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(Popularity Rate: 17 ) When and why did the hawaiian hula (bobble) dolls start? I feel like their really common as props in movies but I've rarely seen them in real life.

983 there was a series on TV called Quincy M.E. where medical examiner Dr. R. Quincy (played by Jack Klugman) in the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office solved crimes using his extensive scientific expertise, kind of a precursor to (and model for) the later series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.
Quincy had a lab (run by his trusty lab tech Sam Fujiyama played by Robert Ito) equipped with a comprehensive array of advanced scientific equipment. But rather than having a collection of “sciency-looking” props and going through the motions of using them to gather clues, these were ALL THE REAL THING, i.e. fully functional, expensive, high tech instruments, and actually used correctly during the show.
To accomplish all this, they hired an actual forensics technician from the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office with a scientific masters degree, Marc Scott Taylor, as a technical advisor to run and maintain all the complicated instrumentation on set.
Then, in 1978 during the third season, Robert Ito was unavailable for some reason to play Sam so they brought Marc in as a replacement to perform the on-screen analyses. From then on, he had a recurring role as Mark the lab tech along side Sam for the rest of the series.
Now that’s dedication to realism!
Oh, but there’s more!
As chemistry graduate students at the time, our entire lab couldn’t wait to watch each week and see what new mystery would be realistically solved in the lab by Quincy and Sam. As an example of the show’s realistic use of actual working instrumentation, in Season 3-Episode 20 (“Requiem for the Living,” 1978), a dying crime boss holds Quincy and Sam hostage to force them to find out how he was poisoned. They determine that someone injected a small amount of the super toxic chemical, nickel carbonyl, under the door of his apartment thinking that they had committed the perfect crime since nickel carbonyl is unstable and leaves little trace after some time. It shows them using an atomic absorption spectrometer to detect the nickel sexting with robot online and an infrared spectrometer to detect the stretching vibrations of the carbonyl groups.
But the absolute, MOST MIND-BENDING EXAMPLE of scientific uber-realism, has to be in Season 5-Episode 1 (“No Way to Treat a Flower,” 1979) where Quincy has to figure out why people who are smoking pot from a particular dealer are dying. It turns out that the person growing the marijuana had been treating the plants with colchicine, a chemical that acts as a super growth enhancer. Colchicine was used during World War II to make industrial hemp plants, a variety of cannabis sativa that produces little to no THC, grow faster to make more rope for the war effort. It also works on the THC-producing variety but, in the show, the colchicine remaining in the pot was lethal. They isolated a small amount and identified it using a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometer which works on the same principle as a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine.
Now, it just so happened that one of the students in our lab at the time was working on a new synthetic organic chemistry method to make chemical ring systems similar to the ones in colchicine and he was using it repeatedly to actually synthesize colchicine as a test of its synthetic effectiveness and therefore had seen the NMR spectrum so many times that he knew it like the back of his hand. As they slowly printed out the spectrum, he was commenting on the signals he was seeing, saying, “Oh, that’s interesting. Those look like the methoxy groups on the A-ring and C-ring. Wait a minute! Is that the methyl peak for the acetyl group??!? And…and that’s…OH…MY…GOD! That’s the real compound!”
Someone, probably Marc, with approval of the producer, had gone to the incredible trouble of obtaining an actual sample of colchicine for the show despite the fact that 99.9999% of the viewers wouldn’t have a clue what they were seeing.
Now THAT’S dedication to scientific authenticity!! I doubt we’ll ever see that level of realism on a show again.
EDIT: My thanks to Glen Dudek for bringing to my attention the article about how Quincy, M.E., and Jack Klugman personally, change

(Popularity Rate: 41 ) Where can I buy sex toys for women in India?

Oral Stimulators,Dildos which have vibrations in different speed variations.Most favored toy by women is Rabbit Dildo,& Thrusting dildos which can Lifelike Sex Dollsmake them attain orgasm
in India lot of Websites might be there selling,one such is Kamakart,if you happen to be in chennai you can visit the store directly & see http://y

(Popularity Rate: 33 ) Is it legal to sell sex toys in the United States?

, and attempts to rescind sexting with robot online it have failed. The ban was passed in 1998 by a group of ultra-conservative Christian lawmakers. This law is still enforced. People convicted of violating it are required to register as sex offenders. Texas has a law prohibiting sale or possession of sex toys as well, though its Constitutional validity is murky. An appellate court has ruled it unconstitutional, though a different appellate court ruled Alabama’s ban constitutional. Normally, that would send the case to the Supreme Court, but Big Booty Sex Dollboth states have refused to pursue the matter before the Supreme Court, so the issue remains formally undecided. Alabama has continued to enforce its law. Texas has reached a compromise with conservative Ch

(Popularity Rate: 35 ) Can child sex dolls reduce the risk of sexual offenses against children?

e that child sex dolls would have the same effect. Moreover, child molestation is a culminating event reached through a progression of behaviors; and, seems to be an additional step toward child molestation, once dissatisfaction with an inanimate object is realized.
Abuse or premature exposure to sexual experiences can plant thoughts, thought evolves to fantasy (masturbation at this point or later), which evolves to obsession, which evolves to a compulsion, which evolves to a desire to act out the behavior, which evolves to placing oneself in a situation wherein the opportunity increases the probability of the deviant behavior (e.g., pedophilia obsessed teachers), which leads to taking advantage of an opportunity, which generally leads to deviant/criminal behavior. With such behavior tending to become increasingly deviant over time, and the longer it progresses, the more likely either the individual or another will be adversely affected.
Robb, D. L. (2019). Child Molestation Versus Pedophilia; and Child Pornography: An

(Popularity Rate: 28 ) In which country are sex dolls the most popular? What about child sex dolls?

Now most of 6YE Dollsex dolls are made from China in silicone and TPE. child size sex doll will not allow by UK, USA, CANADA and Australia.

(Popularity Rate: 61 ) What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of a sex doll?

Advantages: They sexting with robot online don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink, They don’t make a fuss about who controls the remote, They don’t sass you…. Disadvantages: 1. They don’t cook or DO the dishes, 2. They can’t get you a beer during football or baseball games on TV, 3, Sometimes - when you just want to have a romantic chat - they can’t talk….

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