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(Popularity Rate: 81 ) Do you like using sex toys on your partner?

> I have no idea how many sex toys I own specifically. I bought my first sex toys way back in 2009, right after my first BDSM party. I bought a ball gag, a paddle, some nipples clamps with a clit clamp attachment, some leather ankle and wrist cuffs, and some rope. I was more going on what I thought was checklist of things I should get rather than what I like.
Over the years, I’ve collected and got rid of numerous sex toys. I still have all of that original collection, but I don’t really use some of them. Ball gags I realized I don’t really like except for special occasions and I’m not into clit torture at all, so I tend to just use the nipple parts.
In late 2017, right before a move, my partner and I collected all of our toys and laid them out and took a picture. Here’s the picture:
As you can see, my collection is dominated (pun intended) by knives and rope. The glass butt plug collection was hers. You can see the green ball gag there, along with the nipple claims and the big wooden paddle with the stripes in it that was part of my original collection. A lot of my collection are “kinkables”: regular items that have been turned into sex toys. One of the paddles is broken and it keeps breaking no matter how many times I glue it back together. I guess thin cherry wood just doesn’t make for a great paddle, especially on heavy bottoms.
When it comes to vibrators, they come and go quickly and I’ve owned dozens over the years. I used to buy cheap bullet vibes in sets of 5–10 and give them to my friends who expressed an interest in trying them. I have owned 3 hitachi magic wands over the years along with some attachments (see below) but I had one burn out and the other two I gave away to ex-partners when we broke up. That’s another thing; if I buy a vibrator and use it almost exclusively on a single partner for a long period of time, I basically bond that vibrator to her and she gets to keep it if we break up. Of my last three partners, two of them didn’t like vibrators and the other one had her own Hitachi and so I just used hers, so I haven’t actually purchased one in awhile. If I get a partner who really likes the style of a Hitachi vibrator and doesn’t own one, I’ll probably get

(Popularity Rate: 15 ) Although it may appear emotionally or morally revolting to many people, legally speaking, should it be forbidden to manufacture or own sex dolls depicting children?

gression of thought to action in paraphilic mental disorder provides an argument for controlling readily available depictions of children as sex objects.
Experience induces neural connections in the brain (in the case of paraphilia such as pedophilia [preadolescents are the primary sex object] , commonly involving abuse or pre-sexualization), and sexdollgenie com such connections are increased and strengthened through repeated experience, or even repeated thought. Thought evolves to fantasy (sexual fantasy leads to masturbation at this point or later), which evolves to obsession, which evolves to a compulsion, which evolves to a desire to act out the behavior, which evolves to placing oneself in a situation wherein there is the opportunity increase the behavior (e.g., pedophilia obsessed teachers), which leads to taking advantage of an opportunity, which generally leads to deviant behavior.
This is not true in all cases, however the potential exists. The problem is that such behavioral alterations are incremental, with those increments being small, with no apparent negative repercussions; which facilitates moving to the next level of deviance. And that behavior tends to become increasingly deviant over time, and the longer it progresses, the more likely either the individual or another will be adversely affected.
Possession of child pornography is not a direct violation of a child; however, it is easily argued that demand for child pornography greatly increases the probability of children being molested in the production of child pornography to meet demand. In child pornography investigations it has been found that a common element is the collection of “child erotica.” Child erotica possession is not a violation of law, although it may contribute to probable cause for a search warrant for child pornography. Likewise, possession of a child-like sex doll could contribute to such probable cause.
I have discussed an interview of a pedophile and his possession of child erotica in addition to child pornography here: https://www.quora.com/Police-officers-what-are-some-of-the-most-interesting-conversations-youve-had-with-the-men-women-youve-arr

(Popularity Rate: 65 ) Have you ever tried to build your own sex toy?

ller-equipped sex toys for rather a long time.
Two of the more famous ones I've built are a thought-controlled vibrator Teen Sex Dollthat's connected to a single-chip EEG from a Mindflex toy, that you can turn on and off by thinking about it:

and the Tormentor, a wearable vibrator that runs in random patterns for random lengths of time with random pauses in between, so you can never forget it's there but also never quite get off from it:

(Yes, that's an Altoids tin it's in.)
More recently, I'm writing an article about a Bluetooth gesture-controlled sex toy I've made that responds wirelessly to hand and arm gestures. I was going to make

(Popularity Rate: 75 ) Why aren’t prepubescent sex dolls illegal everywhere?

they can't just choose to stop being attracted to said children. A prepubescent sex doll would give them a way to help quench their desire, thus protecting children. And yes, one may argue that if they end up having sex with a sex doll, it may drive some of t

(Popularity Rate: 63 ) Lulu(19years)

of idols in the porn industry and I’m working towards a porn career.
Since I was a teenager, I’ve always loved modelling in front of the camera. I started watching porn with my ex just recently and we got inspired by the pornstars and even made some amateur porn. It gives me a real kick when I think about how many horny men masturbate whilst watching my videos and want me as theirTPE sex doll. The many Sex Dolldifferent filming partners make me really crazy and I hope that my real doll dream will come true in the future.

To fulfil my wish, I exercise in the gym every day. As a real doll, my body is my resource. So, my sex doll ass needs to stay luscious and sexy. You‘ll have noticed yourself that my ass invites you to f**k it. My huge, firm H-cups tits are just begging for a titty f**k, which I chose as my specialist area. When my (filming) partner is getting sexdollgenie com close, I want him to finish wherever he wants- but obviously with a nice close-up!

I love sucking d**k and looking into the camera with my big eyes while I do it. The idea of an orgy, where loads of strange men f**k me at the same time, also makes me really horny. I’m also interested in women, because I’m bi. I enjoy oral sex with women just as much as I enjoy giving a blowjob. Having a threesome during a film would be the absolute dream for me.M

(Popularity Rate: 10 ) Where can I find online sex toys in Indore?

's legal to do so.
Products like condoms, lubes, gels are legally sold under 'sexual wellness' category and are sexdollgenie com available at pharmacies across India.
However, products categorized as sex toys, may violate obscenity laws and fall within a legal grey area.
In this timeline, we take a closer look at this conundrum.
Currently, no laws specifically ban the import or sale of sex toys but its display and exhibition may violate Indian laws on grounds of obscenity.
Section 292 of Indian Penal Code (IPC), 1860 deems sale, advertisement, distribution, public exhibition of obscene books, paper, drawing, painting or any other "obscene" object, illegal.
Obscenity is a criminal offence under Indian law punishable with imprisonment and fine.
For a long time, adult lifestyle products have been sold in the grey market, often by street vendors.
In Delhi's Pallika Bazaar or Mumbai's Crawford market, sex toys are easily accessible.
Last Teen Sex Dollcouple of years, there's been an explosion in the e-commerce segment for sale of adult/sex toys.
Amazon, Flipkart and several other websites have mushroomed to tap into growing demand.
One of India's largest e-commerce players, Snapdeal, was dragged to court in 2015 for selling "sex toys and accessories."
Delhi-based Supreme Court lawyer, Suhaas Joshi, who filed a complaint said e-commerce players were selling products "abetting gay sex".
Joshi said he wanted to "test the limits of India's homosexuality law" and and also felt there was no clarity whether such products were legal.

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