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(Popularity Rate: 10 ) Ilona(37years)

iliar with the male gender. I know the problems, wishes, and desires of men and can perfectly respond to them. I know exactly what men need and how to make them happy.', "I've had some wild nights with countless guys in my pub. I know not only how to nurture a man's soul, but also how to make him happy in bed. I don't think there's anything I haven't tried in bed. You're welcome to prove me wrong, of course.
", "Most men can still learn a lot from me when it comes to sex. It's almost cute how inexperienced or harmless some guys are. Maybe they're just Irontechdollsexy e cup not used to having dirty sex either. After all, if they've been in long-term relationships, they’re hardly having sex anymore, or at best it's in the missionary position. There are so many other positions that are very conducive to orgasm. I'd be happy to show them to you. Why don't you come visit me at the pub?
", "The men there are at my feet. I have already blown many c***s or let them f**k me on the counter in all imaginable positions. All the men agree that I'm the best blower they've ever had. I think it's because I just enjoy sex and giving blowjobs. You want to put my qualities to the test? I don't believe it, but maybe you

(Popularity Rate: 80 ) Is there any sex toys store available in Kozhikode?

similar to having vaginal sex for the first time. By that I mean that you want to be very wet.
When you have vaginal sex you don’t just lay down and insert the penis in your vagina. You get in the mood, you kiss, you use fingers/mouth and when you’re horny enough intercourse happens.Now you can’t do a lot of these things when using a dildo by yourself, but you can make sure you’re in the mood enough.
Use your fingers, use the dildo on your clitoris, watch some porn if you’re into that. Think of a crush you want to sleep with. All these things don’t only get your mind into the mood, but your body as well. The muscles around your vagina relax a little, sexy e cup making it easier to enter. Combine that with being wet and it should be a little easier.
Don’t try to slide the dildo in all at once, it will be painful. Start gently at the opening of your vagina and try to push it in a little deeper with a pulsating motion. Don’t worry if it doesn’t work the first few times. Intercourse takes a few (or sometime

(Popularity Rate: 16 ) As a 17-year-old girl, how might I go about secretly buying a sex toy?

o be careful not to get ripped off a lot more then you do today. For instance, I bought a “Life sized sex doll” for like 5 dollars. When I got it it was life size, sexy and beautiful with her legs open and I really was excited. Only problem was it was I life sized poster of the girl. I didn't let her go to waste, she was gorgeous and I was in puberty so…. I bought lots of stuff that way though you may ask how I got it past my parents? Post office box cost about 5 to 10 a month then sexy e cup so that Aibei Dollis still a viable option. Otherwise, you need to send to a friend or even an abandoned house.
My suggestion as to type of you, I'd recommend a rabbit vibrator. They are more expensive, running 60 dollars plus, but are worth it. The shaft twirls around to stimulate your vaginal walls as an option to thrusting it. Some have a band of little balls that twirl around the base of the shaft stimulating you vaginal entrance and inner labia. But the best part is the “ears" as they go on each side of your clitoris and apply direct vibrations that will have you climbing the walls. I hope I have been informative enough to help. Oh last thing, get from a reputable company like Adam & Eve Adult Store
or Hustler
, though they cost a bit more, you get what you pay for even though your free “gifts leave you

(Popularity Rate: 57 ) Why do sex toys run batteries Down so quickly?

ll typically consume about two amps at three volts—that’s six watts of power. A fancy high end sex toy can easily double that. (I know because I’ve put them on an ammeter, back when I was developing one of the world’s first Internet-controlled sex toy and physically exploded a transistor on a prototype.)
That’s a prodigious l

(Popularity Rate: 18 ) Why do some children love to play with dolls while others have no interest?

ive their dolls names and personalities and play scenarios as if they are playmates will never have a problem playing quietly in their own head space, children who can’t see dolls (or cars or other toys) this way may be happier with creative play, where they are making something out of play-dough or blocks, alternatively maybe they’d like to be painting or possibly they’d prefer to be climbing a tree or playing with a bat and ball. Each child is different and their minds and imaginations work in different ways.
We have a wonderful tv ad in Australia at the moment where a mother is making lunch for her children (using specific breads for each one). The ad is Future Dollemphasising children’s differences - one is painting very carefully using small brushes and painting what he sees, while his sister is outside THROWING paint at an easel and enthusiastically using her hands (and feet etc) to create her masterpiece. The two children are called into lunch where they sit down with a younger sister who has dressed in dress-ups with a feather boa and headdress etc while seating her dolls (also dressed up) in chairs next to her and giving them plates too. I may not agree with feeding each chi

(Popularity Rate: 61 ) What's the most ridiculous sexist remark you've heard and how did you respond?

ked what I planned on doing after high school. I said that I was going to college. He then asked if I was going to get an MRS degree (when a woman goes to college to find a husband). sexy e cup I honestly had no idea what he was talking about, so I answered no, I'm going for a pharmacy degree.
He was Asian Sex Dollshocked to say the least. “Ladies as pretty as you should be getting married and then having kids. No reason for you to get a job when a man can support you.” I replied saying I'm never getting married or having a kid. We went back and forth like that. As he was talking, my mom walked over.
“Excuse me but she is a smart girl who wants to support herself in the future. She does not need a man to do anything for her.” She continued to lecture him on the point and how she was able to go into the military and get a job without a husband. None of those guys like to argue with her since she basically does everything for them and she is very passionate about being independent (married but that is not her job). Since he also brought up that she is married.
It's not as if I had never experienced sexism before this point. This was just when I realized where it came from. Men pass down these behaviors to their children.
When I hear men my age and younger make rude comments about women (i.e. Get back in the kitchen, why can't you cook(you are a woman), you don't have to pay for things(because you are a woman)) I am angry, but then I think about it and decide to forgive them. Maybe I shouldn't. Not everyone is raised like I was or like my brother. He was taught that while chivalry is certainly not dead, women are people not objects or trophies.
So these old guys that are teaching their kids who teach their kids are perpetuating this view that women are somehow not equipped to take care of themselves.
Overall, I'm pissed. I hope that one

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