldn’t have)- and saw my aunt’s neighbors making porn movies through the bedroom window on several occasions. I mimicked what I saw with the dolls, and I had a pretty darn good idea what was going on.
Unless a child that age is very sheltered from social media, television, and other overly-sexualized influencial sources, I think it can be a big jump to assume that she is/has been being sexually abused or that there is necessarily a problem. The girl may be copying things she’s seen and is “normal”.
The possibility of such bad things happening (sexual abuse or abnormal behavior on her own part) is not worth neglecting. However, you need to not make assumptions or accusations. False accusations can ruin lives, for both the wrongfully accused or the supposed victim. The ramifications of planting ideas in a child’s head of things happening (that really didn’t) can be lifelong and just as devastating to the child as if it actually happened. Therefore, you must be very careful not to “see things” yourself that may not be there.
Watch her without being even slightly suggestive to such things, and if the child truly is disturbed or abused, you will see more obvious signs and possibly even confessions. Be the person

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