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(Popularity Rate: 52 ) Can a married man have an 8month affair with a colleague and act like a normal relationship and not develop feelings for her?

Sure he can. He’s not emotionally invested in her, he’s got no more emotion towards her than he would for a blow-up doll. Think of it this way, he’s married and he’s also not emotionally invested in his wife or his marriage and for eight months he’s been screwing someone else he’s also not emotionally invested in.
He’s got a problem. He’s not got feelings for anyone that go deeper than a drop of rain on your shoulder.

(Popularity Rate: 22 ) I'm a 16 year old bi guy and I want to try anal masturbation but have no idea where to start, I can't buy any sex toys so what should I use and how?

Lube it and your anal opening, loads of spit if you have too.
Press you finger gently against your anal opening. Don’t push simply feel your outer sphincter (anal muscles). Take deep steady breaths, keep pushing firmly (but not in yet). Tighten your sphincter (like you do on the toilet) really hard and hold for as long as you can but c.30 sec or so, still breath deep and regular. You shouldn’t be able to hold the muscles for too long! When you cannot hold your ass muscles any longer then as you exhale relax your sphincter and at the same time push your lubed finger inside!
Only push as far as your ass muscles will allow, but do not force it. If you feel pain stop. If you feel some discomfort, well that is not bad. Let your ass get use to your finger where it is (it doesn't need to be fully in), but continue the deep breathing. You may feel your inner sphincter pulse/contract (spasm), eventually it will get use to your finger and the inner muscles will then start to relax.
Keep the regular deep breathing, then as you inhale tighten your sphincter again but this time around your finger (partially in, where it is). Then release the muscles as you exhale and you should be able to push your finger fully inside. Your anal muscle may even draw your finger in. Once in wait and again let your ass get use to your finger. Now relax..
Next, feel for the prostate. A small walnut shape which should be upwards (from where your finger is, aim for you balls and cock base) and back, up inside. Be gentle, go slow. When you find it you should get a response, it is quite sensitive. Now softly massage or stroke it.
Lastly, to feel the full force of all this try and jerk off with your other hand and continue to massage with you finger. It maybe easier to almost sit in your hand /fist but in a comfortable way. If you do manage to cum, you will find a whole new experience as all your muscles spasm, all whilst your prostate enlarges and gets massaged! The orgasm is often pretty powerful. And try not to make this a race, just enjoy.
Take your time, explore, enjoy and good luck!
EDIT: Good hygiene helps, you want to clear out residue, and not wash out y

(Popularity Rate: 14 ) What is the advantage of silicone dolls compared with the general TPE?

Sorry I couldn’t copy paste but there’s info here tat’s really good, helped me decide when I was buying. Got to FAQ’s. Silicone Lovers | Realistic Sex Dolls

(Popularity Rate: 56 ) Do sex toys show up on airport X-ray machines?

t looking for metal items, they are thoroughly searching the contents of the bag and the scanners they use provide an absolutely Love Dollincredible view of the contents of a bag.
So, yes, they can very vividly see whatever it is that you have inside that bag.
Travelling with sex toys is far from an unusual thing however. A TSA agent will see something like that go through the machine many, many times a day. They are, by and large, discrete professionals. If they see something in your bag that may be offensive and/or embarrassing, and if it so happens that they need to search the bag, they will ask you to go to a private room before they search your bag in the open.
Keep your toys in a small sealed bag within your luggage with no liquids or especially dense items (like books — the machines can’t see through them well, and

(Popularity Rate: 28 ) In the movie American Sniper, why was Chris Kyle’s character holding a baby doll instead of a real infant in the movie scene?

an hero or as a bullying, bloodthirsty, bigoted liar. I’m going to try hard not to let my personal feelings about the man color how I answer this question.
Most people know that Chris Kyle was a Navy SEAL who was also the most lethal sniper in the history of the American Armed forces. That alone is enough to make some people view him in a negative light. Those with no military background may think that snipers just hide out of sight and shoot random people for no reason.
That isn’t the case. The shots Kyle took were to defend troops on the ground. He could see danger coming and took it out when he could. Most of the guys on the ground revered him: that’s how he got the nickname “The Legend”.
** Kyle prepares for a shot in Iraq
Many people took a negative view of Kyle after he published his autobiography American Sniper in 2012. He was candid with his opinions. He particularly came under attack for writing that he “hated the damn savages” he was fighting. Compared to some things I’ve heard Pregnant Sex Dollthe enemy called, he was being polite. How are you supposed to feel about people who are killing your friends and troops you are trying to defend? These were people who planted Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) in human corpses and dead animals then tossed them by the side of the road. They would smear the shrapnel inside the bombs with human feces in hopes that any wounds caused by them would become badly infected.
After Kyle came home he was by all accounts an emotional wreck. Some people don’t realize that he had been shot twice, had both knees reconstructed and was dealing with dangerously high blood pressure. In addition to this, he had impaired hearing, PTSD and chronic insomnia.
The American Sniper turned to drinking day and night. He totaled his SUV while drunk and was charged with DWI. He got into numerous bar fights and was charged with assault more than once.
Then there were the rumors and tall tales. He told friends that he shot two men who tried to carjack him at a gas station. There is no evidence that this ever happened and the police had no record of it.
There were stories that he shot looters in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. I find that story extremely hard to believe. Why would he do that? There was no evidence of it. No police reports. Where were the sharing a sex doll bodies shot with a sniper rifle?
There was the story that Kyle told on a radio show about how he punched out Jesse Ventura in a bar fight. That was all over the press. Ventura denied the incident and sued Kyle. It was an ugly situation from all sides.
The fact that he claimed more medals in his book than he actually earned didn’t endear him to many people. In American Sniper, Kyle wrote that he received 2 Silver Stars and 6 Bronze Stars. There is a DD214 discharge document that reflects these numbers. The Navy, upon reviewing Kyle’s record, found that he actually had 1 Silver Star and 4 Bronze Stars. His DD 214 was amended.
** Chris Kyle’s original DD214 showing 2 Silver Stars and 6 Bronze Stars. The Navy later said that this was their error and created a corrected document.
I haven’t written much about the good sides of Chris Kyle here (of which there were plenty) because the question was about why so many people view him in a negative light. Sure, he had issues, we all do. In his case, however, they became national news. Imagine what it would be like if some of the bad/stupid stuff that you said or did would be known to the entire country. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be seen as a saint.
I feel it comes down to this: people with a certain worldview dislike what Chris Kyle has said and done and condemn him for it. Others see the far from perfect battle-weary SEAL that has given so much to his country. They forgive the embellished stories and incorrect medal count.
I think all of the strong

(Popularity Rate: 58 ) Can someone tell me the name of that movie about a woman who mutilated all of the guys she ever loved, and took the favourite part of the body of all the partners she had and make it into one doll?

g. It is called “May" . The sharing a sex doll subtitle is “She's juat trying to make a new friend…” or somethimg like that. She chooses jer victims not to be friends but bwcause they each had perfect body parts. Her first guy had great hands-dead, girlfriend had great legs-dead. It was one of the

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