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(Popularity Rate: 76 ) What are some unsafe objects to use as sex toys?

wn legit sex toy until I was 16 or 17 and it was a gift from my 2 years older cousin. Now between 11 years old and my first toy, I had great alternatives that I enjoyed very much. Some of those were Hairbrush Handles, Curling irons, unplugged of course, And electric toothbrush for a makeshift vibrator.
I had and still have a curling iron set just like this, with the same curling barrels, but it wasn’t Foxybae. As a young girl who could not get real sex toys, these were amazing. I still get the tingles when I’m digging through the drawer in the bathroom for something and I see one of the barrel attachments.
These look similar to ones I had when I was younger and I still have one I travel with, not because I need a hairbrush, but because male TSA agents love to pull Sex Toys out of your bags and ask loudly “Mam? What is this? What is its purpose?” With my trusty Hairbrush, a Male Agent see’s a Hairbrush. A female TSA agent see’s a beaten down hairbrush with maybe 15 or 20 bristles on the entire thing and a nice fat handle and knows exactly what it really is and I’ve had a few give a smile and a nod. And one female agent picked it up between her thumb and forefinger looked through the bag, then dropped it back in there and put on new latex gloves. I felt like saying “Excuse me! I wash all Cheap Sex Dollmy toys before putting them away! Thank you very much!” but I said nothing. 😂
The back of the brush head on the clit feels pretty good.
Then, when I was 14, I entered a whole new class of makeshift sex toys, why? Because curiosity bit me in the ass! I have a German Shepherd at my Parents and was my best friend from 15 years old on and will be bringing him here next spring after graduation. Being a young Dog owner afforded me the ability to grab some of these makeshift sex toys. Some may find it gross, but hey, if you don’t let the dog play with it first, it’s perfectly safe and nobody is none the wiser when they see a dog toy on your dresser if you have a dog.
My gf and I were recently at Walmart with our roommate, being goofy and I was dared to ask for something embarrassing. We were near the pet section and I asked the associate working near there where they kept the personal lubricant and she told me near the pharmacy. I asked “Why don’t you guys keep any near the sex toy section?” and she looked confused, and said “We don’t sell sex toys here, do we?” I was like “Yeah, right over here.” and I walked over a couple aisles and pointed at the yellow Nylabone toy that hooks the G-Spot so perfectly, and said “These sex toys!” She laughed and was like “Oh you! Those are dog toys!” and I was like “Yeah, but don’t tell me you’ve never given them a second look and wondered!” and she laughed and said she was now.
It made my night to make her laugh while at work. I know it has to suck being required to wear masks for a full shift like they are.

(Popularity Rate: 25 ) Were there times in your life you ever had the feeling that you could even be rejected by a love doll?

are SUPER choosy and their decisions are usually random and based on their gut feel in the moment. Even guys like Frank Sinatra and Elvis have stories about women who rejected them. King Louis IV wrote the song sexi dol “Greensleeves” about his sadness over a lady rejecting him and he was a fucking king! Don’t let getting rejected get to you. But do try to come up with a theory as to why it happened. Maybe you simply didn’t give them enough reason to accept your invitation to a date or whatever? Do you have a job, good hygiene and manners, are you fun to be around? Does she know that you do? Was she even single? Was she looking for a partner? Was sh

(Popularity Rate: 52 ) What are the ethical matters related to realistic sex dolls?

Sex dolls are nothing more than masturbation toys. They are objects sexi dol to literally do Flat Chested Sex Dollwith as you please. The ethics involved are exactly the same ethics involved with any other form of masturbation may it be by hand, vibrator, fleshlight or sex doll.

(Popularity Rate: 66 ) Would you have sex with a zombie in the zombie apocalypse?

dead or insane/ brain dead?
question 2: how long has the zombie been a zombie?
so first things first I agree that as everyone stated earlier in an apocalypse regular human reason would be thrown out the window. A human being would be in survival mode; and have the same sexual frustration as any person who hasn’t had sex for a time. However, I think the will to live would trump the will to have sex. Especially with whatever type of zombie is in this apocalypse. Example being, if a human was trying to survive being mauled by a cougar that was tracking them constantly I’m sure the urge to have sex is the farthest thing from mind of someone in a survival scenario where death is constant.
however for questions sake, let say you were like, “fuck it, I’m going in.”I think you’d want to ask yourself some steps:
step 1: finding a perfect zombie
how do you find a perfect zombie candidate? Truth is some people decompose different than others depending on a number of factors and the environment. So a zombie that looks fresh could be dead the same amount of time as a zombie with more injury so on so forth, but let’s say you found a perfect looking zombie then what? Well, I’m assuming you as a person wouldn't be a coroner capable of estimating time of death so you’d probably go based on looks, but you’d have to get a closer look to determine if you want to risk it or not. If the zombie virus is one where the individual is dead you’d have to worry about bacteria and etc. if it’s the one where they are physically intact but have no conscious mind how by yourself would restrain this 65cm Sex Dollperson. Let’s just go by the cop videos or Psychological hospital movies we’ve seen where it takes multiple people to take down an individual who is out of their regular mind. Leads me to step 2.
step 2: transportation of zombie
Is there safe area where you can examine and prepare?
are these zombies the type that travel in groups and operate by sound so if you were to make noise trying to capture one, would it be dangerous to your life? If operating by yourself, You’d have to plan a way to do a quick extraction of the zombie without being caught by the others. Then figure out how to transport a zombie which probably weighs over a hundred pounds to a safe area where you can restrain the zombie, and not get attacked by other zombies. If these are zombies that travel in groups, are physically in good condition(28days later type zombie), and operate by sound. You’d better have a good plan or consider yourself dead because it would take too long for you to load them in a vehicle or carry them. Plus you risk getting bit if you carry them. Maybe sedatives work, but this is your first time so do you risk the trial and error? Yet for arguments sake, let’s say you manage to get the zombie to step 3?
Step 3: Restraint and examination.
So you’ve made it this far. Youre at the safe house now you have to restrain, and examine the zombie. As stated above, Could you as a person restrain an individual and all their moving limbs? Depending on if they are awake or not. But let’s say you restrain them? You now have to examine and clean the zombie (If this is a suicide plan of yours you’d probably just do it without care) but if you’re planning on surviving. Youre gonna want to clean certain areas as best as possible. If they are the dead zombies hopefully you were right with your assumption this zombie was recently deceased. More of less, you still have to clean. I’m not going to get into it due to length…. but just look up what happens to a dead body online during the decomposition process. If the body is that of a zombie that’s physically alive but mentally dead/insane you would have to still clean because if the body is alive then the waste process is probably still working too. So hopefully in this apocalypse you have lots of cleaning supplies. Good luck, but let’s say your a guru at cleaning bodies and get to step 4
Step 4: Protection, positioning, and sex
now that you’ve manage to clean the zombie and or whatever you did, if you were concerned about your safety that is, to make it survivable for you. Now you have to think about protection(condoms/female condoms etc). Do you even have any……….if you care at all…..don’t know, hopefully you do? Maybe in the apocalypse you managed to get some while at an abandoned Walgreens, or wherever. If the person was a zombie that was physically ok, but mentally dead. There is still a possibility of STD, pregnancy, and etc. Even with dead bodies(gross) you may get some type of bacterial issues or etc. so you’d probably want to wear protection regardless. so now that you’ve got your protection, you want to position the zombie to where they wouldn’t break free, you wouldn’t get bit, still feel pleasure, and still be alive afterwards…….if surviving was your plan. So good luck with that.
Sex wise, would probably be the most simple task out of all the steps considering to get to this level you’d have to be crazy or so sexually frustrated your going crazy enough to screw a zombie. Chances are you wouldn’t last long sexually because your pent up sexual frustration, and as a result orgasm super fast. So congrats even in the apocalypse you a ten second Tom/Sally.
step 5: what now?
congrats you’re probably the only person to successfully have sex with a zombie. Maybe another person tried out there somewhere, but was ripped to shreds while attempting to shove a wailing zombie into a Honda Accord. But somehow you’ve done it….. so what now? Do you keep the zombie? Do you kill the zombie? leave it tied up? Idk…. whatever you do is up to you.
It’s the sexi dol apocalypse. So judgement wise if you’re by yourself…..so if you believe in any god at that point take it up with your selected god. If you’re an atheist, take it up with yourself.
Unless you travel in a group of survivors. Then you might have some explaining to do…. especially if Bill/ Susan from Connecticut accidentally discovers you doing the deed by mistaking the bathroom for your zombie shag room. If they are as freaky as you now you have to share…. has its own issues… you figure it out.
In conclusion, I would say just masturbate to porno mags. It’s probably a lot easier. Also, you should probably evaluate your priorities because I think surviving would be a major concern rather than having sex with a zombie. Me personally, I’d rather spend m

(Popularity Rate: 28 ) What are the best electro sex toys?

This answer may contain sensitive images. Click on an image to Future Dollunblur it. What are the best electro sex toys? Video Credit: The Verge : The sex toy banned from CES last year is unlike anything we’ve ever seen Unfortunately, it goes for $290. Ripoffs will, no doubt, be available soon

(Popularity Rate: 80 ) Where in Hyderabad can I find sex toys, like a Fleshlight?

This answer may contain sensitive images. Click on sexi dol an image to unblur it.

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