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(Popularity Rate: 85 ) Is Technology replacing men with gadgets like sex dolls and vibrators?

ives its first use at the Salpêtrière hospital in Paris in 1878, with Romain Vigouroux cited as the inventor. It was first invented for pain relief but your know… Anyway, here is a small hindsight: if women wanted to replace men for sexual pleasure, WE COULD JUST USE OUR HANDS. Actually dildos (that don’t vibrate) existed even in ancient history: Dildo - Wikipedia The world's oldest know

(Popularity Rate: 26 ) How do I promote a sex toys website in India?

s while still managing to raise interest in your product. How do you do this ? Buy Ads on TV (prime time). Create really slick videos with the top celebrities and layer them with cool music. Now here is the key, keep the ad confusing. Everything must be an innuendo. Barely a reference to what the actual product is. Generate interest and people will search for it online and voila !! your website tells them all about it. But wait what if someone asks what the Ad is for ? Just to avoid this, you can make Music CD's of the same name Bottled water of the same name Price it at a premium, don't even manufacture it no one cares really. Just show that you have a "product". This is exactly what Alcohol/Liquor companies do to bypass the government ban on marketing and promotion of Alcohol products. They have been getting away with it for years now, successfully I might add. Pregnant Sex DollNo reason why this wouldn't work for you. Note : I do not promote or encourage sex toys, my post is merely to create awareness about different marketing strategies that are available and used to play with the law. However you should know what the law regarding pro

(Popularity Rate: 41 ) How many sex toys for a couple is too many?

ford to buy the sex toys you have.
When buying and owning sex toys is somehow impacting your life in other ways and becomes an obsession.
Honestly, it’s a tough thing to do. When you’re buying sex toys for the sake of owning, but not using them, maybe it’s too many.
I have so many “sex 100cm Sex Dolltoys” I can’t actually count them. Man

(Popularity Rate: 12 ) Ella(35years)

ryday life, I am a primary school teacher and teach the dear little ones with a lot of dedication and passion. But I want to be taught after hours!", '
', "There has never been a man at my side for very long, somehow nobody has yet convinced me that they are the right one for me. But that doesn't mean I don't fantasize about my future husband having me sexy b cup breasts as his own", 'adult doll.
Especially when I have a nice single father sitting in front of me during parent-teacher meetings, it is not uncommon for me to imagine how he really dominates me as his sex doll afterwards. Then I also take advantage of the time until the next conversation and satisfy myself with a long ruler in the classroom.
I want a man to be my teacher and who will show me all the things I have only ever seen in porn movies. I am especially attracted to seeing beautiful women in hardcore BDSM porn. I want to be able to relax completely and give free rein to my lust, as long as you, as my dom, allow me to do so. I would so like to have a dearlove dollowner to whom I can submit myself. I am already wearing my cute pink choker for you.

', "You don't have that much experience yourself? How about

(Popularity Rate: 41 ) Do you believe that the production, sale, and possession of child sex dolls and child sex robots should be legal so that pedophiles would have an alternative to chemical/surgical castration?

small but significant number of people, and there is no reason for them not to be. The “yuck factor” is not a valid reason, and there is no evidence that such things encourage offending. The second half of your question, “pedophiles would have an alternative to chemical/surgical castration”, doesn’t make sense. “Use a doll or get castrated” is not a valid choice. It might be a valid choice for the minuscule number of people who cannot control themselves and would otherwise force themselves on other people, but there are much better ways of dealing with that condition. Everyone else, paedophiles included, manages quite well without using sex dolls or being castrated, and

(Popularity Rate: 63 ) What sex toys do gays like mostly?

are different. So it is difficult to answer this question. Below are the best sex toys
do gays like mostly:
A vibrating egg, otherwise known as the bullet, is one of the most gratifying and versatile sex toys there is; what’s even greater is that you can use it solo or with your partner. With the vibrating egg, you’re guaranteed an orgasm every time.
If you’re jumping up and down screaming hell, yes, then handcuffs are the way to go. Handcuffs are a mainstream sex toy, and there’s nothing dodgy about them use them either during foreplay when you’re getting things hot or during sex itself. If you want to make him squirm and pleasure him in ways that will make him wet and wild; Tie him up with handcuffs and tease him or vice versa.
If you’re not already using lube, head to the nearest sex store near you and stock up. Fragrant lubes, flavored lubes, lubes that leave sexy b cup breasts tingling sensations, you name it, and there is probably a

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