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(Popularity Rate: 43 ) Do you use sex toys with a remote controller? If so, what kind of them?

me, and it is amazing. Once I have it in me the flap like part all the little nubs is for stimulating my clit. The angled bulbous head at the end of the dildo like part does a wonderful job against my G-spot. I’ve found that a light control panty does a nice job of holding it snugly in place when I wear it. Each part has its own vibrating motor for stimulating my clit and G-spot. It has 10 different vibrating patterns and intensities. When it’s on one of the strongest vibrating modes one might be able to 100cm Sex Dollhear it if they’re sitting right next to me. It’s rechargeable using a USB connection, so I can charge it hooked directly to my PC. We don’t use it much at home, but it is so much fun to wear it sometimes when we go out. And guess who has control of the remote? Well, he certainly doesn’t let me have it. He constantly watches for an inopportune chance to give me a ‘buzz.’ Like when I may be trying to order from a menu or have a conversation with someone. It can be hard to focus having a gadget up inside me buzzing away against my clit and G-spot. It’s so hot being out in public, cumming

(Popularity Rate: 55 ) Is there any sex toy that gives sensation of licking and sucking breast?

An example of what I’m waiting for is the LELO SONA, which is an ultrasonic toy that is designed to arouse over 75% of the clitoris. For anyone who knows what that percentage means, this is the ULTIMATE orgasm toy for women. Men are lucky if they can stimulate 10–20% of the clitoris, and clitoral orgasms make up over 75% of all orgasms. Imagine if you could go straight to 75% stimulation….
Right now most of the nipple toys on the market are either clamps or friction or suction-based. For anyone who has had children and used a milk pump, you know this isn’t fun nor sexy. The market for toys just isn

(Popularity Rate: 49 ) Where do I get sex toys in Kota?

very unethical and destroying a child's future.
I am from Ahmedabad and in area where I live , there is a branch of Allen Institute and having 2–3 branches more in Ahmedabad. Now, point is to be noted here is that why Allen has opened branch in Ahmedabad while knowing that they can't get enough revenue teaching IIT here as a student will prefer going to Kota to pursue same instead of opting for Ahmedabad option. Now here comes the dirty strategy, Allen is providing coacing here by naming it pre nurture and career foundation division which takes admissions from 6th STD. To 10th STD.
Now if we take normal study hours in a school, they are around 5–6 hours maximum. And I believe that it is ideal hours for study in a school. Additionally, every student nowadays is joining coaching classes too which may be maximum for 2 hours for a school student. Totalling to 7 hours maximum.
Allen is doing something New here, their timings are almost around 9–10 hours for students of “6th” standard. The question is why?? Answer is simple. They are teaching them other subjects just to the extent they pass their state board exam upto 10th standard along with extra syllabus which will help them to feed in small and innocent mind of childrens that IIT is everything and everything below IIT is garbage. It is a known fact that no student has enough brain in 6th standard to make a decision regarding his career choice after 4 years. Their beautiful phase of childhood is grabbed by such institutes and keeps them away from sports and other activities which are supposed to be done by a child. What are they doing at the age of 11 they are preparing for IIT entrance exam and not even aware that there is a field called arts and commerce. In short their basic right to choose a career is violated in indirect manner.
And the results of all these are :
1) 300 crore Kota education industry (Gambling is proper word rather).
2) Immense income to Allen Institute from such pre nurture and career foundation division.(Below is the screenshot of fee structure in Ahmedabad)
Believe me guys the number of students studying here is very very high.(Such a large number that they have around 3 branches in Ahmedabad itself).
3) Students getting into herd race and go Kota due to pressure they are facing to become an IITian since they were 11.
4) Biggest centre in the world for students.
5) “Most suicidal cases of students” every year.
I have seen an interview on YouTube channel “The Quint” with this person who is Owner of Allen Institute , whose statement goes like these
“This is a process. Garbage in and garbage out.”
Means seriously dude, U are millionaire due to their money and shamelessly labelling them as garbage.
Who is responsible??
Parents is the answer.
No Doubt that these institutes are making fool out of people. But the concern is educated people are sending their child to such institutes at such young age. Pressure is created automatically to become an IITian. Why he would think about any other course to be taken up after 10th if he would not know anything about those other courses.
Making it illegal to open such institutes which in name of pre nurture division are fixing the future of students and bluffing with their life and forcing students into such career.
Spreading awareness that everyone who is successful is not an IITian or NITian.
Malpractices followed by such institutes by purchasing rankers from other institutions.(They are taking away right of another institution who has genuinely worked hard to teach their students).
I feel pity for those parents who invest their life earnings for their childrens and what they get is their children hanging or a

(Popularity Rate: 11 ) When is it okay to own sex toys?

hat they’re doing, but they’re doing it. This goes for myself as well. I’ve been masturbating for as long as I can remember. Initially just using my hands, but when I was about 8 I sexbot having sex discovered I could use pencils and felt tip pens as well. When I was 10 I discovered the effects of my electric toothbrush, that was my first vibrator. The thing spent more time on my pussy than in my mouth. When I was 11 my parents found out about that and said I should no longer use my toothbrush for that as it’s not hygienic. Instead they gave me my first real vibrator and I had to promise to use that from then on. Which I did, most of the time. Over time my collection of sex toys grew, but that

(Popularity Rate: 12 ) Lodovica(34years)

I made this dream come true. I am an absolute pro on the surfboard and love to ride rough waves. Okay, to be honest, I don't just ride the waves, I also love to ride my students.", 'If they have already learned a thing or two and can stand firm, I love to do it with them on the surfboard. But even a f**k in the sea is always an unforgettable experience. After all, every student is different.
', "When lust takes over, there's no stopping me! And if I get horny while I'm teaching surfing, the student is damned lucky and gets to f**k me. Can you surf? Have you ever had sex on a surfboard? If not, I'll be happy to teach you to surf and of course I'll also be happy to teach you to ride a surfboard. You'll love it.
", "In my life, sex is just as important to me as surfing. I don't need a steady partner to do this. Although it would certainly be exciting to have sex with the same man several times. My students are mostly just one-night stands for me. I rarely have sex with them more than once, because they are only on vacation in my home town. Only a few of them live here.
", 'Maybe you would be the right one to have a committed relationship with? Aibei DollI hope you share my passion for

(Popularity Rate: 91 ) Everleigh(28years)

name is Everleigh and I have been teaching at the same small village school since my legal clerkship and, in the shortest time, I have earned a certain reputation as asex doll.
When I first came to this sleepy town, I would never have imagined how much fun you can have here as a 28-year-old sex doll. Of course, I love teaching and lecturing, but I enjoy uninhibited sex just as much. Unfortunately, there were not many single men here whom I could seduce as areal dolland so I had no other choice but to cast a spell on my students’ parents. You should see their endless sexual frustration. They have all just been waiting for a sex doll who finally holds out her holes for them.
', "The students themselves don’t know about it, but actually all parents and also the whole colloquium is involved. It started with parents' evenings, where I could seduce single parents or even couples as a sex doll. To my surprise, none sexbot having sex of the wives were jealous, but rather envious because they wanted to lick my p***y too.
", 'Afterwards, I involved individual teachers, who I knew would be interested in alove doll', "such as myself. Now, we are at an erotic and vibrant place and we all meet once a week to discuss the learning material or the developme

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