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(Popularity Rate: 99 ) Why was the real Annabelle doll locked up?

on eyes.
Almost as soon as the doll was brought home by the mother for her daughter, all types of mischievous behaviors occurred.
Those mischievous behaviors almost instantly turned evil with the doll reportedly levitating, attacking the family members and trying to kill a family friend.
Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren
were called into look into the unusual circumstances surrounding the doll named Annabelle.
It was determined by the Warrens that the doll had been infused with great evil, sex with a tpe doll specifically from an inhuman spirit who was attempting to work towards taking possession of one of the humans.
After Ed and Lorraine investigated the situation and deemed it very unsafe, they ordered the entire location where the doll was residing being completely cleansed and blessed.
For the safety of all, it was decided that the Warrens should take the large raggedy doll with them and lock it up in a glass case, to neutralize any evil powers still embedded in the doll.
The Warrens took Annabelle to their home and encased the doll in glass and included it in their special museum.
Although Ed Warren passed away, Lorraine Warren is still alive at 91 years of age and believes the doll is still a threat. However, Lorraine maintains the doll is not able to hard anyone as long as it’s encased in glass.
In a nutshell that was why the real Annabelle doll
, which looked very different from the doll in the movie, was actually locked up?
Not everyone believes this is a true case since many people are

(Popularity Rate: 81 ) What sex toys are best/wildest for women and girls?

ot and clitoris. The part that goes inside me has a nice bulbous head that curves toward the frontal wall of my pussy to get directly at my G-spot. Then the base has a flap like part with several nubs on it to provide stimulation to my clit at the same time. It has 10 different vibration patterns and the remote has a range of well over 50 feet. I do have to turn it on when I put it in to enable control from the remote, but then the vibrating can be turned on/off from the remote. I do need to wear something like granny panties or a control panty to hold it in place, a thong panty just can’t do it.
A couple of months ago my bf presented me with a Lovense Lush 2. Though it doesn’t provide clitoral stimulation it has other features that make it really enjoyable. The downloadable app for your phone allows him control via Bluetooth or from anywhere via the internet. It also allows him to fully customize the vibration patterns. It can also be set to sync with music or other audible sounds. It too is shaped to provide pressure against the frontal wall of my pussy in the area of my G-spot.
It’s so much fun having one of them inside me when we go out and him possessing the control. He often waits for me to start interacting with someone and then ‘buzz’ me, discreetly playing with my pussy just to see what my reaction is. Other times when it’s just he and I, like maybe at the movie, he’ll turn it on and enjoy me clinging to his arm and squirming in my seat until I cum. Or in a restaurant, he likes watching me trying to resist Fat Sex Dollsquirming in my seat and trying to hide from the other patrons when I’m in the midst of an orgasm. It’s rather to hot to be cumming in my panties with several other people nearby. It’s c

(Popularity Rate: 100 ) Have you ever bought a sex toy in person and did the cashier laugh at you?

laughed at me for buying sex toys. It would be a very strange business model indeed for a store to make fun of its customers.
I have had interesting conversations with people who work in sex toy shops, including one person who remarked that the toy I was buying was one of her personal favorites, and another who said something along the lines of “This might be a strange question, but you’re wearing bunny ears…is your name Franklin Veaux, by any chance? We carry your book!”
I also negotiated down the price of a sound at a sex toy I went to with my crush. It Big Tits Sex Dollwas the last one they had in stock; sounding is an exotic enough taste that even in Boston, sex with a tpe doll not a lot of folks buy sounds, so they were getting rid of their inventory. And I had a really interesting conversation with a guy at another sex toy shop about techniques for casting silicone without bubbles. (I use a vacuum chamber to degas silicone before it cures; apparently some folks prevent bubbles by placing the

(Popularity Rate: 63 ) Tatjana(26years)

agine, I suffered a lot over this. But now I’m ready for a partner who knows how to appreciate me and my sexy qualities as a real doll.
Although I’m aTPE sex doll, with my ex-husband I didn’t manage to get any sexual experience. He always just used me and never thought about my needs. I’m a shy kind of girl and I’d like to be a loving and domestic love doll to my owner. With me, you can completely let yourself go and rely on the fact that I’ll take care of you.
I’d like to offer myself up as your personaladult dolland fulfil all your sexual desires. Of course, I have a few things which kind of turn me on (at least in my fantasies). I’d like you to lick my p***y thoroughly and then penetrate me in the craziest positions. I’d also like to wear some great underwear, in your favorite color of course!
Afterwards we can cuddle together, and I can cook you something nice. I’d like a long

(Popularity Rate: 66 ) Kate(22years)

or do various experiments with medicines. However, I am not only very experimental in the lab, but also in bed. Do you like that, too? Then I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun together.
", '
', "I have had so many sexual adventures in my life, it's insane! And yet, I still want to experience more and learn more. Maybe you could teach me, I've had some really hot threesomes. Both with women only, as well as mixed threesomes or with two men. Being f****d by two hot guys at the same time is a feeling that every woman should have experienced once.
", '
', "I once dated a man who was into sexy role-playing. Sometimes, he was the dominant part and sometimes I was. He loved it when I was the strict teacher or secretary. But it also turned him on when I cared for Small Breast Sex Dollhim as a lovely nurse. He also thought it was hot when he got to play the bad cop I offered my body to him so I wouldn't have to go to jail. Are you into role-playing games?
", '
', "I also have a bit of a darker side, I'd say. I'm really into bondage. Sometimes, I even wear a bondage sex with a tpe doll kit under my clothes when I go to work. It turns me on so much when the knots press on certain places. And in the evening, I like to pick up a guy who slowly frees me from my restraints and then takes me nice and hard. Of course, I'm also into having sex while tied up. When I imagine you tying up my arms and legs and I'm completely defen

(Popularity Rate: 82 ) Is it okay for boys to play dress up dolls online?

Boys can play these. As a girl, when I was a kid, I often played not dolls but various building blocks and board games. I think there is nothing wrong with this. My parents will also play with me. Toys are just toys and cannot represent anything. Do what you like is the most 100cm Sex Dollimportant thing. If anyone thinks that's wrong, it's because they think differently from you, but don't think that there sex with a tpe doll is anything wrong with playing girl-style games.

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