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(Popularity Rate: 22 ) What is something really dark from Star Wars but gets ignored?

owards children, yet sexy ebony love it includes some of the darker moments of the franchise. The Ghost crew are a brutal bunch who destroy many star destroyers, and thus end up causing thousands of deaths. And on some occasions, the Ghost crew make jokes right after violent events, showing an appalling lack of compassion towards their enemies. After his opponent is incinerated and thus dies, Ezra jokingly warns his opponent to “be careful”. Zeb makes a tasteless joke after Rukh is chopped in half. When Sabine blows up a ship and likely kills several people, she is only interested in how pretty the explosion is and Kanan responds that, “It’s beautiful Sabine, as always.” Despite being showcased as heroes, Gay Sex Dollthe Ghost crew are a morally lacking bunch and do several dark things.
The Ghost crew steals a bunch of disruptors from the Empire and act horrified that the Empire has such awful weapons in their arsenal. They emphasize to Ezra how these evil weapons do horrible, inhumane things to sentient beings. Zeb himself experienced the horror of these weapons firsthand, as they were used by the Empire to extiminate his own species. So the Ghost crew confiscates these sinister weapons, and you know what they do with them? They use them on the Empire. They use them on living beings, after supposedly being horrified that anyone could be so inhumane to use them on a fellow living creature.
In the first episode of season 3 of Rebels, the moment when Ezra uses the Force take control of an enemy walker and force the driver to walk his own vehicle off the cliff after opening fire on his own comrades is one of the darkest parts of Star Wars. Ezra used mind control to force an Imperial soldier to open fire on his own fellow soldiers, and then walk off the side of the cliff and kill himself. The stormtroopers being fired on were so terrified that some of them literally leapt off a cliff and committed suicide. Afterwards, Ezra faces absolutely no repercussions or punishment for his actions at all, despite him brutally using the Dark Side. He isn’t punished for such behavior. In fact, he gets a promotion afterwards and no mention of his brutal tactics comes up again.
The slave clone army used by the Republic is often overlooked. The clones were created as an army for the Republic, but they personally have no rights and no choice as to whether they want to fight or not. And considering that they have only been trained for war, it’s pretty tragic. They are sacrificing their lives to protect a Republic that they’ve never been a part of and in fact have never had the chance to have a normal life. Nonetheless, they are forced to serve as the Republic’s army and are no better than slaves forced to fight for a Republic that gives them no rights. This issue is touched on in The Clone Wars and some of the EU novels, but otherwise remains overlooked. Even in-universe, very few of the Republican citizens are bothered by the fact that they are being defended by a slave army.
Another dark thing that doesn’t seem to bug many people is Yoda and Obi-Wan lying to Luke. They pushed for Luke to kill Darth Vader while intentionally hiding the fact that Vader was actually Luke’s father. What if Luke killed Darth Vader, only to later realize that he had killed his own father, and hadn’t even known it? That might leave him horrified and traumatized for life if he realized he had killed his own parent without even knowing it. I get that Darth Vader was a bad person and needed to be taken down, but Luke should at least know what he is getting into and make the choice for himself as to whether he should end his own father’s life or not. The fact that the enemy was the one to be honest and upfront with L

(Popularity Rate: 52 ) Will the the availability of sex toys affect prostitution? Will prostitution be totally eradicated by the sex toys?

We've had prostitutes just as long. They don't call it "the world's oldest profession" for nothing.
Using sex toys and visiting prostitutes satisfy different, albeit related, itches.
Prostitution CAN generate a respectable amount of money, although there are astonishing and unexpected overhead costs. In addition, staying on the right side of the tax man can be tricky, as some former madams and pimps have explained in their biographies.
One of the best ways to reduce the worst forms of prostitution is to work for free and available education for girls and women. Women who have alternative ways to make enough money to feed their children are more resistant to prostitution's siren call of easy money.
Education, and fighting drug addiction. People trapped in serious drug addiction have sexy ebony love few ways to make enough money to support their habits, and prostitution is one form of "work" that is almost always within reach. Few real jobs can tolerate the attendance and attention WM Dollschallenges presented by active

(Popularity Rate: 84 ) If technology on artificial intelligent sex dolls continues, how life-like will they be in 50 years?

in that sense, but should be able to simulate a personality pretty well. What is more interesting to speculate about is what may happen to the body. Right now, sex dolls are inert lumps of silicone or plastic. There might be a skeleton, and there is some work being done to motorise them to some degree, possibly eye movements/tracking and even expressions. However, to have a satisfactory “real” sex robot, it needs to be able to move convincingly and not like an excavator, preferable stand and walk, and most importantly, have tactile feedback so that it won’t accidentally crush you or rip off sensitive parts of your anatomy. In addition, some kind of improved and more durable as well as flesh feeling texture would be good. Constantly feeling metal corners and vibrating gears would be a turn off. Synthetic muscle of some kind would be good. Fifty years is a good long time in terms of 100cm Sex Dollmodern technology, so it is not as improbable as it sounds right now. It might even be possible to make the robot have a human feeling

(Popularity Rate: 77 ) What are the best electro sex toys?

This answer may contain sensitive images. Click on Japanese Sex Dollsan image to unblur it. What are sexy ebony love the best electro sex toys? Video Credit: The Verge : The sex toy banned from CES last year is unlike anything we’ve ever seen Unfortunately, it goes for $290. Ripoffs will, no doubt, be available soon

(Popularity Rate: 85 ) Is it bizarre that a man who lives with sex dolls in people’s impression?

ll. You don’t really live with it. BUT when you see men engaging with sex dolls as their life partners ,then it’s definitely not normal. This is going to make them outcasts, socially awkward or simply bring isolation. Sex dolls are sex toys. You don’t see anyone considering their dildos a life partner. So sex dolls shouldn’t be life partners. Some guys even end up marrying them and honestly it’s quite sad… Married Japanese man claims he has found love with a sex doll Man marries robot he made, plans to upgrade her later with the ability to move, do housework Davecat shunned real women to ma

(Popularity Rate: 15 ) Have you ever bought a love doll?

es, it developed a leak along one of the thigh seams and I could not repair it. Trashed.
The 2nd was a better built model and also a she-male! It had a hard penis with a scrotum and only two sex openings. The breasts were separately molded into the chest and were inflatable from the back. Sexually, it wasn’t my actual liking, being a man, but I did love the breasts. They were huge in comparison to the body size. It, too, developed a leak in the crotch area that was too difficult to repair and was trashed. But not before cutting the breasts from the chest to use in selected bras I had like prosthesis.
I should mention that I had both of these while I was sexy ebony love still married. Sex with my wife was about an annual thing and I was devastated. I needed release. I stor

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