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(Popularity Rate: 97 ) When masturbating, do you prefer using your fingers or sex toys?

This answer may contain sensitive images. Click on an image to unblur it. None of the above… I prefer grinding away into my pillow, for it’s a form of masturbation that just feels super hot. However, out of fingers or sex toys, I’d probably have to say fingers. While sex toys can sexy sophia give me better orgasms, I always have my fingers on me, so I use them the most, and considering my traveling, my fingers are well known to get wet and sticky.

(Popularity Rate: 77 ) Sex Toys: Where can I find an app (long distance) controlled vibrating egg?

ry different physically and emotionally, to masturbation.
Better than bad or mediocre sex? Given that 'bad sex' for women often means 'pain or strong negative emotions'[1] , then sure. Pizza is better than bad sex. Sex toys are certainly better than a partner that doesn't care or isn't interested.
But sex toys can be part of a healthy sex life with your partner, it doesn't have to be either/or. They can make sex with a partner better, in that they provide additional stimulation, or something new and different to play with. They can do things bodies can't do - I never met a penis or fingers with ten different speed settings, a Custom Sex Dollsculpted 'for her pleasure' design and a rotating head.
Is vibration better than manual stimulation?
This depends entirely on the person and on their experiences and anatomy. For me? No. They're fine if you want it to be over in two minutes… but why would you want it to be over in two minutes? The journey is half the fun.
Not to mention that vibration is just … a lot - White noise, no finesse, no accuracy. It's like eating a packet of crisps - it's fine, but I wouldn't opt for that over a three course meal.
For women who may be less sensitive, or have had bad sexual experiences with partners who didn't really care to give them pleasure? I can definitely see how those women might find getting there in two minutes far preferably to never getting there at all!
And for women who are easily multi-orgasmic with vibration, then I can also see how they might enjoy that aspect of it

(Popularity Rate: 62 ) Why doesn't my boyfriend want me to get a sex toy?

It’s not an uncommon feeling for men to have. Some reassurance from you might get him over his reticence though. Perhaps you can allow him to pick one out with you or maybe get him one too and you can both use them together. Of course there’s some pluses and minuses to using toys. 65cm Sex DollIf you have difficulty orgasming, a toy could help teach you how to be more orgasmic and that would be a plus for both of you. Some women worry sexy sophia about being fixated on needing a toy t

(Popularity Rate: 98 ) Why do crossdressers like sex toys?

with a cross dresser or just something you heard?
They really have nothing to do with each other. Cross dressing is simply the desire to wear clothing of the opposite sex.
Sex toys are meant to give additional pleasure to sexy sophia one during sexual relations or masturbation. I do not understand why the clothes you were wearing before you started to use the sex toy has anything to do with the desire to use sex toys.
As a side note, it is likely that women use more sex toys then men but this has nothing to do with the clothes they are wearing. It is only because their bodies are better suited for such stimulation. Technology is catching up with this and there is starting to appear better sex toys for men. Unfortunately the biggest advances for sex toys for men appears to be sex bots which can be pu

(Popularity Rate: 35 ) Why do your kids love stuffed animals more than dolls?

Most kids love these baby shark TPE Sex Dollsinging stuffed dollsPinkFong Musical Baby Shark Dolls

(Popularity Rate: 39 ) How does a sex doll moan?

h pulled out along with their roots, split open my chin, a crooked nose and one side of my cheek swollen.
Although my friends hurried to my side in panic, I got up, looked at the tooth scattered on the road, took a step back to sit on the pavement.
My friends stood back examining my injuries while trying to figure out if they can push the tooth back into the dental socket. Stupidest idea I have ever heard.
The only thing that came out of me was "oh. That hurts, man".
I hung my head in my hands (from shame) sexy sophia for faceplanting.
While my friends tried to drive slowly, not hitting any roadbumps and not making any sudden breaks/movements, I urged them to get to the hospital asap so I can walked off the pain.
I was redirected to Yellow zone after registering Aibei Dollat Green zone because one of the doctors realised my nose swells up at a pretty fast rate. She feared breathing problem and clogged up respiratory tract. Immediately send to X ray to see if I have any chest injuries as well.
After I was cleared from any unseen injuries, I walked around the area with my chin still split open without any bandage.
My head was actually in a daze. How the F I got here; from happily cycling with my friends to the ER? A nurse stopped me to cover up the wound. You can see the pink meat underneath the flap of the wound.
This is what she told me: I would feel better if you start screaming or howling from pain. Or... just slight moan. Are you in pain?
F yes I am. But what can I do about it? Screaming at the top of my lungs wouldn't make it better. The pain is still gonna be there.
Perhaps if I scream, I would have gotten better care as some MAs barely look at me when I walked past the registration counter.
A guy to my right had a slash on his arm from doing God knows what and we were laughing about our injuries. Some girl were crying from high fever.
The plastic surgery department was not operating at 2 in the morning so I told the doctor to just stitch it up, I need to go home and sleep.
Not the best decision. Not enough anaesthetic (I could feel the needle goes in and out while being stitched and all I did was urged the doctor to hurry up so I could feel less pain) and I ended up with a depressed scar after.
I found out from the nurse who sat me down to bandaged my chin that if I had at the very least, moan of the pain, they would have attended to me right away. I mean, from the look of my face they know I am in pain but the fact that I barely squeak and some other people are screaming (sounds, funnily, traveled very fast and loud in an ER) demands their attention more than I do.
While stitching me up, the male doctor who did it for me remarked that I had less complaints than someone who suffers lesser injuries than me. I have got no response. My head was in a daze.
Just told him I would quit cycling soon. And to use his money else where rather than buying an expensive bicycle just to suffer the kind of injuries I had.
Went home at 6am (5 hours after I walked in), took painkillers and dozed off. Woke up in the afternoon and realised I had bruises on the side of my forehead too. F-ed up face for three weeks but after 3rd day being stitched, I was out shopping with my housemate with three missing front tooth.
Also, I had a liquid diet for almost two weeks because my gum were being a bitch as well. Couldnt properly chew any solid food. Campbell was salvation in disguise.
Oh well, at least I have got an excuse to be mute for a week before I received my new dentures.
Lesson to be learned here: if you are in pain, make sure to vocalise it.
Or else, have a good time waiting hours at ER before they

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